Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020 | Real Estate Blogs India | Best Real Estate Agent Blogs

Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020 | Real Estate Blogs India | Best Real Estate Agent Blogs

Real Estate Marketing Blog | Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020 | Real Estate Blogs India | Best Real Estate Agent Blogs

Real estate is about selling and buying of commodities, properties, assets or liabilities and also develops a relationship between buyer and seller. One must know about the prevailing market conditions. Along with this they must also know about Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020.

A business is a mixture of ideas, imaginations, innovations, knowledge and skills of an individual or a group. Hence, it expands through interactions or through skill development.

l Estate Marketing Blog 2020

However, it has various dimensions. They are: Dealing with external forces, stabilizing working conditions, dealing with profit and loss, convincing consumers, and rapid growth.

This Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020 will provide you with innovative ideas, skills and measures to grow your business and it will give you an understanding of the business processes.

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Many of the entrepreneurs visit these blogs timely to relish their ideas to get a command of their business transactions. Hence, they are really profitable for the enterprises and they never went wrong.

Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020:

If you are searching for success within your business, you are at a right place because these Real Estate Marketing Blog 2020 will provide you with all the ideas you are looking for. Hence, many entrepreneurs use these real estate blogs to find new marketing ideas and grow their business.

RIS Media:

RIS Media focuses heavily on actionable marketing tips on a blog. You can find real estate specific marketing articles that guide you through things like landing pages and community pages. Thus, if you’re looking for real estate specific marketing advice, I strongly recommend them.

Bomb Bomb:

Bomb bomb’s blog is full of real estate specific ways to use email.  Recently, they published an article called “2 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation”.  You need to be reading and implementing email ideas like this into your business. Hence, i highly recommend checking out their blog and changing the way you use email.


You won’t find real estate mentioned once on this blog! But the ideas are fantastic. Neil Patel (the writer of Quicksprout) always shares great advice for getting and converting traffic.  You’ll find tons of actionable posts like this one about 6 On-Page SEO Strategies That’ll Boost Your Rankings. Hence, you can easily get ahead of the marketing curve in real estate.

Geek Estate:

The Geek Estate Blog focuses primarily on things happening in real estate tech. They cover the changes happening with Zillow and Trulia.  Thus, you can often glean something about an upcoming trend from their articles.

Easy Agent Pro:

Our primary goal at Easy Agent Pro is to help you be a better agent. And the best way for us to do that is by giving you actionable tips to get more business. You’ll find great articles covering real estate marketing ideas, SEO tips, and more!

Real Geeks:

Real Geeks focuses on case studies by individual agents. Their video library and blog posts are quite inspiring for anyone starting out!

OutBound Engine:

Outbound Engine covers tons of lead generation tactics for small business owners. Thus, they always have catchy headlines and actionable tips.


While not real estate specific, these guys know how to market through email like nobody’s business. Real estate these days is all about email marketing. You need to have newsletters, drip sequences, and follow ups with everyone.  Emails the best way to keep in touch with old and new clients. Thus, i recommend checking out what they have to say!


I know a lot of Realtors think it’s impossible to rank, but I believe very strongly in SEO.

Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Your Listings:

However, there are various creative and innovative ideas available on the internet for your real estate marketing.

They are as follows:

Optimize Your Listing Campaigns:

If you are a frequent user of the internet, if you utilize your time in search engines. Hence, it is important for you to go through keywords and make your search engines use these keywords.

Get Amazing Real Estate Listing Photos:

The most important thing you can pursue in your real estate business is to capture your properties to make it attractive and reliable. You can capture attractive pictures by yourself or by appointing a photographer. Hence, it will increase your investment ideas and will provide an idea to consumers about the property which is being sold.

Use Email to Get Your Listing in Leads:

Email is the most frequently used tool in the internet today! We use email to open, check, and write mails across the world. Through this we can open any folder and can write our opinions. It includes details about location, important features, and a call to action that asks them to connect with you, either by replying, filling out a form, or visiting a landing page to view more.

Marketing Listings with Descriptive Blog Posts:

It is important to describe each and every detail of your blog post. For greater freedom, create a blog post to expand on your listing’s information and create a fuller experience for leads. It is important to create a proper format for simpler use of your blog. The format must include graphics.

Create a Striking Video:

Shooting and editing videos obviously takes more budget and dedication, and you may need to hire a videographer. But, considering about a quarter of real estate leads prefers video as a medium for viewing listing information. Video’s enhances the ability to showcase the liabilities. It attracts viewers all over the world.

Leverage Social Media:

Now the most important medium is social media to promote your sales. There are many platforms in which you can advertise about your properties. For example: OLX, 99, etc. It increases the demands for your properties and also increases the rates of your assets. There are many visitors on your sale and they provide you with reviews too. Some are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Amplify Your Listing’s Marketing with Advertising:

Paid real estate advertising promotes your sales. They add variety to your sales and get maximum viewers and reviews. Along with this they can promote your sales at a level best. We have to pay a certain amount to them for promoting our sells and we get our best results out of it.

Create a Single Property Site for Your Listing:

Creating a whole website for a listing is something many agents will do when they want to garner lots of interest. The benefits of this are that you can gain attention of viewers and buyers through it and can summarise the names of the people interested.

These ideas will definitely promote your sales and will attract buyers.

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