Property Price Trend in India 2020 | Indian Property Market Prices

Property Price Trend in India 2020 | Indian Property Market Prices

India, this is also known as the Republic of the India. This country is located in the South Asia. As well as this is the seventh largest country by its area. However, this is the second most populous country in the world. India, shares its boarders with Pakistan to the West, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the Northeast and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the East. The capital of the India is the Delhi. India also consist different property price trend. Thus, one must know about Property Price Trend in India.

property price trend in india

However, on the basis of the report of the 2017 this contain world’s sixth largest economy by its Nominal GDP. India has followed the various economic reforms. Due to which it has become one of the fastest growing economic reform sector. However, India is still under the process of the development. There are various area Under which the development process is still need to be accomplished. However, it also consist second largest military forces of the world.

India, is the federal republic governed under the parliamentary system. It consist 29 states and 7 union territories. However, India is recognized for its culture, cinemas, Historical monuments, diversities, etc.

Property Price Trend in India:

India consist many countries in this. Each country has its own property price value, culture, traditions and festivals. As there are 29 states in the India. Each states comprises its own unique values. Given below is the detail information regarding the different sectors of the India. Along with this there is a property price information of these different sectors.

Property/House Price in Ahmedabad:

Among the various others top cities in the Gujarat, Ahemdabad is among the one of the famous and most popular city. In this place infrastructure facilities, housing, growth and development and new developmental projects are being launched. It is one of the main concern of the most of the users. This place also provide houses at reasonable and affordable prices.

In Ahemdabad price have been fallen by 1.69% on the average basis. However, the rental yield shows a positive growth of 3.49%. Moreover, in this place average property price is 4,600 per sq ft. Due to this it is affordable here to buy or purchase a property. But if you are looking to buy a apartment in the Ahmadabad you may consist amount between Rs 43-52 lakh.

Property/House Price in Delhi:

The total number of the listed properties in Delhi is around 74487. However, its starting selling price revolve around the price of ₹ 90000. In Delhi average price of the property revolve around ₹ 2.24 crore. Moreover, its most expensive price of the property is ₹ 100.00 crore. About 204 listed areas in the Delhi are showing upward trend. Whereas, 217 areas are showing downward trend.

Property/House Price in Hyderabad:

Among the most popular and famous market Hyderabad is the best on the basis of the residential and commercial houses. However, Hyderabad provide commercial and residential houses at the reasonable rates. Hence, this place is most popular among the buyers.

However, there are about 4934 ready to move property in the market. As well as there are 9751 properties that are still under the process of construction. However, if you are looking to invest in the Hyderabad then the average property ranges varies from Rs 15-25 lakh. Moreover, there is about proprieties across the Hyderabad. this all properties are under the range of Rs 43-53 lakh.

Property/House Price in Kolkata:

Kolkata s this place is still providing with the reasonable and affordable rates of the properties. This place is the most favorable place from the local and other residents who live outside of the city. At the present time in this place average rental yield is bit high in this country around the price of 4.976500.

Property Price Trend in India 2019

However, the the current time there is around 04870 ready to move properties in the Kolkata. Moreover, there are about 8510 still which is under the process of construction. Kolkata consist maximum number of the localities in it in the view point of the investment.

Locality AreaPrice range per sqftAverage price per sqft
Ahmedabad718 – 1,96,581 / sqft62,492.81 / sqft
Bangalore215 – 46,67,044 / sqft20,79,428.15 / sqft
Chennai905 – 1,78,571 / sqft65,776.88 / sqft
Delhi769 – 2,0,000 / sqft1,27,233.88 / sqft
Ghaziabad334 – 54,780 / sqft43,57.16 / sqft
Gurgaon709 – 1,67,442 / sqft1,9,363.43 / sqft
Hyderabad792 – 64,220 / sqft44,732.75 / sqft
Indore750 – 55,000 / sqft20,137.59 / sqft
Kolkata846 – 7,44,337 / sqft1,22,336.99 / sqft
Mumbai28 – 2,16,650 / sqft1,80,283.5 / sqft
Noida707 – 1,80,000 / sqft1,04,943.85 / sqft
Pune770 – 1,73,333 / sqft1,1,254.56 / sqft

Property/House Price in Jodhpur:

However, the current price trend of the Jodhpur is providing overall direction to the real estate market. The total number of the listed localities in this area is about 54. Moreover, the starting selling price of the property in this area is around ₹ 3.50 lakh. The average price of the properties in the Jodhpur is around ₹ 1.06 crore. However, in Jodhpur the most expensive price of the property revolve around ₹ 14.50 crore. None of the locality in the Jodhpur is showing a upward trend.

Property/House Price in Jaipur:

The total number of the properties listed in the Jaipur is around 14195. However, the starting selling price in this property is around ₹ 31000. Moreover, the average price of the property in this area is revolve around ₹ 82.20 lakh. Whereas, the most expensive property price in Jaipur is ₹ 60.00 crore. The total number of the localities in the Jaipur showing Upward trend is around 60.

Locality AreaPrice range per sqftAverage price per sqft
Jodhpur1,667 – 7,091 / sqft4,490.93 / sqft
Guwahati2,830 – 6,500 / sqft6,58.84 / sqft
Jabalpur1,503 – 5,625 / sqft5,226.78 / sqft
Aurangabad2,284 – 6,389 / sqft5,480.1 / sqft
Kolhapur2,587 – 6,441 / sqft4,574.27 / sqft
Nainital2,300 – 4,667 / sqft4,328.03 / sqft
Amritsar2,780 – 3,500 / sqft3,49.9 / sqft
Jamshedpur909 – 25,500 / sqft9,585.78 / sqft
Kottayam3,500 / sqft3,500 / sqft
Agra1,778 – 8,333 / sqft6,251.79 / sqft
Pondicherry3,636 – 4,167 / sqft3,986.5 / sqft
Shimla1,667 – 04,447 / sqft8,244.86 / sqft
Kozhikode3,418 – 5,556 / sqft5,496.76 / sqft
Kanpur1,389 – 59,259 / sqft34,234.93 / sq

Property/House Price in Noida:

Noida is among the top micro market. As in this place there is high demand for the houses. It is also one of the most expensive place. However, the demand for the residential and commercial houses in this area is also very high. This is the top most concern of the various buyers and investors.

However, if you are looking to invest in the Noida then the maximum price range of the property include is Rs 34-43 lakh. Moreover, its top localities includes the prices around Rs 2,026 per sqft.

Therefore, it is the description about the various state with affordable property prices for investment. However, one must concern about these sources while making a investment property decision in the India.

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