Home Loan In SBI Interest Rate | SBI Home Loan Interest Calculator

Home Loan In SBI Interest Rate | SBI Home Loan Interest Calculator

You can see there are various people who are taking home loan from the SBI bank. However, this bank provides the reasonable interest rates to its customers. Thus, it is essential for an individual to learn about Home Loan In SBI Interest Rate in order to make a fair deal.

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Home Loan In SBI Interest Rate:

The range of the SBI home loan interest rate are 8.35% to 8.75%. But still there are various special discount rates are also being offered to the specific category of the borrower. These types of discounts are such as the woman as the banks offer them the lowest interest rates 8.35%. Thus, under this article we will mention about the different interest rates.

ProductsInterest Rates
SBI Home Loan Floating8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Flexipay Home Loan8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Realty8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Pal8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Tribal Plus8.35% – 8.50%
SBI Gram Niwas8.35% – 8.50%
SBI Sahyog Niwas8.35% – 8.50%
SBI Home Loan Balance Transfer8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Bridge Loan8.50% – 04.60%
SBI NRI Home Loan8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Privilege Home Loan8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Shaurya Home Loan8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Home Loan for Self Employed8.35% – 8.75%
SBI Top Up Loan8.60% – 9.75%
SBI Reverse Mortgage Home Loan10.90%

However, the current SBI home loan rates starts from the 8.35%. Moreover, any change in the SBI benchmark 1 Year MCLR rate will translate into a similar change in the bank’s home loan rate.If SBI slashes 1 Year MCLR rate by 0.15%, its current home loan rate will be cut from 8.35% to 8.2%.

SBI Interest Rates

As the banking interest rate are generally starts from the 8.35% as it is one of the best rate available in the market. The rate offered to customers are depend upon the various factors such as occupation, the quantum of income, nature of the loan, etc.

Loan AmountSBI Home Loan FloatingRate for Female Borrower
Up to Rs. 30 Lakh8.40%8.35%
Rs. 30 Lakh – 75 Lakh8.55%8.50%
Above Rs. 75 Lakh8.65%8.60%

You are required to be sure that your lender provides auto-adjusted benefits on interest rates that extends into the future. This can be the reason behind the requirement of the credible lending institution with a dedicated and experienced workforce who will guide you through the entire process.

SBI housing loan interest depends upon:

  • Loan amount:  The rate of the house loan is totally depends on the amount of the loan you apply for. As the more high the loan amount will be lesser will be its rate.
  • Your Salary: Your income status will help you in identifying your rate of interest. However, the rate which is provided by the bank will varies with your monthly income. As higher your income will be lesser will be the rate.
  • Type of loan opted for: SBI also offers differential rates to the women borrowers and also under their fixed and floating rate schemes. The rate of interest may be higher or lower under their special or popular loan product offers. Hence, banks provide more home loan interest rate facilities to the woman.
  • Existing bank customers: SBI offers one of the lowest home loan rates to its existing bank account customers. However, in this view of their past relationship with the bank. Hence, if you already have your existing loan in the bank. It will surely benefit you in the nearby future.

These are the few benefits provided by the bank to its customers.

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