Get Home Loan In India | Procedure To Get Home Loan In India

Get Home Loan In India | Procedure To Get Home Loan In India

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In India there are most of the people who are looking to get the home loan. However, in order to get the home loan your are required to go through with the various steps as well as procedures. Hence, people must know about how to  Get Home Loan In India. Well due to the online system it has become very easy for the people to get the home loan. Online system have made it very easy and trouble free. Now you are just required to fill the application form by providing all the required necessary details as well as documents. Through this method one can easily receive the home loan. However, the procedure of getting loan is quite long. It takes time and is very stressful. A person needs to stay calm while dealing in the process of getting home loan. So that he can make a fair deal.

home loan procedure in india

Get Home Loan In India:

In order to get the home loan you are required to follow this basic procedure which is quite simple. However, in India it varies from bank to bank. Moreover, there are almost 9 steps you are required to follow in order to get the home loan in India. The steps are as follows:

Fill The Loan Application Form & Attach The Documents:

The procedure beings with the filling application form. Such as:

  • Personal details of the applicant (Name, Phone number, etc.)
  • Residential address of the applicant
  • Monthly or yearly income of the applicant
  • Educational information of the applicant
  • Employment details of the applicant
  • The estimated cost of the property
  • Present means of financing the home property

Required Documents For Home Loan Procedure:

  • Income proof
  • Identity (or ID) proof
  • Age proof
  • Address proof
  • Employment details
  • Educational proof (school/diploma/degree certificates)
  • Bank statements

Pay The Processing Fee:

However, one the application process and submission process is done. The applicants are required to pay the processing fee to the bank. Moreover, this amount is collected for maintaining applicant loan account.

This this some confidential paper work  (like IT certificates, post-dated cheque, etc.) are required to send. The processing fee of the bank is usually ranges from 0.25% to 0.50% of the requested loan amount. Most of the banks will take processing fee. there are various banks who offer 0 processing free home loan.

Discussion With The Bank:

Once the application as well as the documentation process is being accomplished you are required to wait till the bank accomplishes its papers. However, usually it takes about 1-2 days or less if it is submitted properly. However, sometimes you need to visit to the banks before the loan is sanctioned. This is done to collect more detail about the applicants.

Valuation Of The Documents:

There are millions of people who apply for the home loans. However, to ensure that bank has approved the papers the applicant has to be genuine in the entire procedure. Any fake document is unacceptable by the bank. However, after submission of the documents bank authority evaluates them. Moreover, a bank examines the following details of an applicant:

  • Residential address (previous and current)
  • Credentials of the employer
  • Workplace contact number
  • Residence contact number

The Sanction/Approval Process:

If there are not all the requirement documents this can be rejected. Moreover, if everything goes well loan can be sanctioned. Bank check deeply applicants following documents:

  • The qualification, age, and experience details.
  • The transactions made with the applicant’s bank.
  • The monthly and yearly income.
  • The current employer and the type of job he/she pursues.
  • The nature of the business (applicable only for a self-employed).
  • The ability to repay the loan amount with the set interest rate.

Processing The Offer Letter:

However, after the loan sanctioned or approval of the loan. The bank then sends a certified offer letter, which mentions the following details:

  • The sanctioned loan amount.
  • The interest rate on the total loan amount.
  • Whether the interest rate is variable or fixed.
  • The loan’s tenure details.
  • The mode of loan repayments.
  • Terms, policies, and conditions of the home loan.

The Acceptance Copy:

As the applicant agrees to the offer letter. It is essential for him to sign a duplicate copy of the offer letter.

Processing A Technical Check & The Site Estimation:

However, banks are cautious with the loan they lend. However, the bank the send papers to the expert for technical check. So that they can go ahead in the process of the lending loan.

The Final Loan Deal, Signing The Agreement, & Disbursal:

Under this stage the process of getting Loan Disbursal and signing of the agreement is done. Thus, the respective bank tells the applicants about the interest rate and payment system.

Hence, these are the few steps you need to follow in order to get the home loan process done. Through this you can get the loan. As well as you can purchase the house you wish to get. Hence, a person is required to go through these steps.

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