Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme 2020

About – Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme

telangana land regularisation scheme

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme was launched by Telangana chief minister named ‘Mr.Chandrashekhar Rao’.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme was launched on ‘1st of September’of 2020.However , the Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme was launched for Telangana and their citizens both for rural and urban areas.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme rules were satisfied under the ‘Municipal Administration and Urban Development’.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme defined with plan layouts and division of plots.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme provides land deed under registered land deed.

Meaning – Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme means it will apply on all existing unapproved subdivision plots ,  unapproved layouts and ventures.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme will go for sale of plots under the registered deed.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme assured by the government of telangana motive to develop plans for urban areas under the approved layouts.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme means for the development of integrated towns with public and private zones.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme was introduced because the government of telangana had viewed many unapproved and illegal layouts which are hurdles for the statutory development.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme had enacted layout rules which are lacking in standard development and infrastructure facilities such as proper roads and their lights , drainage system etc.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme is subdivision of land for building plots  under the plan development.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme to provide land to local bodies with the planned development and extension of services.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme for the Land and their interest owners.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme was first launched in past years but the government was able to meet the limited success. But re-announcement of Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme is a voluntary scheme for those owners who have a plot , it is the responsibility of the owner to come forward selfly for regularization , if not then no provision for regularization.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme is to approve and register all the unplanned and unapproved plots projects for the development of telangana.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme will add all the lacking basic facilities to empower the infrastructure , so that promotion and development of overall area where the standard of life increases with quality.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme can be said as financial support to the property/land owners.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme for those owners who had unapproved land and scheme is an opportunity to authorise or regularize it.However , the telangana Government had reduce the charges and fee cost for the regularization.

Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme is  yojana which opens for all the real estate owners and sectors to move to regularization with minimum work and quick approval.Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme encourages the plot owners to regularize their land/plots/layouts by paying requisite fees.

Benefits of Telangana Land Regularisation scheme 

  • People get registered ownership 
  • Initiate for the development of telangana
  • Improves the standard of living
  • Innovation of new projects , areas and citizenships.
  • Approval of unauthorised projects.
  • Provide financial support to the property owners.
  • No chances of disputes.
  • Regularization and streaming things.
  • Buildings and home projects under the government guidance.
  • Facilities such as proper roads , road lights and greenery etc.

Criteria of Amendments 

Government announced the charges of regularization , according to following amendments :

  • Regularization of plots according to market value during 26 Aug 2020 would be ‘Per square year below 3000 would charge for 20%.
  • Above 3001 to 5000 would charge for 30%
  • Above 5001 to 10,000 would charge for 40%
  • Above 10,000 to 20,000 would charge for 50%
  • Above 20,000 to 30,000 would charge for 60%.
  • Above 30,000 to 40,000 would charge for 80%
  • Above 50,000 would charge for 100%

Rules and RegulationsTelangana Land Regularisation Scheme

  • Government of telangana had added rules for unapproved and illegal lands 
  • Regularization charges paid by including NALA (Non agricultural Land assessment) , no separate payments facility for NALA should be paid.
  • Open charges would be charged on a pro rata basis with 14% of plot value , according to regularization plot .
  • 10% would be charged , in case of unopened spaces to plant layouts.

These rules and regulations were added by the Government of Telangana after the Rule (8) under LRS Regularization scheme.

Registration – Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme

For Registration of Telangana Land Regularisation scheme , you have to follows these basic steps :

  • Interested applicants may visit the official website of Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme , click here ‘’.
  • Then , select the option of ‘Apply for LRS 2020’.
  • Then , Enter your valid mobile number.
  • Then , Enter OTP number , which has appeared on your mobile number.
  • Then , Select the regulation , means individual plot or layout.
  • Then , according to your choice , other layouts would be open.
  • Click according to choice and fill the form.
  • Then , pay the fees of registration through online banking.

For registration of Plot owners and their application upto Rs.1000/- , while layout developers fee would be Rs.10,000/-.

After registration , you will be eligible for allotments of lands/layouts/ventures.

For More news regarding the Government yojana , you can visit our official website’‘.Stay updated and safe.Thank you!

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