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Real Estate Agent Facebook Business Page 2020 | How to create a real estate Facebook business page for agents

In this topic you will get to know more about the amazing benefits of setting up Real Estate Agent Facebook Business Page, for this you have to follow just 7 steps to create your own. Here you will get complete process so you can create your own Facebook page within 15 minutes only.


real estate agent facebook business page

You have to follow 7 steps to get more leads on your real estate Facebook page.

Step 1: Sign up For Facebook:

In this you have to put just about your introduction like full name, date of birth, address, mobile number, email id and last one is captcha to submit your details for signup.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Small Business Page:

As we know that personal pages are good to use and many real estate agents have used this in past to increase your following, but if we compare personal pages to small business page then we can say clearly that small business pages are much better to work, because it has many benefits and features than a persona page of Facebook.

Now if we talk about how to create small business pages on Facebook then you have to click on little arrow which are placed on top right corner of Facebook. Then just select on “create page” option.

Next step in creating page you have to select category for your Facebook page of real estate. Best option to choose is “Local business page or place” for your real estate business.

Step 3: Enter Basic Information about Your Real Estate Business:

After choosing a right category according to your business, you have to write some information about your real estate business and explain about pros if any client connects with you.

Second time we again get option about choosing category in which you have to choose “property”.  And no need to worry we will tell u that how to change this later when u need.

Now after all of that add your mobile number, real estate business name and address. If you still didn’t put your name of business then you take time to select a good name because after adding name you will not able to rename your name.

If any real estate agent need help related to selecting your name then you have to search on Google about real estate company name ideas. Or search about your name of brand if you are creating a forever page for your business.

When option comes to select your address then two thought comes in mind that we choose either home address or office address. Some people suggest that you can use your brokerage’s address but I will recommend you to choose your home address because in address of brokerage’s other agents from your office will also be listed.

When you have entered all of your basic information about business then you will be go on next page on which we will tell you that how to build out your real estate business page.

Step 4: Upload Your Cover photo and Headset:

Now if are going to add your cover photo and headshot then go to the left corner on small square in the upper left side corner. Then if you want to change your cover photo of page then click on the larger rectangle which you will get on top side of page. Make sure that while choosing cover photo and headshot you use professional photos to attract your clients.

Step 5: Enter About Your Business Hours, Description and Create a Username:

Now after selecting cover photo, headshot, basic business information on your real estate business page, you have to add more information regarding your business, through that audience will feel so helpful from your page.

To get started you have to click on the link which is named as “edit page info” from menu.


If you want to change your category of page which you have defined as “property” then I would like to tell you that Facebook does not provide options like real estate, real estate agent category to choose from given data.

Real Estate Agent Facebook Business Page 2019

But the nearest thing Facebook offers which is “estate agent”. It is a British term, but we have to choose this because there is no better option as compare to that category.


In description area write a short paragraph to tell visitors what areas you work in and that thing will help to attract audience to stand out.

Other Information:

In other information you make sure that your entered details (email address, business hours and website) are correct.


While putting your username you have to remember one thing that username should be easy to remember and easy to spell and should complete in short because your username of page will be in the URL.

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Step 6: Add a Call to Action Button & See How Your Page Looks to Visitors:

On business pages Facebook offers call button in actions which is a very useful to connect audience with real estate agents. For adding this feature you just click on the blue button which is defined as “+ Add a button” and it is placed below your cover photo.

In Call to action button Facebook offers various categories to choose from. Here we are explaining the ones which you should choose for your Facebook page of real estate.

Book Now:

U have link out to your real estate business website to connect.

Request Time:

In which visitors will send you contact information through Facebook messenger.

Call Now

This is one of the most used options by realtors, through this feature visitor can call you with one tap only.

Contact Us

In this you just links your website through putting URL.

Send Email

In this visitor can email you by just tapping on their phone or by a single click.

Step 7: Post a Valuable Piece of content and Share everywhere:

After all of that you are almost done. Last step for making real estate page on Facebook is to post introductory post and valuable contents to welcome visitors. Below you cover photo you will see one box which will be look as “Write Something”. There you can post images, videos and text and after posting enough contents you have to share everywhere your Facebook page or contents of Facebook page to like and follow.

Invite Your Friends to Like Your Page:

For sharing your page and content you should invite all of your Facebook friends to like your real estate business page. You need to share fully with your sphere. To invite friends you will get option below your cover photo.

Promoting Your Page:

For promoting your page you should have decent amount of contents (15 or more) to see then as soon as possible add your Facebook page to your forum profile, email signature and you can share through printing on your business cards..

Or if you want best results in promoting then you can use Facebook advertising, for which you will be ask to pay small amount of money. And in market many companies to promote your page which will provide you best results.

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