Property Price Trend in World | Property Prices of Different Countries | Market Value

Property Price Trend in World | Property Prices of Different Countries | Market Value

Do you all know what the Property Price Trend in World Going on? Let us discuss the property Price trends of different Countries.

However, There are different Property prices in different countries of the world according to their currency, per capita income, GDP and purchasing power of people.

Property Price Trend in Different Countries of the World:

1. Property Price Trend in Argentina:

Moreover, Argentina is formally crippled with Inflation. The gross annual rental yields of Argentina are moderate. The rental income taxes are punitively high in Argentina. Thus, The tax is 14.70% of the gross annual rent. Argentina has low rental costs but at the other hand it has many complications. However, The average property price for this area is $3,327.

property price trend in world

2. Property Price Trend in Australia:

However, Australia’s market is still powering ahead. House prices in the country increased by 04.1%. Melbourne saw the largest increase in property rates. Moreover, The mean price of residential dwellings in Australia was AU$679,100. Sydney and Melbourne markets are overvalued. Thus, The average residential property prices are $10,704.

3. Property Price Trend in Canada:

However, Canada’s house prices remain very strong, while house prices continue to accelerate. The average property prices of Canada. Moreover, While house price growth has slowed, house price levels remained high relative to underlying economic fundamentals such as income and population growth.

4. Property Price Trend in China:

Moreover, China is an emerging economic power. It will be a major superpower leaving behind USA in 2040. Its economy is a major threat for other countries. However, There is no private ownership of land in China. One can only obtain rights to use land. A land lease of up to 70 years is usually granted for residential purposes. Thus, The average property prices in china are $04,829.

5. Property Price Trend in France:

Moreover, there is a great demand of properties in France. The price rises were backed by surging demand. The France housing market is expected to strengthen further. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership in France. Thus, Most of the properties are likely to be freehold. The average property prices in France are €04,796.

6. Property Price Trend in Germany:

Germany’s housing market remains very strong. Extremely low yields and property prices are followed in Germany but the country still has a good property demand. The average property prices are €4,326.

7. Property Price Trend in India:

However, India is an emerging developing country. In the past years, India has attained a massive success in terms of health, housing, education, science and technology. Moreover, India’s market value was vanished in the period of Demonetization and still it is recovering from the consequences of demonetization. The average property prices of India are $15,525.

8. Property Price Trend in Japan:

However, Japan’s housing market remains upbeat. It is frequently upgrading itself. Japan has slow economic growth but it doesn’t affect the demand of properties over there. House prices are expected to continue rising in the coming months. Thus, Japan has moderate rental yields. Rental income tax is low in Japan. The average property prices in Japan are $16,322.

9. Property Price Trend in New Zealand:

Moreover, New Zealand’s housing market is facing a period of Inflation from past few years. But the demand for properties are stagnant. Auckland saw no price movement from the previous year, while house prices declined in the West Coast and Canterbury. The average property prices of New Zealand are $3,438.

Hence, These are some of the major countries of the world with their property price trends.

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