Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana 2020

About – Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

assam atamnirbhar asom yojana

Assam Swa Nibhar Nari is a yojana which was initiated by the Chief minister of Assam named ‘Mr.Sarbananda Sonowal’.Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari yojana was launched on ‘8 October’ of 2020.Assam Swa Nibhar Nari yojana is initiated for the assam and their citizens. However, this is a step for the development of women and assam.

Assam Swa nibhar nari scheme for the women of the state on the economics was organized at the Chandrapur in  Kamrup (Metro )district.As the scheme of Assam Swa-nirbhar was satisfied under the Panchayat and Rural development department.

Assam swa Nibhar nari is to empower the women of Assam to become independent and raise voice against wrong/exploitation. Assam Swa Nibar Nari yojana focuses on the economic condition of women. With this Assam Swanirbhar yojana , a welfare program for the women is initiated.

Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

  • Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom Yojana means to upward the financially deprived womens in Assam.
  • Assam Swanirbhar Nari scheme had covered more than 3.72 Lakh individuals and 822 communities for benefit of assets.
  • Assam had covered 4 lakh families with the 1st phase of scheme through MGNREGA.
  • Assam with coverage to atma nibar asom yojana is associated with various departments and missions such as Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission , environment and forest mission , agriculture and horticulture mission etc.

Cases of asset creation 

  • Under the Individual assets creation , Assam nari scheme had identified five activities for the development blocks.
  • Under the Community Asset creation , Assam nari scheme had identified Twenty (20) activities for the development blocks.

The State Level committee would monitor the panchayat for the constitution of implementation of the scheme.

Need – Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

  • As the women of the assam are hardworking and have the ability to become self independent but due to circumstances they force them back.
  • The Assam Government wants to set up examples of Women like Sati jyomati , Sati Sadhani , Indira Miri etc. 
  • The Assam government wants to power the women of their state not to deal with unfair circumstances , but rise from them.
  • As the Women are 

Aim of Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

  • To motivate the economically disadvantaged women of Assam.
  • To step the women in political environment
  • To honor with award in case of good performances
  • To benefit the individuals in a number of lakhs in one phase of scheme.
  • To project development blocks.
  • To become self relevant women and their state.
  • Cooperation of women during programmes of Assam Swa nirbhar nari scheme.
  • Rural development of Assam.

Implementation – Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

With PRI Representatives

  • CM with their announcement of the scheme , named for PRI Representatives to define their role under the scheme.
  • CM Said that PRI Representatives should fully cooperate with women who are under the SHG (Self Help groups).
  • PRI Representatives with underlying consideration to perform their duties in organized schedules of honesty , dedication and sincerity.

With Panchayats

  • CM assure awards for those women who perform Good in panchayats :
  • With the 1st winner , price would be Rs.3 Lakh/- (each).
  • With 2nd Winner , Price would be Rs.2 Lakh/- (each).
  • With 3rd Winner , Price would be Rs.1 Lakh/- (each).

With Department

  • CM underlined all the departments to act in a responsible and cooperative manner.
  • Departments are answerable to Panchayat and rural development Department.

With Government 

  • Present Assam Government associated with all those programs and schemes to implement equal development across the State.
  • Governments with 1 Lakh Local landless families would safeguard their rights and assure the registered land deed or pattas.

Benefits : Assam Swa-Nirbhar Nari: Atma Nirbhar Asom yojana

  • Women are involved in Assam projects for the development.
  • Awards are categorized in case of best performance
  • Women are becoming financially capable under the beneficiaries.
  • Women are encouraged to become self relevant.
  • Women are developing with standard , as they are familiar with techinals etc.
  • Authorised land pattas 
  • Covering every phase of Assam such as agriculture , sericulture and fishery etc.
  • Involvation of MGNREGA 

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