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E -gopala App is a Type of App launched in India on ‘10th of September’ of 2020. E-gopala App is introduced by the Prime Minister of India ‘Mr. Narendra Modi’. E- Gopala App is a digital app , which is focused on Digital India program me. E-gopala app is a government app.

E- Gopala App introduced to develop India and focus on the problems of the primary sector. E-Gopala App is associated with the ‘Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana’. E-gopala App is launched with other beneficiary schemes. E-gopala App is an alternative for the issues of Primary sector.


E- Gopala form stands for the ‘Electronic Gopala’. E-gopala app is a mobile app.E-Gopala is introduced for the welfare of Farmers. E Gopala app is searching for the method which solves the issues of farmers.

E Gopala app is a type of policy which introduced the development of farmers. E Gopala app is launched to focus the farmer on the market places and livestock. E Gopala develops marketing networks. E-gopala app in which data related to farmers and their stocks commended.

Purpose of E-Gopala App

Purpose of E-Gopala app , they are as follows:

  • As the Farmer is not connected with digitalization and their market , but with the help of E-gopala this can be easily possible.
  • Farmers are connected with their traditional buyers or local buyers , but with the app they know about their prices and are familiar with the number of buyers.
  • Farmers are unknown with policies and techniques for their area to work , but with the app they get to know.
  • Primary sector is limited with their stock due to their number of people , but due to expansion they go for more stock.
  • Farmers go through the online world which helps to step ahead with works and their sales.
e-gopala app
e-gopala app

The Purpose of E gopala app had it forward the farmers with their work and development. E gopala considers farmers to step with the online or digital world.The purpose of E gopala app would be result or output in better form of expected.

E-Gopala App Download

To Download E-gopala app , you have to follow these basic steps , they are as follows:

  1. First Step , Visit to the Play Store.
  2. Second Step , Click on Search.
  3. Third Step , Type ‘E-Gopala App’.
  4. Fourth Step , Click on ‘E- Gopala’ App.
  5. Fifth Step , Click on Install Button.
  6. Last step , Remain for 100% and your app will be downloaded.

Benefits of E-Gopala App

Benefits of E-gopala app , are as follows :

  • As it pushes the Farmer to step with the outer world.
  • It modernized the work of farmers.
  • Farmers are familiar with new buyers and sellers.
  • Farmers are known with the markets , live stocks , networks etc.
  • They detailed the policies and schemes , step according to situation.
  • Farmers are forwarded with tools and techniques.
  • They had a special and particular identity.
  • It leads to sustainable development of the primary sector.
  • Primary sector is known for their rights and welfare terms.

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