Property Price Trend in Airoli | Residential Property Price Trends in Airoli

Property Price Trend in Airoli | Residential Property Price Trends in Airoli

Airoli, this place is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. However, it is a residential or commercial area for the Navi Mumbai. Its Residential property trend in Airoli is also changing according to the market conditions. Thus, this is a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Hence, the property Rates of Airoli keep changing. To increase the profit margin, investors also have to act according to the market situation. Hence, investors act according to Property price trend in Airoli.

However, Airoli is one of the developed commercial and residential areas of the Navi Mumbai. Thus, its suburbs area has a great connectivity with the Vashi and with Navi Mumbai developed neighborhood. However, its property prices totally depend upon the market conditions. One is adjusted according to that. Hence, following are the names of the various properties.

Residential Property Trend in Airoli:

Its latest price trend provides huge benefits to its investors and end users. Identifying the correct price is very important. As by this we can achieve huge benefits. Its price property starts from  ₹ 2.50 lakh. Average price property starts from ₹ 93.73 lakh.

property price trend


Mumbai keeps changing its property prices. If an investor wants to increase its profit he must have to act accordingly to the price trend of the market. Kharghar property price starts from  ₹ 18.50 lakh. Its average property price starts from ₹ 1.02 crore. Hence, it has shown up a trend from the last few months. The total number of properties in Kharghar is 14603.


Its changing price trend helps property stakeholders to look at various changing prices. Thus, by consulting the graphs they can determine the various price trends in Ulwe. However, the total number of properties listed in Ulwe is about 3038. The property price of Ulwe starts from ₹ 8.50 lakh . Its average property price is around ₹ 73.39 lakh. Hence, it has shown a great change in its property for about several months.


Its property prices are getting change according to the market. However, one can understand its changing property prices by looking at the maps or graphs. The total number of properties listed in these areas is about 2030. Its property prices start from  around ₹ 5.50 lakh. However, the average property price of Seawoods is around ₹ 1.40 crore.


These areas’ property prices are also changing. However, one can look at its graph and study the market carefully. In Panvel total number of listed properties are 1702. Its price of the property starts from around ₹ 4.70 lakh. Panvel average property price is around ₹ 72.66 lakh. The most expensive property price in Panvel is around ₹ 04.88 crore.


As per the act of the market movement it keeps changing its price. However, through its graphs one can detect the market conditions. Thus, the total number of listed properties in Kamothe is around 1694 . Kamothe property price starts from around ₹ 4.60 lakh. However, the average price of this area is around ₹ 62.34 lakh. Hence, its most expensive property price revolves around ₹ 3.60 crore.


However, Ghansoli is also changing its property price according to the market prevailing conditions. However, one can learn its market conditions through its graph. Thus, its total listed of properties is around 1476. Its property price starts from around ₹ 8.90 lakh. However, Ghansoli average price revolves around ₹ 1.18 crore.

Locality NamePrice range per sqftAverage price per sqft
Kharghar740 – 1,5,541 / sqft  63,300.72 / sqft
Ulwe702 – 98,425 / sqft  22,382.09 / sqft
Seawoods944 – 1,74,242 / sqft    1,3,890.83 / sqft    
Panvel707 – 68,500 / sqft  46,570.16 / sqft
Kamothe708 – 23,684 / sqft    13,340.94 / sqft
Ghansoli894 – 30,801 / sqft  24,891.18 / sqft
Nerul2,743 – 1,57,647 / sqft  65,604.39 / sqft
Sanpada2,000 – 28,889 / sqft  26,485.96 / sqft
Belapur2,548 – 76,071 / sqft  43,513.79 / sqft

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