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Here you can get Real Estate Email Templates Free Download So read this article fully.


Situation – You know very well that where they are looking from IDX

Goal – Value (IDX Web Lead) and introduction about it.

Subject – are you moving to the Northeast Heights?

Hey John,

I checked that u are taking interest of the gorgeous properties in the Northeast Heights.

Were you checking about these properties which are given below?

Link of property 1

real estate email templates

property 2 Link

property 3 Link

Tell me if you are really looking for these, I can help answer any of your questions regarding those properties, my contact number is 99999 99999, you can call me if you want to know more about it.


Your name
We Sell Homes Realty
99999 99999

Ps – I was thinking about it that it will be so helpful which you are searching in market of Northeast Heights.

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Situation – Normal introduction of buyer

Subject – your shocking move?
Hey John,

I checked that you could be moving shortly, what happened with your neighbourhoods for checking out?

your name

PS – if you don’t know about there then there are many places to avoid for sure in town. Reply me soon and I will provide you data of my cheat sheet for each neighbourhoods.


Situation – We have filled CMA Form.

Goals –schedule for visit or call.

Subject – Quick and single update about your home value.


Hey John,

Good news, I have just finished about researching the value or cost of your home.

I have a single question to ask you that I know your schedule of whole day is so busy but what is the great time to discuss with you?

Your name
Wesell Homes Realty
your email id
99999 99999

Ps – Directly I would like to say just check my complete guide to selling a home in Austin.


GOAL – keep intouch with previous sellers/buyers

Subject –anything is new?

Hey John,

Just want to know in real quick method and just see how you are going and what’s going on there?

Have you ever thought to go at ABC restaurant near your beautiful house?

U just check once for yourself, seriously the pizza/ Beers/ snacks are amazing there.
Anyway, let me know how you’re doing and If I can help with anything.

Talk with you soon,

Your name
We Sell Homes Realty

99999 99999

Ps – you can know about anyone that they are thinking about selling their beautiful home?

Real Estate Email Templates Free Download 2019

In next month we are offering you a giveaway an entire home worth of upholstery and carpet and cleaning to anyone who will refer a seller to us. Let me know you are interested or not?


GOAL – Give offer of referral to previous client who have sell or buy property in past.

Subject: $999 Scholarship?

Hey John,

I want to tell you first to get profit from here.

Still remember that your daughter started her third semester of college.

Anyways we are giving you an offer that we are organizing scholarship program this quarter so I thought that you will take an interest.

We have organized give-away to anyone who will refer a new home seller to us so if you are interested then call me about them to win $999.

If you think its good and useful then it will be a great way to save much money.

Talk to u soon,

Your name
We Sell Homes Realty
your email address
99999 99999

Last Chance Email:

Goal – create sense of urgency/ promotional contest/ client engagement campaign

Sub – its last chance notification – _________________


Hi {first name like William, tony etc},

Time is going out so fast!

Finally today is the last day to (redeem offer, purchase discount, enter contest/ etc).

All things you have to complete it(instructions)

It’s totally easy!

Referral Increasing:

Goal –increase number of your international referral network / reach out to fellow agents.

Subject – (First name), would you like to increase referrals?


Hi {First Name},

I want to tell you about myself that myself   ________ and I work at (name of location). If in your area anyone is looking for stay in this area then tell me to assist that client.

Anybody have information about any client who want to move into your area then you will be my first agent from whom I will get referrals:

Whether you are interested in this then call on this number __________or message me for chat.

Or u can check information about me through online profiles, which is open via this link: _______.

The Personal Researcher:

Dear [First Name],

I know your time is valuable; there are resources available for real estate. As an agent I always try to be good from not so good. So here I am providing three articles about buying your home and selling your home, I hope these articles will be helpful.

link 1

& link 2

Last One link 3

And for sure if you want to ask related to this then you can ask without any hesitation.


Agent name

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