Property Price Trends St Albans

Property Price Trends St Albans | House Price and Property Growth of St Albans

property price trend in st albans

St Albans is a city located in the England. However, it was the first town situated on the old Roman road. Before this place was a historic market town but now it is a dormitory town. It has a great London build up area. However, this place consist a very popular market. It attracts large number of people towards it. Its property price trend is being depend on the Market conditions. Hence, one must know about the Property Price Trends St Albans. Thus, an investor or share holder must consist knowledge about the market forces and demand.

Property Price Trends St Albans:

St Albans consist the median price around $632,000 on the basis of 406 home sales. For the sale of the median house price is increased around 80.6%. This is equal to the annual growth rate around 04.5%. The people who are looking for the rent houses have high demand on this area.

Hence, this area consist high demand on the residential and the commercial houses. As this area has posses high growth and development from over the last few years. Hence, one should know about the prevailing Property Price Trends St Albans.

Nearby Locations of the St Albans:

This place also consist various nearby located localities. Hence, given below is the names of the few localities:


However, it is a popular town which is being located in the Southern Hertfordshire. This town is very popular for its studious and films. In this area price for the average houses is around 429,573. However, this town consist a great popularity due to its production films and studious.

Hadley Wood:

This place is being located in the London Borough of Enfield. However, this area consist the average price around 1,434,458. this cites average rental price is around 2,619pw. However, this area also includes in the one of the most popular area in the St Albans. As this place is nearly located to the St Albans.


This area is located nearby to the St Albans. However, this area consist average price around 523,195. Thus, it attract many people for the commercial and residential purposes. Apart from this, its average rental price is consist of the 701pw. This place is also among the most popular regions and areas of the St Albans.

Harrow Weald:

This area is being located in the Northwest London, England. This area includes most of the developments of the suburban areas. Average price in this area is around 487,748. It also includes the average rental price around the 1,096pw. This place is among the popular nearby located areas of the St Albans.

Hatch End:

This area, Hatch End is being situated in the North West of the London. This area forms the part of the pinner. However, this place is very popular for its dance, culture, areas, studious, films and many more reasons. This area also provide several sports facilities along with cricket, swimming, tennis club etc.

The average price rate of this area revolve around 636,668. In this area average rental price is revolve around 524pw.Hence, these are few reasons due to which this place is popular among the people.

Mill Hill:

This is another nearby localities of the St Albans. This place consist Average Price around   614,566. Average rental property of this area is around 331pw. This is an another popular location of the St Albans.

AreaAverage PriceAverage Rental
Borehamwood  429,573
Hadley Wood1,434,4582,619pw
Barnet523,195  701pw
Harrow Weald487,748  1,096pw
Hatch End  636,668524pw
Mill Hill  614,566331pw
Northwood  810,271540pw

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