Property Price Trend Dunfermline | House Price Dunfermline

Property Price Trend Dunfermline | House Price Dunfermline

If you are interested in investing in this town, then you must consider about its price trend. Hence, before investing learn about the property price trend Dunfermline.

Dunfermline, is one of the most famous town. It is being located in the Northern Shore of Firth of Forth. In comparison to the Scotland it ranked at the 10th largest locality. On the basis of the census 2004 its total population of the town is being around 49,706.

property price trend dunfermline

Property Price Trend Dunfermline:

In this town average selling price of the house had been raised by the rate of 4% over the last few years. However, in the few years average selling price in the Dunfermline has been raised by 3.9%. As house is being sold at the price of £158,679 between December 2016 and February 2017.

In the may 2019 its average property price is stood at £181,136. However, during the last three months this is a rise of 1.89%. From during the last 04 month it is a rise of 7.90%. However, on the basis of the apartments, land, property, flats and houses it sold it on average price basis of £104.171. As well as its terraced houses are being sold for £130,859.

Its overall selling price is similar to the £156,395 as compared to the nearby sold prices of Cairneyhill (£159552). However, the overall selling prices over the last few years is around 3%.

Hence it is brief information regarding the price trend in the Dunfermline. Investors and buyers must get into the market after knowing about the market conditions. As then they must act according to this.

Dunfermline Housing Demand:

In this place there is a large demand of the 2-3 bedroom flats and apartments. This is easy for the first time buyer to get the desired flats of the 2-3 room in this area. However, its average selling prices are being showing a positive growth demand. Hence, average selling price of this area have been increased between the December 2016 and February 2017.

Due to this raising demand and changing in the capital there can be introduction of the new various policies for the last few months and years. If this trend will continue then there will be a less competition among the investors and buyers in the market.

However, the number of the houses being sold in the Scotland in the year of December 2016 and January 2017 is decreased around 4.9%. The total number of listed properties is around 85.5%. This place is popular for its residential area. But it is also coming up with the various commercial areas factors. This project will attract many buyers as well as investors towards the market of the Dunfermline.

Price Index of the Scotland:

The average price of the property which is being sold in the east Central Scotland have been increased from 7.2% to £232,010 from this year. However, the average price of selling in the Edinburgh has been increased by 9.5% to £250,894.

The number of the new homes which is being constructed has raised up to the 2.1% annually.

The time of the median selling houses in the east central is 19.8% faster than the three months period ago.

During the time period of the January 2019 the total number of the listed properties is around 90.5%.

Thus, this is a information regarding the price index of the Scotland.

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