Property Price Trend Argeles Sur mer | Property for Sale in Argeles Sur mer

Property Price Trend Argeles Sur mer | Property for Sale in Argeles Sur mer

If you are looking for buying a property in the Argeles Sue mer first go through its property price trend.

Argeles is a town located on France’s Mediterranean coast. This place is popularly known for its beach and seafront areas. However, this place covers the total area about 58.67 km². Total number of population in this place is around 10,383 (based on the data). This place consists of a beautiful seaside resort and it is also very famous among the people. However, this city has recently earned the title of the “Handiplage”. If an individual is willing to invest in this property he must consider the Property Price Trend Argeles Sur mer. 

This place is also surrounded by the Albères mountains. In Argeles there is a beautiful seaside beach, rocky landscape and Mediterranean sea. Many people are attracted towards this area. Hence, must contain knowledge about Property Price Trend Argeles Sur mer.

Property Price Trend Argeles Sur mer:

In Argeles property prices are quite expensive. The average price for the property is around €3,215 / square meter. Among the 1000 most expensive french cities Argeles ranked in 417th position. This information is based on the terms of the housing price trend. Hence, this property trend market is one of the most expensive trending markets.

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Its sea resort is becoming more and more popular among the people. Most of the people have already visited this sea resort.

Apart from this, this town also consists of all the necessary places for the holidays destinations. There are various activities which can be performed on its sea and beach. Along with this it also had typical side streets, marina with bouquets and restaurants and traditional market. In Argeles 82% of the land is preserved for the farming area. However, in this land modern buildings are built on each and every single land. In this area more than 72% of the quarter homes are second homes and 65% of the homes are the detached properties. Many people desire to invest in beach resort apartments and to buy a property at the foot of the mountain.

Property Styles and Architecture in Argeles Sur mer:


This place is providing the best view of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. There is a small yet beautiful garden, and the large swimming pool in the backyard. This place is considered the best place for the holidays. Many people reside there to enjoy the holiday destination of this area. Hence, this place is considered the best place for the holiday destinations.

Holiday complex properties:

In this place you will find many long and narrow houses located for the holiday places. However, these places are very small but they are well-designed. An individual can nearly enjoy and relax in such types of holidays destinations. All the basic amenities and facilities are being provided here.

Cévennes traditional houses:

These places can be easily found in the Argeles as well as in the whole Languedoc region. It has various main features along with it such as it is made up of the limestone and also with the other granite stones. This place has become the most traditional place for the people of the Argeles Sur mer.

Hence, these are the few best places of the Argeles Sur mer. It has already attracted many people towards it. As it has become the best place for the many people for the vacations. Though it is the most expensive place, it attracts many people towards it.

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