YSR Sampuran Poshan Yojana 2020

Introduction of Yojana 

YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana is launched by the Andhra Pradesh Government. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana was launched in the year 2020 of 10th of September. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana introduced for all the states , but especially for Andhra Pradesh people.

YSR Sampuran Poshan Yojana
YSR Sampuran Poshan Yojana

YSR stands for the Chief minister , as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh  had launched this Yojana in their Name ,’YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’.

This is a scheme launched under the terms and Conditions of Government of India. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana is introduced for the welfare of Women and their Children.

Meaning of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana 

YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana is a type of scheme which is launched to help the women and child.YSR Sampooran yojana motive to “Provide Food” to the pregnant women , Lactating Mothers and their Children.

YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana considers to provide nutritious food to pregnant women , Lactating women and their children. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana to help those women and children who are unable to consume basic nutrition food at the time of need as in case of pregnancy , lactating etc.

YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana to the welfare of poor and needy people who are suffering from malnutrition or lack of nutrition. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana to forward the vulture section of society from backward areas.

YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana will bring more schemes for those sections of society. YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana will distribute nutrition food to them , so that their health would face problems related to nutrition.

Aim of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana

The Aim of Yojana , they are as follows:

  • The Main Aim of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana to Provide Nutritious Food to Those People who are unable to consider this food , especially at the time of Pregnancy and Lactating.
  • The Second Aim of the Yojana to reduce the conditions of malnutrition.
  • Third Aim , to know about the charts of Food which maintain your health.
  • Fourth Aim , to highlight issues which are hidden among the people and get aware of malnutrition problems.
  • Fifth Aim , to overcome or kick off the thought of untouchability among India and their minds.
  • Sixth Aim ,  to know them about the problems regarding the pregnancy and lactating which help them to take iniate if capable.
  • Seventh Aim , Prevention from Nutrition problems or if to their treatment to solve it.

However , the Yojana aims to bring forward the 77 tribal Mandals by providing or supplying them Nutritious Food.

Need of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana

The Need of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana , due to these reasons :

  • As the Pregnancy and Lactating mothers ratio become increasing , due to this death ratio.
  • People are facing unknown health of malnutrition.
  • India is facing hurdles in development of people , due to issues.


YSR Yojana Scope of covering the 7 Integrated Tribal development Agency are in sitapuram , Paderu , parvathipuram , Chinturu etc. and 8Districts in the State.

YSR Scope of covering around 31Lakhs of Women and their children.YSR Yojana will cover the all 28 states but initiated in present in andhra pradesh only.


Special person under the limited age group came under the YSR Yojana , their eligibility are as follows:

  1. Children who are under the age of 6-72 months.
  2. All the Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers.

Benefits of YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana

Benefits of Introducing the YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana , they are as follows:

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers ratio had been decreasing.
  • Helping Pregnant women and lactating mothers and their children to provide the basic necessities of nutrition food , in spite of junk or unhealthy.
  • Solve the issues of Underweight of children.
  • As NGO have been formatted to help them in manner which regards for reducing these nutrition health problems , especially among the poor or uneducated ones.
  • People familiar with nutrition and food consumption , in spite of other ones.
  • Brings forward the poor section of society and their issues , yojana is an alternative to it.
  • People’s food is scheduled with the nutrition chart.
  • People will value food and initiate to help them which brings togetherness among the people.

How to Apply for YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana

To Apply for the YSR Sampooran Poshan Yojana , you have to visit our Government of Andhra Pradesh official website or visit to Integral Tribal development Authority and department of Women and child development.

The Applying way for the YSR Yojana would be updated soon.It would be for all states and their portal would be defined soon. The Application and applying determination for the yojana would require the documents.

All the terms and conditions for the Yojana would be updated soon , as it will for the welfare and rights of women and their children who had a need for nutritious food. YSR Sampooran Yojana will provide all and proper nutrition food , however in the yojana it stands for the sampooran.

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