Property Price Trends in Chembur 2020 | Average property prices and Listings 2020

Property Price Trends in Chembur 2020 | Average property prices and Listings 2020 | Average value

Are you looking for Property Price Trends in Chembur? Then you are at right place. Here, you will get all the important information about Chembur and its real estate market.

Chembur is an Aagri neighborhood in East Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.  The name Chembur is likely derived from the word Chimboree, which means “Large Crab” in Marathi.

property price trend in chembur

However, Chembur is the home to many industries and retail outlets. Chembur has pollution problems and was ranked 46th in a list of the most polluted industrial clusters in India.

Moreover, It has well built Transport system which connects it to many other areas of the state.

However, The Chembur Market area close to the Chembur Railway station offers goods and services ranging from clothing to foods and vegetables. In addition, it has retail and factory outlets, multi-product stores and a shopping mall. Chembur offers a variety of food from street food to high end restaurants

Property Price Trends in Chembur 2019

In Chembur, the Aagri people are said to have farmed flowers known as fulachi wadi (flower bed).

Chembur is one of the developing area of Maharashtra. It has many schools. It has developed into a residential area.

Property Price Trends in Chembur:

However, The property rates in Chembur, Mumbai keeps changing and if an investor wants to maximise the profit they need to act as per the market movement. Information about the market movement can help one to maximise the profit. Thus, Their is a huge demands of properties in Chembur as Mumbai does not have any place left for settlements. So, many people prefer to live in Outskirts where they can live peacefully and without any obstacles.

  • The average property price in Chembur is upto ₹ 2.07 crore while the average price of properties in Mumbai is ₹ 1.42 crore.
  • Total number of properties listed in Chembur are 7977.
  • The most expensive property listed in Chembur is priced at ₹ 17.00 crore.
  • The price of properties in Chembur starts from ₹ 04.00 lakhs.
  • Chembur shows an upward trend and Mumbai too shows a upward trend followed by high property prices.
  • The price range per square feet is upto 2,835 – 43,243 / sqft.
  • The average property price per square feet is 36,421.56 / sqft.
  • There is a price rise of 31.3% in this area.
  • The average rent on properties in this area is upto 38,900 /month.
  • Chembur has a rating of 5.2 which is considered good among investors.

Hence, These are some of the things which you can consider before investing in any of the properties of Chembur.

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