Property Price Trend in Taloja 2020 | Taloja Market Propert Rates

Property Price Trend in Taloja 2020 | Taloja Market Propert Rates

If you are looking to buy a property in the Taloja then you must consider about its property price trend. As market keeps changing itself hence, one must consider about Property Price Trend in Taloja.

Taloja is a railway station located on the Vasai Road – Diva – Panvel route of the Central Line in the Mumbai suburban railway network. It lies on the NH-4 Old Mumbai-Pune Highway.

property price trend in taloja

This place has grown and developed one of the most popular township of the Navi Mumbai. Along with the increasing development in this place is booming with the real estate sector as well. This place also consist some of the great schools such as enkay public school and national school.  These schools are located nearby the apartments. This place provide all the basic amenities to its residents. Along with this, this area also has several hospitals.

It is among the well developed place which is situated on the eastern side of Navi Mumbai. However, it is also known for its well developed industries and modern infrastructure. Taloja’s flats have become popular in the Mumbai. However, some of the biggest industries are also establishes here. As this place is becoming one of the best developing place. It is attracting many people towards it. Hence, it is the best place for the investment as well.

Property Price Trend in Taloja 2019

Property Price Trend in Taloja:

Mumbai keeps changing the property price of the Taloja. However, if an investor wants to invest in this place he have to act according to the market. Moreover, he can get the information about the market through the graphs and data. So he can make an appropriate decision regarding the market so that he can easily invest in the market. Also can gain high return and maximizes his profit. Hence, it is essential for an investor or the shareholder to learn about the market price trend so that he can act on the basis of the market conditions.

Market Price Trend of Taloja:

The total number of the listed properties in this place is around 795. However, the starting selling price of the property in the Taloja is around ₹ 9.00 lakh. Moreover, the average price of the property in the Taloja is ₹ 45.51 lakh. Whereas, the average price of the property in Mumbai is ₹ 1.49 crore. The most expensive listed property in this place is around ₹ 5.50 crore. Taloja has shown upward trend. As well as Mumbai has shown upward trend.

Locality NamePrice range per sqftAverage price per sqft
Taloja2,000 – 66,250 / sqft27,370.45 / sqft

Hence, this is the property price trend of the Taloja. An investor or a buyer must contain knowledge about these price trend before they invest in the market.

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