How To Get Home Loan in SBI | Procedure To Get Home Loan From SBI Bank

How To Get Home Loan in SBI | Procedure To Get Home Loan From SBI Bank

You can go through various banks when you were looking for the home loan. However, almost every bank usually follow the same procedure in order to provide the home loan. But if you want the home loan from the SBI then there are few basic procedures which you can follow, for this understand the term about How To Get Home Loan in SBI?

How To Get Home Loan in SBI?

The home loans which are offered by the SBI are built on the basis of the foundation of the transparency as well as trust. However, this bank provides the lowest interest rates as well as the affordable fees. Along with this it also does not have any hidden cost. This is one of the best ideal choice of the borrowers. However, you can also easily avail the SBI home loan from over 15,969 branches in the country.

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SBI Home Loans Procedure:

If you are willing to take the home loan from the SBI than for this you are required to follow the basic steps as well as methods. The description of the procedure is given below:

Keeping the Property related Documents ready:

It is very important for you to gather all the required essential documents which ever you are required under the process of this loan, accomplish this process before you apply for the loan.

Taking Legal Opinion:

Once you have gathered all the documents now you are required to go to an advocate in order to get them verified. Thus, he will verify the sales agreement as well as the construction agreement. However, generally this process takes a long time because many documents are required such as Encumbrance certificate, receipt of the tax paid till date etc.

Valuation of Property:

Now once you have finished all your legal process the property is required to be evaluated. However, one the property is evaluated the letter is given to you.

E-stamping or Franking of Agreement:

Under the SBI home loan the sales as well as construction agreement is franked or e-stamped. Well the value of the e-stamping may differ as it is based on the value of your property. It can be done at register office, while e-stamping can be done at select register offices, post offices and syndicate banks.

Submission of Application:

After you have completed the process of the application form as well as legal document now the borrower is required to visit to the SBI. As the documents are required to be submitted.

Wait Period:

This means you need to wait for the loan to get approved. As the periodic follow-ups are required to ask for the inspection as it is to be done and the rest other things which accelerate the process.


After the loan is sanctioned you need to submit more documents.

  • Two E-stamps worth Rs.400.
  • E-stamp worth Rs.200, where first party is the guarantor and SBI is the second party.
  • All documents submitted while loan application.
  • Cheques in favor of State Bank of India.

Loan Disbursement:

Once the loan is sanctioned borrower must attain the following documents from the builder:

  • NOC of that property.
  • Tripartite agreement, if the property is under construction.
  • Demand note from the builder.


You are required to verify the stamp duty and inform the bank of the same before you go through along with the registration process. However, after the completion of the registration process an officer from the SBI bank visits you to hand over the DD to the builder or sometimes, even you may be asked to collect it from your branch.

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