Get Home Loan Statement ICICI Bank | How to get ICICI Home Loan Statement

Get Home Loan Statement ICICI Bank | How to get ICICI Home Loan Statement

The ICICI bank is the India’s one of the largest multinational bank with various different financial services. Well the ICICI bank (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) is the third largest bank in the India on the basis of its assets. This bank also offers various different financial as well as banking services to its customers. However, in any case if you are taking the loan from the bank then you are also required to get the home loan statement as well. Thus, you must learn about the method for how to get home loan statement ICICI Bank. Thus, you must know about the appropriate procedure in order to get the statement. Thus, you just need some basic knowledge to get the home loan statement from bank.

home loan statement icici bank

Get Home Loan Statement ICICI Bank:

The headquarter of this bank is established in Mumbai. However, this bank is the one of the most prominent banks in the country. Thus, on the basis of its assets as well as its financial services the bank has ranked in the top third position. Moreover, they offer many complimented products, quality and services.

Thus, with all these things this bank is becoming one of the best bank which a customer can make a choice. These banks also offers home loans at the very attractive prices. Also this bank have very quick and effective disbursement procedure.

Request for Home Loan Statement:

In order to get the home loan statement each and every individual person is required to send a request to the ICICI bank. You can easily send this request statement with the help of your e-mail id which is registered in your loan account. Apart from this you can also make a call to the bank on its toll free number. Moreover, you can also login to your own user id to send the request. You can log in through your User ID and Password to view your Home Loans account details and statement and you can also download the Home Loans statement.

How to Get ICICI Bank Home Loan statement Online?

You can also get the ICICI bank home loan statement through online. Therefore, you can check your ICICI bank statement online. For this steps are given below:

  • First of all you need to visit the official ICICI net banking website. In order to get the home loan statement from the bank.
  • After this you are required to log in on the basis of your credentials.
  • After the main page is open. You are required to click on the ‘E-statement’.
  • Now select the account number. As well as the period on which you need to check your statement for.
  • Now click on ‘PDF’ to generate the home loan statement.

However, apart from this you can also visit to your home branch. In order to obtain the home loan statement.

Why are Home Loan Statements Required?

However, home loan statement is generally required by all the people. Who apply for the home loan. But there can be various reasons as well so we need home loan statements.

  • These home loan statements may be essential so that we can apply for other loan.
  • Through this lender can know how much debt you actually have. He can know that if it is safe to lend you money or not.
  • With this your debt income ratio is also calculated.

Hence, there are various requirement of the home loan statement.

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