Best Location for Property Investment in Jodhpur 2020

Best Location for Property Investment in Jodhpur 2020 , Where to Buy Investment Property 2020 in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is known as the “Bluecity” and “Suncity” of rajasthan. It is the second largest city of rajasthan and officially the second metropolitan city of the state of rajasthan. Before it was considered as a princely state. Thus, It is a famous tourism destination featuring forts, temples and heritage properties. It is set in the stark of Thar desert. You can find here the Best Location for Property Investment in Jodhpur.

Moreover, The city is known as a suncity because all around the year the sun is bright and has sunny weather. It is known as “Blue city” because it has blue houses in its city area near Mehrangarh fort.

best location for property investment in jodhpur

The city was founded by Rao Jodha in 1459 , A rajput chief of rajput clan.

However, Jodhpur is place full of opportunities whether it is in terms of education, business, tourism, start ups, or any other thing.

Thus, Many people migrate to jodhpur from the surrounding places places like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Osian, Falodi, and even from Pakistan specially labors in search of jobs and for better educational facilities.Hence,  There are many locations in jodhpur for investments and for their best returns.

Best Locations in jodhpur for Investments:

1. Buy Investment Property in Sardarpura:

Moreover, It is considered as the most attractive area by the investors as it has huge opportunities for businesses. It is one of the posh area of jodhpur. A huge market is open there for shopping. Local people often visit there regularly to shop, eat or for there entertainment. Thus, Property prices in this area are very high. People earn a huge profit from there rented shops. The area has a high cost for properties no matter what the size of the property is.

2. Buy Investment Property in Shastri Nagar:

However, This place is always crowded because shastri circle is located in between. People often visit there with their families. This circle links many ways. Many restaurants are open there. The circle is surrounded by shops from all the directions. The properties has high cost for investments.Thus, It is considered a posh area by people living there. It is located in middle of the city. Rented shops earns a huge profit.

3. Buy Investment Property in Paota:

Moreover, Paota area is considered as a nerve centre of the town. This route connects Mandore area with rest of the city. It is near to Ratanada and Mandore. It has many hotels as well as shops. Paota has Jodhpurs high court, public part, and Kisan Bhawan for agricultural farmers. The property rates in this area is usually high. And rented houses and shops earn huge profits.

4. Buy Investment Property in Ratanada:

However, This location is also known as heritage road. Because many heritage properties are situated here like Umaid Bhawan palace, Ajit Bhawan. It has bluecity mall( Carnival cinemas) Kamla Nehru collage for girls, and many school. It also has jodhpur Circuit house. Thus, The property rates in this area very high and rental income earned by people is also high.

5. Buy Investment Property in Chopasni:

Moreover, This area is considered as the end of the the city as jaisalmer highway starts with its end. Many schools are located in this region. Mostly marriage gardens and banquet halls are located here. Fun world water park is located in this region. People mostly visit here for entertainment purposes.Thus, Sector 23 is considered as a very posh area and property prices in this region is high.

6. Buy Investment Property in Pal Road:

However, This region has many good places for entertainment. It has “Ashok udhyaan”, A very famous “Pal balaji temple”, And many good schools and collages are located here. A famous “DPS dhaba” is located here. The property pricing are menial here.

7. Buy Investment Property in Basni:

Moreover, This area is also known as the industrial hub of the city. It has many industries built here. The new high court is also set up in this region. India’s most famous mall i.e; India bulls malls is also here. Thus, Many big schools and collages are set here.

Best Location for Property Investment in Jodhpur 2019

Population is also more in this region. Nowadays, people consider this location as best to invest in. AIMS and medipulse hospital are also set here. This area is emerging as the most favorable and profit oriented. Property pricing are high and menial. Thus, People earn huge profits from there rented shops.

8. Buy Investment Property in Bhagat ki kothi:

However, This street connects Basni area with other areas of the city. It has Bhagat ki kothi railway station. Jai Narayan Vyas university is located here. The property pricing are minimal and sometimes high. Thus, People earn profit from their rented shops.

9. Buy Investment Property in Jhalamand:

Moreover, This area is in demand nowadays and the pricing of the properties in these areas are also high. High court and India bulls mall are built there. This area is the end of jodhpur.

10. Buy Investment Property in Air Force area:

However, This area has jodhpur airport. Many schools are located in this area. Polo ground is located in this area. The AIR force cantonment area and residential area  are located here. However,  The properties have price rates and can earn good rental income.

04. Buy Investment Property in City area:

Moreover, This area is located downstairs to the mehrangarh fort. All the houses located here are blue in color that is why jodhpur is known as “Blue city”. The population is high in this area. Clustered settlement forms are there. However, Usually houses are small in size. The property rates in this region is high.

04. Buy Investment Property in Pratap Nagar:

However, This area is another area for good and profitable property investments. This area has many hotels, schools and hospitals. Shanti nath nagar is located in this region which is very posh area. Mostly, everyone living there is rich. Properties have high rates and values.

13. Buy Investment Property in Pali road:

However, This region connects jodhpur with all other areas. It has many shops built up in its way. The property cost in this region is high and  mainly big bungalows are built in this region.

14. Buy Investment Property in Cant Area:

This area is considered as army cantonment area of jodhpur. Many school are located in this region. Usually properties are not easily available in this region.Thus, This area has high property prices.

Thus, This area is considered as the ending point of jodhpur city. It has a well built mandore park which has ancestral heritage properties. Many people live here in different place like lal sagar, nayapura, etc. Thus, Tourists are attracted with this place. This location is calm and peaceful. Property prices in this region is high and menial both.

Hence, This are some of the best locations of Jodhpur city to invest in for property oriented benefits.

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