Smart ration card Uttrakhand 2021

Department of food and civil services department of government of uttarakhand has announced Smart Ration Card 2021. Tender will be in action form next week. From these smart ration card all the ration card holders of Uttarakhand will be benefitted by this scheme. They will be able to purchase thing from these Ration shops and will be getting all the things at the cheap prices. First of all 23,00000 older Ration cards will be made smart Ration cards.

How to make smart Ration Card 2021?

This is a very good news for all the 23 lakh Ration Card holders who will get to switch to smart Ration Card 2021. Most beneficial people will be Below the poverty line people (BPL). Food supply officer Jaswant singh kandari told media that almost 3.75 lakh smart Ration card will be made. People who have already applied will be the first one to get Ration Card. After that remaining Ration cards will be made smart.

People will get Smart Ration very soon.

First of all people of Dehradun will get smart Ration Cards.
Department had announce that list has been taken and all the smart ration cards will be printed soon. All the Ration Dealer will get their smart ration card first. 90 percentage of the consumers have been verified.
District official told that there are 1050 Ration shops already registered in Dehradun.
There are 3.75 lakh ration cards available there on the shops. 2.25 lakh are made through “Rashtriya Khadya Suraksha Adhiniyam” and 15000 are of Antyodaya yojna and 1.5 lakh are Yellow cards.

Verification until today

For this smart card, 90 percent of the verification has been done of 50 Ration dealers. There are also 100 more Ration deal there verification is done at 80 percent. 70 percent verification of 500 dealers have been done as well. They have not decide but speculations are that the cost will be around ₹ 50 for each Ration card.

What is uttarakhand smart Ration card 2021?

This is a important step towards digitization by government of uttarakhand. These smart Ration card will be nothing but displacement of older Ration cards. Through these smart Ration cards people who comes under BPL will be benefitted more.
This is the first step to stop corruption in Ration dealing. There will be barcode on this smart card and that will be scanned by the time you want to buy the compulsory commodities. All the data of the consumer will be stored online by the government.

Smart Ration cards Online forms 2021

This is the best way to give benefits to the poor and economic poor people of the state. There will be a scanner and those cards will be scanned at the dealers shop. All the essential commodity like Rice, wheat, edible oil everything will be at best prices. There are three kind of Ration cards

  1. APL
  2. BPL
  3. AAY

Objective of Smart Ration Card 2021

This is going to make thing legit out there. Government is trying to stop black marketing through this smart ration card. This is very important step for the progress of Uttarakhand and will be good for digitalization as well.

Important documents for smart card 2021

• Aadhar Card
• Identification Card
• Domicile Certificate
• Mobile Number
• Passport Size Photograph

How to apply for smart Card 2021

• first of all you need to visit the official website
• official website is
• you need to click smart ration application first
• fill all the details and the click on the submit.

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