How To Register Real Estate Domain Name 2020 | Process To Register Real Estate Domain Name

How To Register Real Estate Domain Name 2020 | Process To Register Real Estate Domain Name

Are you looking for How To Register Real Estate Domain Name? Then you are at right place to get information and news about it.

How To Register Real Estate Domain Name:

First thing I should tell to realtor’s that’s who buy our Lead Sites:

You should not buy same match with real estate domain!

What is it mean?

It means that your domain name should not be like this:-

In other words its means is Google does not want your name to be same as your keyword.

register real estate doman name

But why all of this?

It’s so simple that Google will easily find that domain name related to brand is more trustworthy.

Real estate websites are all about to solve problems of visitors and give useful information to visitors. And the real estate SEO is almost related to trustworthy.

If you have blog content, helpful stats like school ranking then you can easily do this.

Here I am going to provide several easiest formulas to follow when u decide on the real estate domain name for your website design project.


This formula works well for team and individual agent domain names. For getting different results you can mix around various pieces of the formula. Above defined real Estate formula gives sound professional and easy to remember

Most Important:

It’s one of the best brands for you Google rankings

Here is a great thing that your domain name is not completely based on your keyword,

Example -2) Adjective + Location + Realtor Term

This formula gives sounding name as catchy. Example is: if your real estate domain name like this then can be help in increasing clicks when it find through searches or ads on search engine.

Example -3) Nature Term + Realtor Term

At last this example shows a complete brand in which you can pick a nature term that will be resonate with locals. And this example also includes a realtor term. One of the best example of this formula is :EverestPeakRealty

Still if anybody asks that why real estate domain name matter?

It’s so simple to explain

It matters just because your real estate domain name needs to be considering as branded.

You will be noticed that on the first page none of the real estate domain names are exactly matched domains.

After all of this we get that the domain names do not exactly match with the real estate keyword!! Because they looks like redfin, trulia and zilow.

This happens because Google wants you to become a brand! And after that have pages on any branded website that directly defined as one keyword.

Real estate domain names examples (from cool to catchy names) –

Now we have talked enough about real estate SEO and statistics.

Giving some examples of real estate domain names to match the coolness:

(Don’t be serious, I didn’t check any of these if it already exists as website.)

  • com

For domain you can register one of the most popular website GoDaddy or you can use anything other websites also for registering domain name.

If you’d like, you can even purchase your domain name from Google.

If you don’t want to go anywhere for purchasing domain name then you can purchase from Google.

I do not recommend purchasing any type of domain privacy for your website.

I will not recommend for your website to purchase any type of domain privacy.


If question comes in your mind that why..?

Google trusts websites more that don’t have domain privacy installed.

Google gives trust to your websites more that don’t have anything like privacy is installed

When we switched from a privacy protected to non-private domain, Easy Agent Pro’s SEO traffic doubled overnight.

Whenever we change from privacy protected to non-private domain then SEO traffic doubled overnight by Easy Agent Pro’s.

We literally 2X’d our traffic overnight with something that will save you money.

Its truth that we get doubled our traffic overnight which will help you to save your money.

What do you think?

Don’t you think like?

Did you think of a great real estate domain name idea while reading this post?

So have you thought about one of the best real estate domain name which reading my post?

If so, buy it through GoDaddy and then let me know in the comment section below!

If yes then buy your domain name through GoDaddy website. And then tell me in comment section below.

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