Property Price Trends in Electronic City 2020 | Property prices in Electronic City, Bangalore 2020

Property Price Trends in Electronic City 2020 | Property prices in Electronic City, Bangalore 2020 | Investment profit

Are you looking for Property Price Trends in Electronic City? Then you are at right place. Here you will get all the information about Electronic city and its property price trends.

Electronic city is an Information technology hub in Bangalore, India, located in Anekal taluk. It is among India’s largest electronic and IT industrial parks.

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It consists of three zones called phases – Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. Electronic City was established by Keonics, Karnataka Electronic, a pioneer in information technology infrastructure development.

There are 200 IT/ITES companies in Electronic city.

Electronic City was the brainchild of R.K Baliga, the first Chairman and Managing Director of Keonics, Karnataka Electronic. He dreamt of making Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India when he developed the concept of Electronic city.

Property Price Trends in Electronic City 2019

The former Prime minister P.V Narasimha and then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan singh helped Electronic City to become what it is today — the outsourcing capital of the world.

Property Price Trends in Electronic City:

Electronic city in Bangalore has emerged as one of the most priced properties in the world. The property prices in this area are on increase. However, it is difficult for a common person to afford properties over here. There are three phrases in this location.

Thus, The property price trends in Ist phrase are:

The property rates in Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore keeps changing and if an investor wants to maximise the profit they need to act as per the market movement.

  • The average price of properties in Electronic City Phase I is ₹ 62.39 lakhs while the average price of properties in Bangalore is ₹ 71.14 lakhs.
  • Total number of properties listed in Phrase I are upto 1344.
  • The price of properties in Phrase I starts from ₹ 04.00 lakhs.
  • The most expensive property listed in Phrase I is priced at ₹ 3.98 crore.
  • Electronic City Phase I shows a up trend and the Bangalore shows a up trend.
  • The price range per sq. ft. are about 2,464 – 7,937 / sqft.
  • Average property price per sq. ft are upto 7,42.51 / sqft.
  • There was a price rise of 55.5%.

Hence, These are the property trends of Phrase I in Electronic city. You can compare the prices with other locations for a profit oriented deal. This location will earn you huge profit.

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