Best Area for Investment Property Sydney | Best Suburbs To Invest In Sydney 2020

Best Area for Investment Property Sydney | Best Suburbs To Invest In Sydney 2020

This is the most popular and knowing city in the Australia and Oceania. It is situated on the Australia east coast and is the capital of New South Wales. This place consist many Best Area for Investment Property Sydney.

On the month of September its property market are at its peak but its values are rising by the 0.3% only. There is tight credit policies and high rate of mortgage rates for the investor to invest in. They are anxious for launching various plans and projects in the market. It is Australia’s next most expensive city in order to invest in. There are various Best Area for Investment Property Sydney.

Sydney growth and overall properties are still healthy as it was few years ago but the value of their is getting low. It consist stable residential and property growth throughout  the city. It is one of the Australia’s largest trading market.

best area for investment property in sydney

There are various different availability of opportunities for buyer as well as for an investor one must know an appropriate way to invest their funds. This place consist various best areas for an investor in order to invest in this city.

As this city have several Best Area for Investment Property Sydney. Sydney consist strongest control on its capital property growth. It has rapidly experienced the high rate of capital growth. It has an ample of opportunities for investment in the various types of projects and plans. One must consider required information about the property in which he is spending his expenses.

Best Area for Investment Property Sydney:

Sydney consist many area in which lenders or investors invest their amount in varied way to make huge return on investment and for potential rental income. There are various Best Area for Investment Property Sydney. The areas in which one can invest areas follows:

Buy Investment property in Parramatta:

This place is located in the west of the Sydney CBD, Parramatta from the distance of about 23 kilometers. It place is being surrounded by the various suburbs that are being undergoing and as which includes the tremendous growth to the city for over next few years.  Interest in this regions are planned to grow more along with planned developments and the investment in the community.

In Parramatta annul growth for housing is about at the rate of 17.2%The rental yield of this particular is affordable by the people and it is very fair.

Buy Investment Property in Harrington Park:

This place is also surrounded by the various suburbs such as Prestons, Liverpool, and Mount Druitt. Along with this, this place is also looking for the investment purpose in the various sector of this city. It may be going to introduce Sydney greatest employment opportunities. The annual growth of this place is consistently revolve around at the rate of 04.6%. This place is another best area for property investment in Sydney.

For the beginners in the investing purpose this place is best for them to make investment in the certain areas of this place. Houses and properties of this area are still in affordable prices for the people as well as for investor.

Buy Investment Property in Lilyfield:

This place is located on the west cost of the which is 6 km away from the Sydney CBD, and this place is also nearby to the more exclusive suburbs of Balmain and Drummoyne. This place will further provide various developmental projects for the investors. Annual growth at this area is about at the rate of 13.8% and rental yields are about at the rate of the 2.6%.

In this area rental demands are very high due to which it can be a good option for the investors to invest in that particular region. Hence investors must lend their resources in this area.

Buy Investment Property in Ultimo:

For people and investors who want to invest their fund in market Ultimo and Haymarket are the best option.

In this area annual growth unit is at the rate of about 04% and rate of the rental yield is around 4.1%. This area is located very close to city and there is very high demand of the rental yields. So investors must invest in these properties as this is very beneficial for them and can yield high return on the investment.

Buy Investment Property in Sutherland:

This city, Sutherland is located on the 30 km South of the CBD. Rental Demand in these parts of the areas is also very high and along with this, this place has a great connectivity with the various transportation services such as train and buses. In this area houses annual growth rate is being around 13.8%.

By investing in this area we can attract people towards it easily. So investors can lead huge advantage by investing in these areas. As this is the Best Area for Investment Property Sydney.

Reasons for Investment of Property in the Sydney:

Before investing in the different areas of the Sydney one must know about its various benefits. So that an investor can yield high profit by investing in these areas. Some of the important reasons which an individual buyer or investor must know are as follows:

Affordable Prices:

In Sydney there are various prices which are  available at the most affordable prices. If you purchase the property before it is marketed you will get it at the reasonable rate. But if you purchase it after coming in the market you have to pay more amount for this. Hence you can get land or properties at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Government policies:

This is an another reason for you that why you should plan to buying off in Sydney.  First home buyers are nor required to pay stamp duty on property. Government want them to enjoy the purchase of the new house. So this is an another reason for an investor to invest in this area.


In today’s world people want to live a peaceful, comfortable and convenient lifestyle. People need their basic need clothing, food, transport, schools,etc. to get fulfilled. These basic requirements of the people must be fulfilled in order to provide them desirable lifestyle.

Less Competition:

There is very less and almost no competition among the people of the this city. In Sydney very less people compete against each other for buying or selling properties. Due to this Investor must invest in this city.

So here are few reasons for property investment in the Sydney.

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