Property Price Trends in Folkestone | Flokestone Property Marketing Price Index

Property Price Trends in Folkestone | Flokestone Property Marketing Price Index

If you are looking to buy a property in the Folkestone then first you must consider about its price trend. As before entering into any market you must know about it market structure. Hence, go through the Property Price Trends in Folkestone.

Folkestone is the town which is being located in the Kent, South East England. However, this town is an important harbor and shipping port for the most 19th and 20th centuries. Moreover, the harbor use has been increased dramatically over the years. However, this town lies at the Southern edge of the North Downs at the valley between the two cliffs.

property price trend in flokestone

However, its market structure and property prices are being changing thus it is important to know about the Property Price Trends in Folkestone. So that the buyers and investors can make perfect decision. Also that they can act according to the market. Hence, one should consider about its price trend.

Property Price Trends in Folkestone:

In Folkestone the average property price of the house stood around £267,348 in May 2019. However, from over the last three months this property id the rise of the 2.59%. As well as from over the 04 months this is the rise of the 5.04%. Moreover, in terms of the property, flats it was being sold at the average rate of £175,918. The terraced houses were sold at the average price of £219,429.

Brief of the property sale in the Folkestone:

  • The total number of listed properties for sale in the Folkestone is around 614.
  • The number of properties listed to be sold on last 14 days is around 99.
  • Folkestone average price of the properties is around £265,062.
  • Median price of the properties in the Folkestone is around £220,000.
  • Unsold properties of the Folkestone at the average time in the market 130 days.
  • Median time on the market for the unsold of the properties 65 days.

However, from during the last year selling prices in the Folkestone was 7% more on the basis of the previous year. Moreover, in 2015 average price of selling is around £195,454. Most of the terraced properties were sold at the average price of £220,545. In this place flats were sold at the average price of £164,481. However, semi detached properties fetched at the price of the £269,917.

Folkestone Property Market:

This can be predicted that the property price growth of the Folkestone is likely to be more subdued in the coming year. However, one must look at the property market of the Folkestone. Thus, in the year of 2016 its market property prices are revolve around in these prices.

October 2016 – rise of 0.27%
September 2016 – drop of 0.35%
August 2016 – rise of 1.04%
July 2016 – rise of 0.88%
June 2016 – rise of 1.88%

However, the market of the U.K. is continuously to perform robustly. As the annual price growth in this year is around 6.91%. But the rate of South East region of property market is around 9.1%. However, in the Folkestone rental market is showing a positive growth. This growth is excepted to raise in the nearby future. Landlord’s sell their houses so that they can offset the impact of the tax rises.

Moreover, for the many upcoming years it is excepted that in Folkestone price values are excepted to rise by the rate of 3.6%. This place will show a rapidly progress over the next few years. However, as we know that the market structure is uncertain is kept changing on the basis of the demand and supply forces. Thus, one must have to act according to the market price and values.

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