How to Sell Real Estate in India 2020 | Points to Remember before selling a house in India

How to Sell Real Estate in India 2020 | Points to Remember before selling a house in India

How to Sell Real Estate in India? There are several ways to sell real estate in India. Certain steps should be followed before selling houses. Selling your house can be as difficult task as buying a house. So if you’re planning to sell your house then you must read the information given below. It will help you sell your house without any obstacles.

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They say first impression is the last impression. So the first impression of your house should be great. It can be a crucial move for buyers in finalizing the deal.

You must read the following suggestions mentioned below:

1. Price it Right:

Everyone wants a good price for their property. But be mature enough to price it right. Do not quote a price which is too high for your property. Compare the prices in the market, Research about other properties and their price trends before coming to an result.

2.  Check your Documents/Papers:

This is a very important step before you start the process of selling your house. Collect all the documents related to your property. Find, check and collect all the legal and civic documents that were created at the time of the purchase. Make sure all the documents are complete and ready to avoid any last minute hassles.

3. Clear the dues:

Make sure that before selling your house the dues are clear. Dues like electricity and water bill, lease amount or property tax, etc, are clear. Not doing so may cancel your deal and you may face a problem.

4. Choose a Broker or a right Advisor:

It is among the most crucial aspect. . If you don’t have time and don’t want to take the trouble of showing your house to every interested party, hire a broker. It will save you a lot of time, effort and energy. A local advisor can assist you in selling your house in a better way.

5. Advertise Effectively:

You will get many options by advertising about your house. You can advertise about it in Newspapers, social media, or on websites such as OLX,, etc.  The seller may get many calls and offers and you can select the appropriate among them. You can take pictures and upload as many as you can. If possible, describe the property, and highlight features like availability of power-back-up and furniture. Never give any wrong information about your property.

6. Fix the fixtures:

Fix all the things which are inappropriate and which can leave a bad impression in buyers mind. Check for any electrical fault or water leakage. Get your home painted if it needs a dash of shine. It will make your house attractive for them.

Hence, These are some of the points which you can consult while selling your real estate in India.

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