How to Start a Real Estate Blog | Tips for a Successful Real Estate Blog

How to Start a Real Estate Blog | Tips for a Successful Real Estate Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to approach your client list. Blogging helps your clients to know that what’s new going in your area and it helps to make yourself as perfect marketing .moreover if you link your social accounts to blogs then it will help you to gain leads as a perfect combination.

Starting and operating blog is easier than people thinks. Real estate agents pay a lot of money to creating websites for them. Here I will show you step by step and after that u can save yourself money. You will just learn in 4 steps which I have given below

how to start real estate blog

Sometimes you will notice that real estate agent change their firms from one to another but if you have self blog and created by yourself then you can change it whenever u want. With all of this you don’t need to start from any other firms.

Bonus Reason for starting your own blog:

That is, I can make money from my blog through advertising and affiliate links.

Let’s start it!


From the affiliate links which we put on blog, if anyone purchase anything from their links then you will get money

Here we are defining 4 steps to start a blog, which are:

1. First of all you have to pick domain name and hosting service ( i would recommend you Bluehost hosting) because it is the most popular hosting service which will give you result at given time , here I am providing you some screenshots from bluehost hosting.

2. Now u have to pick platform for blogging ( I would recommend you WordPress) it’s one of the best and popular platform to create blogs

3. Pick a theme for Blog

4. Now start writing

Step 1:

Now comes on the main part. Start thinking about domain name for  your blog. It should be as simple as which will help you to remember always to anyone. Just an example is WWW.example .com .you should think about it with your long term brand. May be you move to a different firm therefor u should not use firm name in the title. If firm name will not be present then you can carry forward your website to another firm by changing less effort like logo etc.

Now you have to click on blue host to begin your blog.

Nice! Now create a plan for selecting the hosting service.

Next step is, you will be get to see that which u have chosen domain name, that’s available or not

Next thing to do is, you have to pick your plan, please pick according to your need and whatever you are comfortable with. If you are thinking about long term plan in it then u will be able to save most money by picking 3 year plan for your blog. After all of this u have to need two more things but these things depends on you that u are comfortable with it or not , that things are- first thing I would like to suggest you that include domain privacy and site backup , for these two things u will get extra charges so please consider before you purchase that you are agree to pick those things

Okay!  Now after above procedure you have both domain name and hosting service , then let’s move on to build your own blog.

Step 2:

Now login to your account of bluehost and go to the section which is related as website builder:

Next you should have to click on the install button.

When you see that the installation is completed then I would recommend you to click on the credentials button and write there all of yours important information

  • URL
  • Admin URL
  • User Name
  • Password

Now just open the browser and type user name and password in admin URL.

Step 3:

Wow!! Finally you have just created you own blog. Now you make it pretty and beautiful by selecting theme, changing background colour and by adding your contents. Now you have to try to accomplish your blog by looking other blogs on internet and take ideas from there to put on your own blog to look beautiful and attractive blog. Through looking at other blogs u will get many ideas to arrange your content.

You can change themes whenever you want to change it.

Step 4:

Now you have to check your beautiful blog and play around it and get a feel for it that you have created it. When you feels like it’s ready to write a first post on it then just do it and enjoy yourself with your own blog.

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