How to Sell Real Estate Without a Broker | Without Agent House Selling How?

How to Sell Real Estate Without a Broker | Without Agent House Selling How?

How to Sell Real Estate Without a Broker : There are many ways to sell your real estate without a broker.

If you are thinking about How to Sell Real Estate Without a Broker, then don’t worry about that. You can easily sell your owned house without any broker. Some are given in the below article. You have follow the steps for the selling of your real estate without any broker or agent.

sell real estate without agent

Here, are some steps for How to Sell Real Estate Without a Broker, follow:

Cut Down the Middleman

Most of the real estate broker or agents take the 5 to 6 per cent commission for the home sale. Which is divided into the half of the buyer and other half of the seller. If you sell you home without any broker or agent, you can save your money with the 25 per cent to the 3 percent of the commission, that money you would the agent. If you sell your house $350,000, you will save more than $8.000 by cutting down the mediator.

Additionally you can save the 5 to 6 per cent amount, if you sell your without any agent.

Get Your Home Listed on the MLS

It is extremely very important thing that you can get on the platform that gives you exposure to buyer and agents. That platform is the Multiple Listing Services. Which is the database of homes for sale in a market Homebuyers can see properties on the MLS through website such as,,

In the earlier times, only the real agent could have homes listed through this services. But in the today’s time homeowner can also sell their house without any agent or broker. Homeowners can list their own properties on the MLS by paying a flat fee to various sites. The most using website in the earlier time is, which places on the MLS and gives homeowners access to advisors who can help with the sales process, including the closing. The basic MLS listings package is $395 for six months.

If you don’t get home listed on the MLS. You will have to rely on classified newspapers add. Online sources such as Craigslist or luck to find a buyer.

Don’t Overprice Your Home

One of the biggest mistake of the homesaller without an agent or broker is that they over prices their house. Everybody thinks that their house is worth more than it is. If you set the price too high you would not get the enough traffic. On the other hand listing your house at a realistic valve means you will get more offers sooner. Best pricing your home actually will help you sell for a better rate.

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