Property Price Trend In Trivandrum 2020 | Property Rates In Trivandrum

Property Price Trend In Trivandrum 2020 | Property Rates In Trivandrum

Are you looking for Property Price Trend In Trivandrum? Then you are at right place for knowing about trending prices of areas in Trivandrum.

Trivandrum is also known as Thiruvananthapuram and it is a capital of indian state of kerela. Which is completely located in southern side of india. It is a largest city of Kerela state. It is popular for awesome art galleries and British building in Thiruvananthapuram. This city has one of the best infrastructure development, even it comes in the major hub of information technology.

property price trend in trivandrum

Property Price Trend In Trivandrum:

Here i am going to provide prices with areas of Trivendrum and with all of these here you will get average price and price ranges in square feet.

Price Index with locations of Trivandrum:

Muttada4,500 / sq ft4,500 / sq ft
Ulloor4,900 / sq ft4,900 / sq ft
Karyavattom4,415 / sq ft4,415.01 / sq ft
Vattiyoorkavu4,000 / sq ft4,000 / sq ft
Kazhakkoottam4,032 – 4,736 / sq ft4,404.57 / sq ft
Aakkulam4,500 – 4,637 / sq ft4,637.49 / sq ft
Sreekariyam3,818 / sq ft3,818.18 / sq ft
Peroorkada5,413 / sq ft5,413.27 / sq ft
Vikas Lane5,400 / sq ft5,400 / sq ft
Impact Milestone Road4,300 / sq ft4,300 / sq ft
Trivandrum Kilimanoor Road4,151 / sq ft4,151.29 / sq ft
Kuravankonam5,857 / sq ft5,856.74 / sq ft
Kumarapuram5,516 / sq ft5,516.43 / sq ft

Price Trend in Trivandrum Kilimanoor Road:

It is located 36 km far from Trivendrum or we can say that it is 36 km far from the city. this town comes in state of kerala which is also known as census town of kerala. Even it is administrated by two grama panchayats,  Kilimanoor grama panchayat and Pazhayakunnummel grama panchayat. It is a center of important business therefore this town came in fastest growing town of south kerala. Even Kilamanoor is going to become a municipality in tow from kerala.

Price Trend in Vikas Lane:

There you can buy property for residential and commercial properties. Even there are many real estate agents established their apartments for sell because they know that after establishing international companies in vikas lane, price will increase related to Trivendrum.

Price Trend in Impact Milestone Road:

This road is connected to highway roads of 2 districts so beside this road property prices is hiking continuously on monthly basic, so here peoples can invest in property for higher profit. Beside this some milstone companies are also established for opening some manufacturing industries. Even beside this some villages are present for residential peoples. Due to all these reasons you can get easily connection of electricity and water connection. So real estate investors are coming here for property. Milestone name of this road is just because of miles distance of road.

Price Trend in Sreekariyam:

It is 3 km far from uloor in north side of kerala state. It is known as the best city of kerala state. Here tourists also come for visiting its natural beauty. And some local peoples and tourists come for peace also because of less residential property on road and you can get property for commercial investment in affordable price. Sreekariyan is only 04 km far from central railway line of Thiruvananthapuram.

So final words are: you will get to know about prices of areas in Trivendrum.

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