Real Estate Blog Names 2020 | Real Estate Blog Name Ideas

Real Estate Blog Names 2020 | Real Estate Blog Name Ideas

Basic Guidelines to Choosing A Real Estate Blog Names , Here you will get all ideas related to choosing blog names for real estate business.

Real Estate Blog Names:

1. Easy To Remember:

real estate blog name ideas

The name which you put as your blog name, that should be easy to remember.

If visitor of your blog (audience) can’t remember your blog domain name for the first time then you have to understand that you have made a poor decision to choose your blog name.

Note: terms like real estate and your focus (San Diego, for example) is easy to remember for those peoples who will come as audience on your website. if your blog is based on real estate site about to San Diego then simply tag a word which will be easy to understand like Wire, Blog, Report, Juice, News, crab, café, Voice.

Here I am going to tell about one clear immediate action to use a term like “Blog” in the domain name. Your website will grow bigger than the identity of your blog. It means just use a word in your domain name with a name of blog.

Don’t use confusing combinations of words. If your domain name doesn’t have natural order then there is a chance that your visitor will end up on other websites.

Finally if your blog name can’t be remembered then it can’t be branded ever in life.

2. Easy To Spell:

Second thing you have to notice while putting your blog name that it should be easy to spell for visitors.

If visitor of your blog (audience) can’t remember your blog domain name for the first time then you have to understand that you have made a poor decision to choose your blog name.

Google has a feature of suggestion words if any words misspelled by user then that word comes automated in correct form but it doesn’t mean that they will suggest your siteand browsers also don’t automatically utilize a search engine if Google doesn’t recognize the url in past time.

If you try any community which is commonly used as misspelled, then for you it will be take benefits to buy domain.

And finally through all of this if it is difficult to spell then your blog domain will be harder to remember.

3. Value Of Keywords:

If the question occurs, do I need “real estate” word in my domain name?

Then short and sweet answer is: no you don’t need put those words in your domain name.

If the questionoccurs that should I use keywords related to real estate in my domain name?

Best answer is: Yes, you should have to use keywords in your domain name that will give benefits to come on top. Main reason is because when you are linked to another site using your domain name then those keywords will help you to consider relevant description by the search engines. You can say that this is a key element to success with relevant keywords. Keywords can define and describe your site.

But keywords to use in domain name are not required for your site success. Most part of success your website is when your website links (page links) come from content in a search engine not from your domain name.

4. Length:

The length of domain should be in short from, it’s not necessary that it should contain 5 words to make sense. If any domain name has name of the area then it will be ok to get exact location but remove unusual works. No one take interest in reading blog about.

5. Relevance To Your Audience:

Remember one thing that the object is used by you that can make a powerful and popular brand and that should contains powerful content to attract visitors. Do don’t try to create a mockery of your site name to improve SEO.

Real Estate Blog Names 2019

If your preference for your domain name is gets fun and creative choosing name for your domain. Then it makes an effect on your audience to come back after first visiting. You should not worry about SEO while selecting your name because first of all you start to win their heart.

6. Theme Of Site/Design:

May be u want the theme to your site but you are not sure that what to call it for getting theme.

Generally this happens with our new clients who just want to know everything. If anyone site based on any beloved themes then you just choose name from their nick name

7. Articles and Intro Words:

Articles “a, an, the” can be used in domain name also, and it will help you to get dream combo. If you put article the before your domain name then it will be unique and attractive and it treats like an original. Examples are (TheRealEstateBlog,RealEstateBlog).

One of the best reason to pick domain with articles is to avoid them who uses duplicity and create confuse as your competitive. So some developers on internet have both websites like using with the and without the.

Intro words can also be used for domain name like my, your..etc. with using these words domain name stands in a different form. So I would recommend you to use intro words while registering your domain name.

8. Other than .com domain should we use?

I would like to say a big NO.

I recommend you to avoid choosing any other domain at all costs. If you want to use any other domain for minor investments then u can go for “.net” etc. most of the brand site contains .com domain to use but .net you can use when your site is under construction. Or after completing construction u can move your .net from website to blog.

9. Avoid Trademarks:

For your blog names in domain you have to avoid trademarked phrases and terms to avoid any illegal formation.

You make sure that which u choose your domain name for you blog that doesn’t create confuse with any existing trademarks. permits you to check your selected USPTO trademark database. If there is need to change because of legal issues then you can talk to attorney who has that trademark for further clarification.

If you want to choose similar domain which is existing with bit change then it will be affect you brand. Due to this new customers will get confused between your business and existing brand.

So finally you got that how much important is checking trademark issues.

10. Check out Social Media Availability:

Before finalizing your domain name you should have to check that same name is available on social media or not.

That means you just have to confirm before purchasing a domain about availability on social media.

One best thing is you don’t have to check anything manually. As we know Knowem site has this feature for searching that same domain name is available username on social media or it uses by any other user.

In some instances, you may find a proper domain name but couldn’t find the exact social media usernames. In that case, you can add a number or hyphen to your social media username. Unlike the domain name, people won’t actually type the usernames to visit your social profiles, which makes it a safe strategy.

Some time you try to find proper domain name but you could not find the exact on social media usernames and you should choose number or hymen with username to get available. Because peoples don’t type your actual name to find you on social media so it’s not so serious if you use hymen or numbers.

Quick and Dirty Tips (read: opinions) :

You should not use your name in your blog domain name.

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