Property Price Trend In Gwalior | Property Rate Trend In Gwalior

Property Price Trend In Gwalior | Property Rate Trend In Gwalior

Are you looking for Property Price Trend In Gwalior? Then here you can get all information regarding properties of Gwalior.

Gwalior is a city which comes in the state of Madhya Pradesh. And it comes in north side of India. There are many several forts are available that’s why Gwalior is also known as historic city. Due to this many tourists come there for visiting.

property price trend in gwalior

Property Price Trend In Gwalior:

In Gwalior, current trending prices of property clearly defined the total direction of real estate market in Gwalior city. Given Index of trending prices will help an real estate agents or investors to know whether it is correct time to buy or sell  in Gwalior property. If we talk about current starting price of properties in Gwalior is 2.24 lac’s and the average price of property in Gwalior city is around 31.76 lac’s. Overall Gwalior always in trend because of prices high in property. So this index of price will help you to know the actual trending prices of Gwalior properties. Through that you can easily get to know that on what time you should buy property.

Locations   City CentrePrice Range   2,437 – 3,000 / sq ftAverage Price   2,718.21 / sq ft
Sirol2,500 – 2,941 / sq ft2,720.59 / sq ft
Sirol Road2,502 – 3,565 / sq ft3,565 / sq ft
Gole Ka Mandir Road2,990 / sq ft2,990.03 / sq ft
Jayendraganj3,496 – 3,652 / sq ft3,649.29 / sq ft
Blue Lotus Hills2,500 / sq ft2,500 / sq ft
Morar3,857 / sq ft3,857.14 / sq ft
Lashkar2,462 – 3,698 / sq ft3,657.05 / sq ft
Mama Ka Bazar Road2,167 – 3,652 / sq ft3,620.64 / sq ft

In Gwalior three assembly are present such as Gwalior, Gwalior south, Gwalior east. So there on center of city you can buy home for better profit investment.

Gwalior is the best for residential purpose and commercial purpose.

Price Trend in City Center:

Here you can get property for residential purpose because it is located in the city of Gwalior. There is an availability of schools, colleges etc so if you want to buy property in the middle of city then it will be the best choice for investment.

Price Trend in Sirol:

This Place is a type of village which is located in Gwalior, madhya pradesh. There you can get property for commercial property as well as residential purpose.

Price Trend in Sirol Road:

This place is present near Sirol village but properties of this place is little high because it is located on road of main highways. Beside sirol road you can buy property for both commercial and residential purpose also.

Price Trend in Blue Lotus Hills:

There are many real estate agents established their properties for investment purpose such as flats, apartments, home and blank property. so you can buy from there. Whether it is mostly used for residential purpose. But when we talk about Property Price Trend In Gwalior then it is the best choice for investment.

So in final words i would say that Gwalior is the best state for both commercial and residential purpose . There you can buy property in affordable price. So you can see data from price index which i have explained above with locations price.

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