Matir Sristi Yojana 2020


Matri Sristi Yojana was introduced officially on ‘13th of May 2020’ by the Chief Minister of Bengal named ‘Mrs.Mamata Banerjee’. Actually , Matir Sristi Yojana is introduced for ‘Western (Paschimanchal) Bengal’. Matri Sristi Yojana is a type of scheme launched for the people of western Bengal.

Matri Sristi Yojana introduced for districts such as Bankura , Purulia , Birbhum , Jhargram , Paschim medinipur and Paschim Bardhaman.Mantri Sristri yojana is type of scheme launched for the primary sector welfare and their development.Matir Sristi Yojana is introduced at the time of pandemic , to overcome the crises of Pandemic.

matir sristi yojana


Matir Sristi Yojana means for the distribution of Land for horticulture , animal husbandry and fishery.Matir Srister Yojana to empower the work of horticulture , animal husbandry and fishery. Actually , Matir Sristi Yojana gives benefits to those individuals who are engaged in this work of primary sector.

Matir Sristi Yojana means to reduce the problems related to primary sector , helps in development and advancement.Matir Sristi Yojana is a type of scheme which helps in generating additional income to the workers , however at the time of dry regions.e and animal husbandry. Matir Sristi Yojana to solve the issues faced by the farmers or fishers during their working , however Matir sristi yojana is a type of alternative to their issues or problems.

Matir Sristi Yojana gives a chance to increase the income and make their livelihood luxuries. Matir Sristi Yojana is the development of Bengal and their people. This is a type of scheme which means to manage the primary sector in an effective and efficient manner.

Matir Sristi Yojana to raise the fishery , horticulture and animal husbandry among people. Matir Sristi Yojana pushed people to consider the primary sector. Matri Sristi yojana is related to the welfare and rights of Farmers or fishermen.Matri Sristi yojana to help the farmers , gardeners and fishermen.

Need of Matir Sristi Yojana

Need of Matir Sristi Yojana , arise due to these reasons :

  • As the people are unknown with the tools , techniques and innovation for the effective working on horticulture , animal husbandry and Fishermen.
  • People are limited with their techniques and also with their buyers or sellers.
  • As the crises of land consider among the sector , which leads to fights , disputes or various other issues.
  • As the poor , needy and migrating people who are searching for these jobs and their ideas.
  • People inner their problems and treat them with simpler products , which leads to unfair work and their output.
  • It leads to improper uses of resources and their exploitation.
  • Due to poor economic conditions , the people can’t afford these sector maintenance amounts.

Budget of Matir Sristi Yojana

As the Matir sristi yojana is based on the portal of investment , because the implementation required the amount. Actually , the budget of Matir Sristi Yojana is around Rs.20 , 000 crore. The Budget of Matir Sristi yojana to schedule the work or implementation of yojana in an effective and efficient manner.

Budget of Matir Sristi Yojana would be considered not full after the announcement , but these amounts are considered installments or according to the schedules. Budget is a type of guideline to work under it. Budget is considered official , so that the public gets to know about the plans of yojana.

Aim of Matir Sristi Yojana

Aim of Matir sristi Yojana are as follows :

  • The Main aim of Matir sristi yojana is to provide 50,000 acres of land to horticulture , fishermen and animal husbandry to process their work easily.
  • The Aim of Matir sristi yojana had covered around 2.5 lakh people who are in the field of primary sector.
  • Matir sristi yojana to bring up the people from the current pandemic situation and process their work fast and furious.
  • To develop the standard of living and livelihood , which leads the way of skill and digital development of bengal.
  • Matir Sristi yojana aims to cure their problems with best alternatives and policies.
  • Matir sristi yojana aims to develop the new ideas and innovation which gave voice to their quality of work.
  • The Aim of Matir sristi yojana to provide benefits to those people who are in sector or job post.
  • Matir Sristi Yojana aims to motivate the backward section who are involved in this sector or we can say major pillar of animal husbandry , fishermen or horticulture job post.

Eligibility of Matir Sristi yojana 

Eligibility of Matir sristi yojana are the followings :

  • Citizen of Western (Paschim Bengal).
  • Associated with these jobs horticulture , animal husbandry and fishery.
  • Any section of society means associated with above jobs but may be rich or poor.
  • Person who is facing factual problems during workmanship of above jobs.
  • Applicant who is equal or above 18 years.
  • Applicants who conduct necessary documents such as passport , pan card , aadhar card , driving license , educational certificates etc.

Benefits of Matir sristi Yojana 

Benefits of Matir Sristi Yojana are as follows :

  • As the people know with advance techniques of animal husbandry , fishermen and horticulture.
  • People are with their own land , which leads to no crises or fights for the land.
  • As the primary sector is secured by the government , which brings people and government closer.
  • Primary sector is boundless , they are with steps of modernization and digitalization.

Registration of Matir sristi Yojana 

Registration of Matir Sristi Yojana considers the government number of applicants who are interested in their scheme. Registration helps in occupying the beneficiary seats of the Matir sristi yojana. Registration helps to know about terms and conditions for the yojana , and their basic details.

For Registration of Matir Sristi Yojana are as follows :

  • Visit the official website of Matir Sristi Yojana ‘’.
  • Then , a web page will appear , click on the Notification.
  • After that , a form will appear , fill that by considering the required details.
  • Then , pay the fees and click on the submit button.

With this submission , you become an authorized register who is ready to take the benefit of the Matir Sristi Yojana. Registration will help you to acquire your seat under the government welfare yojana for the animal husbandry , horticulture and animal husbandry.

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