YSR Jala Kaala Yojana 2020

About YSR Jala Kaala Yojana

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana was launched in Andhra Pradesh for their citizens on ‘28 Sept’ of 2020.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana was launched on the name of the chief minister of Andhra pradesh ‘Mr.YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’. 

YSR Jala Kala Yojana was launched under the rules and regulations of Andhra Pradesh Government.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana for the welfare of the primary sectors/farmers.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to overcome the condition of pandemic on Farmers.

However, YSR Jala Kaala scheme also known as ‘Free Borewell Scheme’.With this , the CM of Andhra Pradesh had said that he will soon launch another scheme known as ‘Navaratha Scheme’.As YSR Jala Kaala Yojana is running under the ‘YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme’

Meaning of YSR Jala Kaala Yojana 

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana means to provide suitable conditions to the farmers regarding the agricultural field. Under , YSR Jala Kaala Yojana government of Andhra pradesh had announced to dig free borewells for poor or needy farmers.

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to reduce the resources problems among farmers such financial or natural ones.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana will provide water resource to the farmers who can’t afford due to their high cost or scarcity of it/

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana means to reduce the drought conditions of lands.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to provide easy cost of borewells , so that they can continue their work and increase their standard and income.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana indepence the farmers upon the natural resources for irrigation.

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to make fertile land which produces large crops. YSR Jal Kaala Yojana deals with farmers and their field only.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana for groundwater under the lands/Fields.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana provides benefits to the farmers in which they can produce more and survive comfortably.

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana 

YSR Jala Kaala Yojaja is a type of alternative in which agricultural fields don’t face any scarcity of water resources in affordable or free costs.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana is a scheme where the farmers benefit in the form of digging borewells.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to safe the farmers from the debts and non fertile agricultural field.

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana provides the level of water which is needed by the agricultural field to be effective.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana is considered to cover town to village each and every phase of primary sector fields or lands.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to access the degree of water sufficient to agriculture fields for crops.

YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to provide irrigation water at free of cost.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to begin dig the borewells in arid and uplands area.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana introduced as due to poor conditions of the farmers due to scare water.YSR Jala Kaala Yojana to construct borewells which output remains benefited to the agricultural fields.

Criteria of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana 

  • Investment
  • YSR Jala Kaala Yojana is the government scheme under which the government of AP provides free cost borewells , these free costs for farmers actually their cost is bear by the government in form of investment.
  • However, the Government estimated an investment of Rs.2,340 crore.
  • Cover Farmers
  • YSR Jal Kaala Yojana for farmers means to provide them with water resources for irrigation. Under the scarcity of water resources it covers farmers who can’t afford borewells construction cost.
  • YSR Jal Kaala Yojana had covered small and needy farmers around 2.5 to 5 lakhs in numbers from villages to cities of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Number of wells
  • It had casted for around 2Lakhs borewells would be dug up for free.
  • However , the calculation of number wells according to the number of farmers and agricultural land.
  • Land Area
  • YSR Jal Kaala yojana had covered the land area of 2.5 acres to more than 5 acres.YSR Jal kaala had covered area , so that no phase would be unknown with benefits of digging free or affordable borewell.
  • YSR Jal Kaala Yojana covered the land area according to farmers and area of land among the rural and urban areas.

Eligibility of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana

  • Should be a residential citizen of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Farmers have land in acres means minimum 2.5 acres land is important to enjoy the benefit of free borewell
  • Farmers can apply for once , in which those farmers are eliminated who had alwaredy borewell on their land.
  • Farmers should not belong to any government employee area.
  • Priority will be small and needy farmers.
  • Farmers can apply by owner of the land , meaning land on whose name.

Documents for YSR Jal Kaala Yojana 

  • White ration card
  • Copy of application form of Yojana
  • Proof of identity such as aadhar card , voter id etc.
  • Proof of address such as fee deposit to the gram panchayat.
  • Passbook of land copy of 6 months.
  • Copy of land paper of owners name.
  • Caste certificates of ST/SC/OBC

Registration of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana

For registration of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana , you have to follow these basic steps:

  • Visit the official website of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana.
  • Then , click on launch at the home screen of the website.
  • Then , a form will appear , fill the form with required details.
  • Click on the submit button .

And your registration for free borewell would be registered. You are liable to enjoy the free borewell.

Summary of YSR Jal Kaala Yojana

Name of SchemeYSR Jala Kaala Yojana
Type of schemeState Scheme
Objective of SchemeTo provide free borewells
Eligibility for schemePoor or small farmers
Department of schemePanchayati raj and Rural department
Launched by schemeYS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Format of schemeOnline format 
Official website of schemehttp://www.ysrjalakala.ap.gov.in/YSRRB/WebHome.aspx

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