Asol Chini 2020

About Asol Chini

As in Modern times , Social media is treading among people’s lives , or we can say that it is becoming a necessity. Due to this , as the social media is faithful , it involves promoting the Fraud or fake news. Due to these fraud or fake news promotions among the people , the Bangladesh Government introduced a new scheme known as ‘Asol Chini’.

Introduction of Asol Chini 

Asol Chini is a type of scheme which is launched to alternate in social media viral wrong or fake news. Asol Chini was launched in the year 2020 of 10th of September. The Asol chini scheme launched by the Government of Bangladesh protests against the promotion of Fake news.

asol chini

Asol Chini introduces the people to awareness from these fake news. Asol chini considers people not to appreciate the fakers and their news. Asol chini for those people who consider fake news.

Meaning of Asol Chini 

Asol Mini means ‘Asli Chini’. In Hindi , it means ‘Real sugar’. It is a type of campaign. Ashol chini means to stop commending fake media news. As the Chief Minister said ,’Boycott China’. Actually , Asol China is a type of project for the people to kick off China and their products due to the reasons.

In Favor Asol Chini , Government of India Banned 49 Apps of China. Asol chini means to kick off the china companies , their products , means everything which belongs to china. However , the Indian Government corners the China projects which are running within India.

Aim of Asol Chini

Actually , the Aim of Asol chini is the same to the swadeshi movement.The Main aim of commending the Asol chini to kick off china products and china from India. The Aim of Asol chini had the vocabulary of ‘Bhartiya Saman – Hamara Abhiman’.This Aim means to honor India and their respect is the pride of Indians.

The Main Aim regard for switching over Indian Products. To regard them, boycott the chinese and their products. To focus the people about their country and their products. To define there is nothing more than India respect and pride. To promote the feeling of love and happiness among them.

Other aim are as follows:

  • As an initiate for Development of India.
  • To develop the Prestige of India among the World.
  • To bring togetherness among Indian people.
  • To protest against the exploitation considered by the countries to Indian People.
  • To become India independent.
  • To Private the India Data.
  • Innovation of New Techniques and tools.

Asol Chini Campaigns 

Asol Chini is a special type of campaign which means to be a special movement. Asol Chini campaigns are considered to attract the number of people and are meant to involve us. Asol Chini campaigns are considered to public the meaning of the policy or movement among the people door to door.

Asol Chini campaigns mainly focus on the youth generation who go with these products. This Campaigns will define the unfair of Chinese products and to switch with Indian products as alternate of their necessities.

Asol Chini Campaign to commend the people together and boycott at the same , so that china would know about us. These campaigns to use for Indians products and commend the schedule of Indian people and other ones too.

Need of Asol Chini

Need of Asol Chini , they are due to these reasons :

  • Fake News is promoted among the people which leads to problems.
  • As India becomes dependent on China for the products and their other needs.
  • As the China brand is illogical and harmful , because it is a combination of various chemical and hazardous products.
  • Due to China statements for India.
  • China is overtaking most of India in the amount of money , which leads to problems with India’s economic condition.
  • China is considering the Data of India , which leads the India Data public to them which is not good for our country.

Benefits of Asol Chini

Benefits of Asol chini , are as follows:

  • People come with their ideas and innovation , alternate to other countries’ products or schemes.
  • People knowing the frauds and techniques exploited by countries in India.
  • Saves the Economy and their value , because people are considering the Indian Products.
  • India is with their data , means India is private with their data.
  • India is a step within the ladders of development.
  • India becoming self relevant.
  • People connected with their country and their feelings.
  • People are attracted to Indian products , due to India’s love and pride.

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