Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar 2020

Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar 2020 | Market Invesment Property Prices Demand 2020 in Saudagar

Are you looking for Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar? Then You’re at a right place. Here you will get all the information which is required while searching for an Investment.

property price trend in pimple saudagar

However, Pimple Saudagar is a suburb situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Before it was a underdeveloped area. But gradually it gained importance from people. And people started investing in this area for better returns. It is a developing residential area and it attracts the new population of the city.

Moreover, Its proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park located at Hinjewadi makes it a residential hub for people working in the Information Technology industry.

From the late 1990s, the area grew to catch up with the vast industrialization and expansion of the Pune city as it moved on a path for rapid urbanisation and development.

Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar 2019

It is located on a flat land. Pimple Saudagar has well transportation facilities. It connects itself with other cities through it.

Many services and facilities are available here like public schools, colleges, hospitals, public parks and the  necessary services.

Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar:

Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar: The property rates in Pimple Saudagar, Pune keeps changing and if an investor wants to maximise the profit they need to act as per the market movement. Total number of properties available in Pimple Saudagar are 657. The price of properties in Pimple Saudagar starts from around ₹ 18.00 lakhs.

The average property price in this area are around ₹ 85.35 lakhs while the average price of properties in Pune is ₹ 1.45 crore. The most expensive property listed in Pimple Saudagar is priced at ₹ 10.50 crore which is a great amount. It proves that normally the properties in this location are not affordable with low budgets.

Property Rates:

If we are consulting Property Price Trend in Pimple Saudagar, then this information is must:

  • The Pimple Saudagar shows a upward trend and Pune as well shows a upward    trend.
  • The price range of properties are around Rs. 1,565 – 72,165 / sqft.
  • The average price per square kilometer is upto 31,136.42 / sqft.
  • The Price rise in properties is upto 21. 7%.
  • Highest Locality Price: Rs 7,840 per Sq-ft.
  • Average Locality Price: Rs 6,916 per Sq-ft.
  • Lowest Locality Price: Rs 5,991 per Sq-ft.

These are the different property prices in this location. Consult it before investing in this location. You should plan your investment according to your budget. You should also consider other factors like neighbourhood, rental income, demand, Affordability, mode of payment, etc. It will be profit oriented deal if you consult all these factors before your investments. The price trends section helps a property stakeholder to look at the ever-changing property price in Pune and its corresponding Pimple Saudagar in form of graphs.

Hence, These are the basic and information about this location and you can consult this above mentioned details before investing in Pimple Saudagar.

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