Best Location for Property Investment in Pune | Where to Invest in Pune Real Estate 202000000

Best Location for Property Investment in Pune | Where to Invest in Pune Real Estate 2020

The first and the essential question which goes in our mind while reading this topic is What is Property Investment? “Property investment” is investing in a property which will bring us benefits in the future. Moreover, People invest in properties for their future security or to make profit or to enhance their income by renting that property. Real estate business is all about buying and selling of properties or dealing with properties and assets. Thus, Are you searching for Best Location for Property Investment in Pune. Then this the right place for you.

People may invest in properties for their future goals and to accomplish certain tasks like for living a peaceful life after retirement, for their daughters or sons marriage, for starting a business, etc.

location for property investment in pune

However, Nowadays, people prefer to purchase properties and then renting them for supplementing their incomes. For extra profit and for living a luxurious life they make such deals.

Now, Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. It is the ninth most populous country in the world with a population of 13.3 million. Now if the population is so high then the number of houses will also be in a large number. And as a result, property investments in Pune will also be in a large number.

However, Because of the high purchasing power, people have a great interest in buying properties in some selected places. And they gain huge profits from it.

 Best locations for Property Investment in Pune:

1. Buy Investment Property in Wagholi:

Moreover, This is one of the best place for investment in Pune. Many people invest in this area as they have 2,941 apartments, 354 villas and 041 builder floors available for purchase. The average property prices in this locality is Rs 4,555 per square feet (sq ft) and you can earn a good rent upto 04,500 per month which is not a bad deal. It will supplement your income as well it will be a good deal for you to invest in. It is mainly occupied by low income group people.

2.Buy Investment Property in Undri:

It is an another good location for you to invest in. It is the emerging pocket area of Pune. Many people have invested in properties located in this location. Thus, They have 629 apartments, four builder floor flats and seven villa projects. The property price of this locality is Rs 4,700 per square feet (sq ft). If you decide to give your property on rent than you can earn a monthly rent upto Rs 17,500. Moreover, People prefer to buy properties in this area to upgrade to bigger flats at a comfortable price rate, purchasing a second home close to the existing one and also buying homes for their second-generation in this area.

3. Buy Investment Property in Talegaon Dabhade:

If you are looking for highly affordable options then this is the best locality for you to invest in. You have to pay Rs 3,700 for a small square feet of area and the rent earned by you will also be less. You can earn Rs 9,800 as your monthly rent if you invest in this area. Properties available to you in this area are 155 apartments, six builder floors and one villa. However, There is a easy connectivity of Talegaon Dabhade from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai via express highway.

4. Buy Investment Property in Ravet:

As compared to other localities a buyer has to pay more amount to purchase properties in this area. Just for a square feet of space in this area a buyer has to give Rs 5,900. A buyer can earn Rs 14,500 per month by renting his property. Thus, Properties available to you in this area are 049 apartments, seven villas and three builder floors. Many IT parks are developed here and it has a major connectivity to express highway.

5. Buy Investment Property in Wakad:

This is the most expensive and priciest locality from all five. This locality has a score of 9.6 out of 10. The average property rates in this locality are Rs 6,500 per square feet. Moreover, The monthly rent earned on properties every month is Rs 18,000 which will be a big deal for you to invest in. The properties available to you in this locality are 1,046 apartments, seven villas and six builder floors. Thus, This location is one of the investors favorite choice. Many IT parks are developed here and has a major connectivity to Express highway.

6. Buy Investment Property in Hinjewadi:

This location is affordable and are among the favorite locations of middle class people. There is a consistent growth in rental income. Thus, This is one of the favorite and most proffered locations of investors in Pune.

7. Buy Investment Property in Kondhwa:

This location is located in southern most part of the Pune. This is the most proffered locations by middle class. This location has apartments, bungalows, villas, etc. The price is consistently rising in kondhwa. Thus, The average rate of properties in kondhwa are Rs 4,986.

8. Buy Investment Property in Baner:

Baner has helped real estate business to grow in Pune.It is locate on NH-4 bypass. The locality is affordable and has witnessed a healthy price uprising over the years. The average property prices of Baner is Rs 7,047 per square foot in the January-March 2016 quarter. Moreover, Baner has witnessed historical uprising of 20-25 per cent and continues to benefit from multiple demanding such as serenity or perfection of location, presence of good and peaceful social infrastructure, it is a interconnect to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and has a thriving IT hub.

9. Buy Investment Property in Kalyani Nagar:

This location is established in the eastern corridor of Pune. Thus, It is beneficial for both the residential as well as commercial dealers and is generating profit for them. It has a unique location advantage as it has well connectivity to the railway station and airport. However, The location is also close to Pune-Mumbai express highway. The location is also close with IT hub which adds significance to its rates. Thus, This area has an average of Rs 9,000-19,000 per sq ft.

10. Buy Investment Property in Aundh:

This project has a mega plan for its uprising. It is located near the major IT hub which is a unique advantage for its location. Moreover, Both commercial and residential owners are interested in buying these properties. Moreover, Aundh enjoys a beneficial  location which catches the demand from Central Pune as well as for the IT-driven demand for homes close to Hinjewadi. It is a well established market by now.

04. Buy Investment Property in Charoli: 

It is located on the northern corridor of Pune. It has several advantages of its location. Moreover, The houses in this location are are affordable and are mostly proffered by middle class segments. The rapidly growing demand for homes in Charoli has been obliged by local developers and people. However, the entry of major buyers into the region with a 400 acre township project marks the beginning of a new era in terms of location characteristics and as well as real estate value and capital growth for Charoli.

04. Buy Investment Property in Pimple Nilakh:

It is located in the western corridor of Pune.Thus,  It is among the fastest growing areas of Pune. The property rates over here are increased with time. However, It lacks in social Infrastructure. With the increasing popularity of the area the government has initiated more civic infrastructure in the area.

13. Buy Investment Property in Kharadi:

It is known as the residential corridor of the city. It attracts professionals as compared to others. This location has unique advantage as it is well connected with railway station and airport . However, Airport is just 45 minutes away from this location. And railway station is at a distance of 15 minutes.

14. Buy Investment Property in Pirangut:

In Pirangut a 2BHK unit can be availed easily within the range of Rs 18 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs. It presents good potential investors. It is well connected with Hinjewadi. The location is well connected with National highway 48 (NH 48) and old Mumbai highway is also accessible. This location offers a beneficial advantage for buyers as it is close to many important hubs.

However, These are the important locations in Pune (Maharashtra) in which you can invest as it will be a great investment for you to invest in.

Pune has become a important educational as well as industrial sector and this cause people to migrate from the places of low opportunities to settle here. Thus, And for these migrants it will be a huge benefit to invest in the above mentioned areas for certain advantages related to property.

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