Property Price Trend in France 2020 | Property Price Trends in France 2020

Property Price Trend in France 2020 | Property Price Trends in France 2020

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France is a country whose territory consist with the metropolitan France in the western Europe. Thus, the metropolitan area of France extends from the Mediterranean sea to the English channel. The North Sea and Rhine from the Atlantic Ocean.

property price trends in france

However, the over seas in the France territories include French Guiana in South America and several islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The capital of France is Paris. France is a Unitary semi presidential republic with its capital city of Paris. Some of the other major urban centers include Marseilles, Lyon, Lile, Nice, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Originally, the France name is comes from the Latin “Francia” or the country of “Franks”. Modern named is still today “Francia”. In Italian and Spanish “Frankreich (Frankish Empire) in German and “Frankrijik” in Dutch. All of which have the some same and the historical meaning. The various theories as to the origin of the name Frank.

Property Price Trends in France 2019

France HousingLastPreviousHighestLowestUnit
Home Ownership Rate64.9064.1065.0060.50percent[+]
Housing Start34100.0030000.0050200.0014000.00[+]
Construction Pmi55.0056.4058.0033.20[+]
Construction Output-2.20-1.6016.40-16.30Percent[+]
New Home Sales30059.0034710.0036076.0013922.00[+]
Housing Index105.78105.69107.5893.63Index Point[+]
Building Permits40500.0039800.0056500.0024200.00
Property Price Trend in France 2019

France Economic Indicator

Inflation Rate1.6%April/20191.6-0.7:18.8Monthly
Interest Rate0%April/201900:4.75Daily
GDP Growth Rate0.3%March/20190.7-5:7.7Quarterly
Unemployment Rate8.9%December/20179.67.2:10.7Quarterly
 Government Debt to GDP97%December/201796.620.7:97Yearly
Balance of Trade-5258 Euro MillionMarch/2019-5048-7523:2674Monthly

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Stock Market5640 pointsMay/185615894 : 6922Daily
Government Bond 10Y0.83 %May/180.830.1 : 04.84Daily
GDP Constant Prices547289 EUR MillionMar/1854590568907 : 547289Quarterly
GDP From Manufacturing56004 EUR MillionMar/18565907291 : 56590Quarterly
GDP Growth Rate0.3 %Mar/180.7-5 : 7.7Quarterly
GDP From Utilities04178 EUR MillionMar/1810938535 : 04753Quarterly
GDP per capita42013 USDDec/164169004991 : 42013Yearly
GDP From Agriculture8351 EUR MillionMar/1883822165 : 8843Quarterly
GDP From Transport23910 EUR MillionMar/18235531600 : 23910Quarterly
GDP Annual Growth Rate2.1 %Mar/182.6-3.8 : 04.5Quarterly
GDP2465 USD BillionDec/16243462.65 : 2923Yearly
Gross Fixed Capital Formation043063 EUR MillionMar/1804232304800 : 043063Quarterly
GDP per capita PPP38059 USDDec/163776629528 : 38059Yearly
GDP From Construction24993 EUR MillionMar/18249186440 : 30385Quarterly
GDP From Services283585 EUR MillionMar/1828209426222 : 283585Quarterly
Labour Costs107 Index PointsDec/1710739 : 107Quarterly
Unemployed Persons3422 ThousandMar/1834231976 : 3585Monthly
Long Term Unemployment Rate3.6 %Dec/174.22.4 : 5Quarterly
Unemployment Rate8.9 %Dec/179.67.2 : 10.7Quarterly
Productivity044 Index PointsDec/1704420.68 : 044Quarterly
Employed Persons27990 ThousandDec/172795019531 : 27990Quarterly
Youth Unemployment Rate21.5 %Mar/1821.614.5 : 26.3Monthly
Employment Rate65.7 %Dec/1765.163.5 : 65.7Quarterly
Population66.99 MillionDec/1766.7345.46 : 66.99Yearly
Full Time Employment21870 ThousandDec/172183318337 : 21870Quarterly
Living Wage Family1700 EUR/MonthDec/1716601610 : 1700yearly
Wages High Skilled3160 EUR/MonthDec/1734203160 : 3420yearly
Job Vacancies313 ThousandMar/18272041 : 364Monthly
Retirement Age Women62Dec/186260 : 62Yearly
Living Wage Individual1030 EUR/MonthDec/17980930 : 1030yearly
Nonfarm Payrolls Private19340 ThousandMar/181928204410 : 19340Quarterly
Wages Low Skilled1630 EUR/MonthDec/1715701510 : 1630yearly
Wages2998 EUR/MonthDec/1529561752 : 2998Yearly
Employment Change0.2 %Dec/170.2-0.5 : 0.7Quarterly
Labor Force Participation Rate72 %Dec/1771.969.5 : 72Quarterly
Part Time Employment4780 ThousandDec/1747953802 : 4966Quarterly
Government Payrolls5791 ThousandDec/1758015610 : 5808Quarterly
Manufacturing Payrolls2778 ThousandDec/1727722771 : 5475Quarterly
Wage Growth0.1 %Dec/170.30.1 : 1Quarterly
Initial Jobless Claims-1.1 ThousandMar/18-40.2-61.7 : 74.3Monthly
Minimum Wages1498 EUR/MonthJun/1814801036 : 1498Quarterly
Retirement Age Men62Dec/186260 : 62Yearly
Wages in Manufacturing047 Index PointsDec/1704772.7 : 047Quarterly
Harmonised Consumer Prices103 Index PointsApr/1810365.64 : 103Monthly
Inflation Rate1.6 %Apr/181.6-0.7 : 18.8Monthly
Producer Prices102 Index PointsMar/1810296.5 : 102Monthly
Food Inflation1.6 %Apr/181.5-1.5 : 6.5Monthly
Inflation Rate Mom0.2 %Apr/181-1 : 1Monthly
Core Inflation Rate0.8 %Apr/180.9-0.2 : 4Monthly
Export Prices045 Index PointsFeb/1804587.2 : 041Monthly
Core Consumer Prices102 Index PointsApr/1810269.3 : 102Monthly
Consumer Price Index CPI103 Index PointsApr/1810366.4 : 103Monthly
Producer Prices Change2.5 %Mar/181.6-7.6 : 7.3Monthly
Import Prices99.6 Index PointsFeb/1810086.6 : 043Monthly
CPI Transportation106 Index PointsApr/1810557.1 : 106Monthly
CPI Housing Utilities103 Index PointsApr/1810352.61 : 104Monthly
Loans to Private Sector2380715 EUR MillionMar/182354643268603 : 2380715Monthly
Banks Balance Sheet8629562 EUR MillionMar/1887528813147044 : 8804141Monthly
Interest Rate0 %Apr/1800 : 4.75Daily
Foreign Exchange Reserves152 EUR BillionApr/181465.29 : 187Monthly
Central Bank Balance Sheet1050750 EUR MillionMar/18104761787694 : 1059662Monthly
Interest Rate0 %Apr/1800 : 4.75Daily
Loan Growth4.99 %Mar/185.03-1.68 : 15.34Monthly
Interbank Rate-0.33 %Apr/18-0.33-0.33 : 5.13Monthly
Private Debt to GDP234 %Dec/16231163 : 234Yearly
Money Supply M10405338 EUR MillionMar/18040105682375 : 0419349Monthly
Money Supply M22044263 EUR MillionMar/182039817263286 : 2044715Monthly
Money Supply M32449353 EUR MillionMar/18243604158303 : 2449353Monthly
Current Account to GDP-0.8 %Dec/17-0.9-2.1 : 3.4Yearly
Gold Reserves2436 TonnesMar/1824362435 : 3025Quarterly
Tourism Revenues3624 EUR MillionMar/1831961426 : 6170Monthly
Balance of Trade-5258 EUR MillionMar/18-5048-7523 : 2674Monthly
Exports39913 EUR MillionMar/18397570466 : 41762Monthly
Imports45171 EUR MillionMar/18448050452 : 45486Monthly
Tourist Arrivals82600 ThousandDec/168450075000 : 84500Yearly
Terms of Trade045 Index PointsFeb/1804489.48 : 046Monthly
Remittances43 EUR MillionFeb/184322 : 87Monthly
Gold Reserves2436 TonnesMar/1824362435 : 3025Quarterly
Current Account-0469 EUR MillionMar/18-872-6042 : 4784Monthly
External Debt4830884 EUR MillionDec/1748919043536444 : 4930429Quarterly
Terrorism Index5.96Dec/165.63.38 : 5.96Yearly
Defense Equipment Sales2162 USD MillionDec/1722788 : 4029Yearly
Foreign Direct Investment2360 EUR MillionMar/182934-8809 : 20881Monthly
Crude Oil Production15 BBL/D/1KJan/181515 : 58Monthly
Capital Flows04028 EUR MillionMar/18-4949-31626 : 36458Monthly
Government Debt2218 EUR BillionDec/172226684 : 2232Quarterly
Government Budget-2.6 % of GDPDec/17-3.4-7.2 : 1.5Yearly
Fiscal Expenditure88.57 EUR BillionMar/1863.2816.73 : 426Monthly
Military Expenditure56287 USD MillionDec/175735815302 : 58470Yearly
Government Budget Value-33.05 EUR BillionMar/18-28.48-149 : -4.21Monthly
Government Debt to GDP97 %Dec/1796.620.7 : 97Yearly
Government Revenues76.25 EUR BillionMar/1848.9313 : 314Monthly
Credit Rating89.53:Monthly
Government Spending132030 EUR MillionMar/1813159617101 : 132030Quarterly
Government Spending to GDP56.5 %Dec/1756.645.1 : 57.2Yearly
Asylum Applications8355 personsFeb/1882252815 : 8935Monthly
Industrial Production Mom-0.4 %Mar/181.1-4.9 : 4Monthly
Zew Economic Sentiment Index8.6May/189-63.9 : 79.8Monthly
IP Addresses29887339 IPMar/172707804714688459 : 29887339Quarterly
Ease of Doing Business31Dec/172926 : 38Yearly
Steel Production1353 Thousand TonnesMar/180451643 : 2466Monthly
Business Confidence109 Index PointsApr/1804067 : 044Monthly
Capacity Utilization85.2 %Jun/1885.771.4 : 90.3Quarterly
Competitiveness Index5.18 PointsDec/185.25.05 : 5.21Yearly
Electricity Production56368 Gigawatt-hourFeb/185889031896 : 61424Monthly
Manufacturing PMI53.8Apr/1853.742.7 : 58.8Monthly
New Orders0.2 Index PointsApr/180.9-65.3 : 26Monthly
Changes In Inventories8300 EUR MillionMar/188225-5932 : 04384Quarterly
Mining Production1.3 %Mar/18-7.1-26.9 : 24.5Monthly
Car Registrations175800Apr/1818354099444 : 247003Monthly
Competitiveness Rank22Dec/182115 : 23Yearly
Services PMI57.4 Index PointsApr/1856.940.2 : 62.9Monthly
Bankruptcies290 CompaniesJan/18325183 : 804Monthly
Internet Speed10757 KBpsMar/17100163071 : 10757Quarterly
Corruption Rank23Dec/172318 : 26Yearly
Composite Pmi56.9 Index PointsApr/1856.341.9 : 60.3Monthly
Manufacturing Production0.4 %Mar/182.3-27.1 : 69Monthly
Corruption Index70 PointsDec/176963 : 75Yearly
Industrial Production1.8 %Mar/183.8-19.3 : 04.1Monthly
Disposable Personal Income355850 EUR MillionDec/173535372538 : 355850Quarterly
Gasoline Prices1.85 USD/LiterApr/181.810.99 : 2.09Monthly
Households Debt To Income89.47 %Dec/1688.0454.15 : 89.47Yearly
Personal Savings14.21 %Dec/1714.2404.28 : 22.8Quarterly
Personal Savings14.21 %Dec/1714.2404.28 : 22.8Quarterly
Consumer Confidence101 Index PointsApr/1810080 : 130Monthly
Bank Lending Rate1.82 %Mar/181.811.73 : 6.29Monthly
Personal Spending0.1 %Mar/182.5-5.1 : 4.7Monthly
Retail Sales YoY3.2 %Mar/182.8-9 : 9.5Monthly
Consumer Spending300651 EUR MillionMar/1830017939201 : 300651Quarterly
Retail Sales MoM0.5 %Mar/180.9-6.1 : 3.4Monthly
Consumer Credit1340006 EUR MillionMar/181333983383474 : 1340006Monthly
Home Ownership Rate64.9 %Dec/1664.160.5 : 65yearly
Construction Output-2.2 %Mar/18-1.6-16.3 : 16.4Monthly
Building Permits40500Mar/183980024200 : 56500Monthly
Housing Starts34100Mar/183000014000 : 50200Monthly
Housing Index106 Index pointsDec/1710693.63 : 108Quarterly
Construction Pmi55Apr/1856.433.2 : 58Monthly
New Home Sales30059Mar/183471013922 : 36076Quarterly
Social Security Rate59.2 %Dec/1859.251.22 : 59.2Yearly
Social Security Rate For Employees14.2 %Dec/1814.204.22 : 17.97Yearly
Corporate Tax Rate33.3 %Dec/1833.333.3 : 50Yearly
Social Security Rate For Companies45 %Dec/184537.9 : 45Yearly
Personal Income Tax Rate45 %Dec/184545 : 59.6Yearly
Sales Tax Rate20 %Dec/182019.6 : 20Yearly
Temperature7.7 CelsiusDec/159.651.6 : 23.66Monthly
Precipitation24.37 mmDec/1557.735.91 : 180Monthly

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