Best Area for Property Investment in Manchester | Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Manchester

Best Area for Property Investment in Manchester | Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Manchester

Manchester or greater Manchester is a metropolitan city of England.It lies within United Kingdom. Manchester achieved its city status in 1853. It is one of the Urban city of United Kingdom. In 1894, Manchester ship canal was opened. Manchester is known as a trading port. It is connected to many seas and oceans.They trades many essential products with other countries. You can select Best Area for Property Investment in Manchester without having any doubts.

It is one of the core Northern-powerhouse cities. Investment offers in Manchester is increasing day by day. The employment opportunities have also increased which cause people to migrate from different places to Manchester and these migrants require settlements to settle in.

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Manchester has four universities and a student population upto 100,000. This cause many students to migrate from their hometown in order to acquire good education.

Points to be Considered before buying a property in Manchester:

1. Size of the property:

The size of the property should be appropriate for you family size. It should not be unfit for your family needs. It should be suitable for your family. Your family should feel comfortable with the size of the house. It should not be too big and too small.

2. Neighbourhood:

You should consider your needs and expectations before choosing a neighbourhood. A neighbourhood should be suitable for you. You should be aware about the good and bad consequences of your neighbourhood. Consider your and your children’s future.

3. Consider your time frame:

You should be aware about the time you’re going to live in a particular place. A house should not be purchased if You’re going to live there for short term, It is better to rent it. And it is worthless to live in a rented house for long term.

4. Look for sales and rental income:

You should consider your sales price and rental income before investing in any property. If it has high average property price and high rental income then it is best to invest in such properties. You will earn a good deal by investing in such a property.

5. A multi family house or apartments:

You should consider your family before selecting a house. A apartment would be suitable for a nuclear family. A multi family big house is suitable for a big family. It should not be inappropriate for your family needs.

6. Make sure the apartment is in a good condition:

You should make sure about the condition of the apartment. It should be good in condition. It should not have any construction faults. Check it nicely before purchasing it.

7. Good transportation:

Good and effective transportation is must need of Manchester. It will be easy for tenants as well as for sellers to sell their property when the time comes. As Manchester is a place for students so it is important to keep in mind the distance of universities from their residence.

Best Area for Property Investment in Manchester:

1. Buy Investment Property in M14 postcode:

If you are searching for Best Area for Property Investment in Manchester then this area is considered as a posh area of Manchester. The average rental yields of this area is 7.98 per cent. This place includes places like Fallowfield, Rusholme, and Moss Side. The main university of Manchester campus was nearby, this is why many students have rented houses here. It takes only ten minutes to get into city by bus and it has a good cycle network too. Before, Moss Side was once notorious for riots and gang violence but now there is no such cases.

2. Buy Investment Property in Tameside:

Its in the eastern part of the Manchester. It has all types of properties available. It has high income yields. Denton, Droylsden, and Stalybridge are the towns which are located in Tameside. The tenant profile is apparently strong and properties are affordable, which makes for great rentals.

3. Buy Investment Property in M6 postcode:

This location has a average yield of 8.25 per cent. It earns a good rental yields. It ranks 14th among England, Wales and Scotland to earn the maximum rental yields. This location is not far from the actual location of Manchester. It has a university build up in it and many students acquire rental homes here. M6 postcode includes Pendleton, Claremont, and Langworthy, as well as part of Salford.

4. Buy Investment Property in Manchester city centre:

This area has a lower rental yields as compared to other areas but these area has many opportunities to gain profit. You can consider different investment strategies. You can invest in serviced apartments and flip projects through which you can get a good capital growth. This is a nice place to live in with good capital deeds.

5. Buy Investment Property in Salford:

You can walk to city location only in five minutes. This is a growth potential area. This is a great location for someone looking to rent a property. It has been claimed  that the development will be doubled in 2030. Media-city is also located over there. This location will earn great profit and it will earn great rental yields as well as property prices.

6. Buy Investment Property in Wigan:

This place offers you a affordable housing facilities. Both home-owners as well as buy-to-let rentals earns a good profit. There is a good balance between both of them. You’ll get good and profitable yields for both rented houses and owned houses. This location is a great all rounder. You will find everything over here, from schools to collages and parks, etc.

7. Buy Investment Property in Chester:

This location is best known for flip projects and service accommodation. The rental yields in this location are little lower as compared to other locations. This location has a fantastic profile of great long term tenants. This place is in great demand so you don’t have to worry about its resale. The capital growth of this area is increasing day by day.

8. Buy Investment Property in Warrington:

The prospects for capital growth investment in Warrington are good and steady. The property prices in this location are increasing. But the yields and outcomes of this location are really great. It has a busy market as compared to Wigan. If you want to invest in Warrington then this is the time don’t wait for too long as the property prices are on increase.

9. Buy Investment Property in Wythenshawe:

It is located in the southern part of Manchester. The property growth is phenomenal and massive. It is very close to Manchester Airport and a lot of infrastructure development is talking place over there. Many companies are investing here as they find this place profit oriented. The rental yields are high as well as the property growth is also phenomenal. It has an easy access to Manchester city centre. It is a good investment for long tern play.

 These are some of the locations of Manchester in which you can invest for good profit returns

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