Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent

Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent

Kent is located in the South east of London and it comes in England country. it lies between the north sea and the Thames river on the north side, which is so helpful for make this place as attractive place. Europe is 20 miles far from south of Folkestone, Kent. So for selecting Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent, read my article below:

Buy Investment Property in Ashford Kent:

best place to buy property investment

Ashford town is located at ideal place. Who need or depends on London by train or on channel tunnel then Ashford is good for them. This town has many shops with good selection and designer outlet centers are also available there. There are many schools located from primary to secondary level of schools. And in Ashford town, popular education colleges are also available. These all are the reason for choose this area as Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent.

Travelling from London Bridge and Ashford by rail, it takes around one hour with fifteen minutes for each way.

Buy Investment Property in Aylesham:

Mining village of Aylesham is located about 6.5 miles far from the south east of Canterbury and 8 mile around far from North West of the coastal town of Dover region. This are is situated near railway line and this area has transportation links also to reach easily in reasonable price. Prices of the property in Aylesham are lower as compare to Canterbury. If we take an average idea then you can buy three bedroom houses in £210,000.

Aylesham to London is just difficult journey just because of direct route. This train is not suitable for always, but occasionally it is ok. And it takes less than 2 hours to reach. If you are travelling for London St Pancras and Canterbury then in these areas it goes quickly. (travelling time is low).

Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent:

All Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent given below you can check easily.

Buy Investment Property in Broadstairs:

Normal 3 bedroom houses are available in Broadstairs with £200,000. Prices are going for the property is hiking rapidly so for buying property in Broadstairs, Kent your budget should be around more than £240,000 to get harming home or old fashioned home. This town is popular for holiday-makers, tourists and local peoples because it is located between Ramsgate and Margate on the Kentish coast. From this location you can buy that home from which you can see sea views. Just because of sea view it comes in attractive design area.

From Broadstairs you can take a direct train from London St Pancras to Broadstairs. This takes one hour and forty minute to reach this attractive destination.

Buy Investment Property in Bromley:

In southeast London, Bromley is the largest district or town. And this town have all facilities to feel urban area development. It is far 9 miles only from south east of Charing Cross. In present time prices of property in leap and affordable, there if you want rental income then it will be profitable for you. You can purchase three bedroom homes in Kent in £320,000 around.  This price is defined according to data of January 2019.

Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent is much easier after getting this information about it.

For those peoples who travel by rails on regular basis, there is a choice of station that from which they want to go. Through rail facility you can reach from Bromley North to London Bridge within 30 minutes only. If any people wants to take rail from Bromley south for London victoria then there will be reach time is around 20 minutes only.

Buy Investment Property in Canterbury:

It comes in one of the beautiful cities and popular for cathedral, which is a popular destination. Tourists search for ancient streets, narrow areas which all attractions are available in Canterburry.

In Kentish neighbours area, Canterbury is too much expensive for property price just because of royal properties such as popular schools, a university city, leisure and shopping facilities. While you can search property there below £225,000, According to January 2019 data, there is a reduction in price on older listings. So there you will get an availability of rooms for negotiation.

For rail commuter who travels long journey and feels happy, all of you should note that if you will journey via train from London St Pancras to Canterbury west station then it takes an hour, one and half hour to reach. These 15 minutes difference depends upon trains connection whether it is direct or not.

Buy Investment Property in Chatham:

This town has a great history which connects to the Maritime history. It is also called as historic Chatham Dockyards. This town does not come in expensive town, it is reasonable and incredible and there you can buy three bedroom houses in just £160,000, which also represents excellent value for the England which comes in south east. This town has nice transportation links so rail commuters can easily travel from Chatham to London victoria in half an hour only.

Buy Investment Property in Dartford:

Dartford is popular for its tunnel which is located under the Thames River, prices of this area is approximately close to the London areas. Here you can buy 3 bedroom areas in just £260,000 around. If you go the centre off historic town of Dartford then there you can see older style properties and fine properties too. Even you can get modern estate houses also which will offer you a good accommodation in your budget price.

If you use train from Dartford to London Bridge then it takes around 35 minutes only to reach.

Buy Investment Property in Deal & Walmer:

In Deal and its neighbouring Walmer, you can get 3 bedroom houses in around £195,000. Deal is also known for seaside views, here you can enjoy at your home by prettiest sea side view in the Kent. And there is an availability of beach which is named as Shingle beach; it is overlooked by one of the Henry Vlll’s castles. And in deal town you can see some charming and unique buildings in the shape of Tudor Rose. Walmer is popular for Castle and most popular for visitors. At present time it is in under prevalence by the guardianship of English Heritage.

One the Kent coastal line, Walmer railway station is available which shows an easy transportation.

Buy Investment Property in Dover:

It is also called as Dockland town which is in Kent coast, here you can find and buy three bedrooms house in around £150,000 only, it can be affordable by Dover peoples as compare to Aylesham and other towns it is located between France and England at the narrowest crossing point. Dover is also popular for historic buildings and ancient castle. This town comes in well worth for property investment because of all facilities such as rail links, a hospital, good roads, excellent schools and awesome leisure facilities.

Buy Investment Property in Edenbridge:

This town is little bit expensive as compare to others but best thing is three and more bedrooms houses are available in around £255,000. There are quite number of modern property available for sell so at the end of the market you can easily search over there to choose best place to buy investment property in Kent.

Edenbridge is good for transportation links and local hospitals are also available in this town. And Edenbridge town is located near Roman road, London and Hever castle.

From the Edenbridge you can reach at London Bridge in just an hour only.

Buy Investment Property in Faversham:

This town is popular for ancient sea port on Faversham Creek which is present around this town. With brewing and ship repairs, there is an availability of major employment opportunities. This town is located near Watling Street and Old roman road and is it settled since ancient times. It has direct links of rail transportation to reach at London. And from here you can reach at London victoria too by rail links but it will take around an hour and a half.

Buy Investment Property in Folkestone:

Folkestone is also known as Harbour Town and is well served by transportation links. It is located at the end point of the M20 Motorway from London. This town has ferry port from where boats sail to the France and it has good rail connections of coastal. Folkestone is one of the cheapest towns of Kent and here you will get three bedroom houses in just £170,000 around.

Buy Investment Property in Gillingham:

In Gillingham (Kent), you can buy three bedroom houses in just £180,000, it is an enough price to buy here. It is located near River Medway, and it has ancient links to the Chatham Dockyards and it also has a tradition of shipbuilding. This town is mentioned in the book which is related to Domesday. That’s the reason for this area comes in urban area. And some more reasons are good transport links, institutes of education, affordable prices of house make Gillingham as Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent. Train journey from Gillinham to London Victoria takes one hour and fifteen minutes to reach.

Buy Investment Property in Gravesend:

Gravesend has excellent transport links and near to the capital of kent. There you can buy houses with 3 bedrooms in just around £230,000, its just maximum price to buy home there. In Gravesend you can get property in affordable price so you can choose this place if you are looking for Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent.

There are many homes availability of roman settlers which are located here from hundred and more years ago. And Thames River is also close to this town so it’s best in geographical position. In Gravesend high speed rail links are available to travel from Gravesend to London Bridge and it takes approximately 55 minutes to reach.

Buy Investment Property in Hawkhurst:

Hawkhurst is much expensive in property prices there you can get houses of 3 bedroom around £325,000. If you are hurry to buy homes then you can take chance here to buy property. This town also comes in popular towns just because of old oast houses which are dotted around and this place is also popular for residential houses. At hawkhurst, the old railway station was a victim for the peoples, but still peoples use this old station to reach near Etchingham which comes on the lines of hasting into London Bridge. If any peoples wants to travel on regular basis from Etchingham to London Bridge then it takes around one hour and a quarter.

Buy Investment Property in Herne Bay:

In Herne Bay, fully availability of properties means there is no shortage of property to buy. And this town is also popular for retirees. This town has numerous beaches which can be see through home property also. One of the best things in Herne Bay is, there is a one of the nicest Indian restaurants which is named as The Maharaja and located on the old Bandstand south coast. So in Herne you can go to find Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent.

Buy Investment Property in Hythe:

It is located in the side of south coast. And small market town of Hythe is situated near the edge of Romney Marsh. It was a major port which is defended by Lympne, two castles and Saltwood. This town has a mix of Georgian and medieval buildings at its heart. In this town you can buy three bedrooms house in cheap price as £235,000. You will get modern developments also with the historic town center.

Buy Investment Property in Maidstone:

This area sited along with the river Medway. There has been started settlement when romans arrived. Maidstone is an affluent and large town with all medical facilities, shopping, educational and leisure.  These all make a developed area of Maidstone. Good employment opportunities are available at this town just because of central London and a rail journey from Maidstone to London victoria takes around one hour to reach. Here you can secure any house with three bedrooms in just £210,000. This comes in cheapest price as compare to others so you can choose this place as Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent.

Buy Investment Property in Margate:

Margate is one of the famous destinations for Holiday makers on the Kent. The best thing for property investor is there you can buy houses in cheap price. There you will get 3 bedroom houses in just £195,000 around. Many projects are going on there for major re-development. Dreamland Pleasure Park has been recreated for modern rides according to modern audience. The Turner gallery of art is also a famous destination for attraction of visitors.

Some places which i have defined in above article will help you to get Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Kent.

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