How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings | How to Get Expired Listings Phone Numbers

How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings | How to Get Expired Listings Phone Numbers

How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings?

Real Estate is a business which includes property listings, comparing the old with the new and making out the profit and loss by comparing both of them. There are many people who want to know How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings. So, the details are given below.

Firstly, what do we mean by old listings? They are the historical prices of properties and assets. Old and new listings are in a sequence, so we can find them by their date of operation. Old listing and new listing are interconnected. So this can be beneficial for you.

expired old real estate listing

The average metropolitan area will have a number of expired listings throughout a year. To get expired listings, you have to be able to sell yourself and your services to a homeowner who likely has already been through the inconvenience caused by another agent.

We can make so much money by focusing on the old listings. If you are focusing on old listings then you are may be a second or third type of agent or may be a newcomer in this field. Hence, there are many ways for How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings. You might be a mid-level agent and want to extend or subdue your business to the next level by adding expired real estate listings and comparing them with the new one. Or you may be focusing on these old listings as a part of your business processes.

How to Find Real Estate Listings and what you can do with it?

  1. Hire a Company: It is better to do your work yourself as you will be satisfied with it. There will be no chance of mistake, but if you wish you can appoint a company to do the same work. Both the work will be same and exact but it depends on you that how much “Automation” you wish to have in your business. There are a number of companies who have this business. We just have to pay them for doing our work. They have a systematic approach for our work. There are some companies like Land voice and Red X who do such work. Both will help you to find your old real estate listings. The company you choose will tie into your MLS pull up all the data of all expired real estate listings that are still expired and put them into a database.
  1. Do It Yourself: You can make your listings by yourself, you just have to go through your MLS, you can tell it to mail your listings every day and anytime you can find your old real estate listings. It is less time consuming an easy to detect and the most important thing is you will be satisfied with your work. You will have all your real estate listings with you. This is one of the simplest ways to find your listings.
  2. What do you do with your Expired Real Estate Listings: By finding old real estate listings you get an idea about the previous year records of your sales. The differentiation between market values, the home records of your deals and the proper information about your former deals.

How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings?

There are various ways by which one can learn How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings. They just need to go through this detail.

  • Finding Old Listings: Now this is the main task for you to find your old real estate listings.

Search the MLS for your listings:

Before a deal expires search for the MLS and send it to the client. Have a look at your MLS listings daily and make a contact list of listings which are to expire. Don’t forget to use a script before making a phone call; you can also use REDX and Vulcan 7 for the same.

Look for Listing with Poor Marketing:

Poor marketing like proper pictures of the houses and inappropriate information given by the seller should be kept in mind because reflects your inexperience and reduces the interest of the sellers. It also deteriorates the relationship between agent and client.

Identify unique or custom features:

If a house consist of custom and indifferent features, then it will be difficult for the agent to present it effectively before viewers. And at the same time if the house has unique and effective features then it can add the value to the marketing technique.

Focus on older expired listings:

The older the listings the better the work will be. With an old listing the seller will gain profit with his properties.

Target listings with a history of price reductions:

If there is frequent price reduction then the reason must be any financial problem with the seller or his lack of experience and ineffectiveness to take a decision. For an agent it is the best chance to pick up an old listing if the seller is unhappy with his current agent.

  • Sending an Expired Listing Letter: It can show your experience as well as your work to the seller.

Draft a general expired listing letter:

It is very important to draft a general expired listing letter to introduce yourself to the seller. This letter must be sent after one day the listing expires if possible. For this you can see templates online. One can also read blogs or you can borrow ideas from the other agents on this topic.

Personalize the Letter for each Listing:

It will be helpful for you as well as for the seller to personalize the letter for each listing. As it will give an idea about the property and the required details of the property to seller.

Include the value added by your Company:

In this, reflect what facilities and value added services your company can provide that others can’t. This will create a differentiation in the eyes of the seller. Also explain what special services your company is providing for example direct marketing, advertising, etc. to create an extravagant impact in the mind of the seller.

Follow up:

Be ready to contact the seller several times while sending him the old listings. Don’t be rude or inconvenient while talking with him, be patient and passionate to tackle his work and listen to him carefully, show respect to him and always be ready to handle his affairs about the selling purpose. If your work is done then you can send a follow-up postcard that simply says “If you’re still looking for an agent for your home, I’m willing to talk to you!”

Design your letter to stand out from the crowd:

After a listing is expired there are many agents who are waiting for the seller’s response. Make your letter attractive and innovative to stand out from the other crowd. Add some offers for them like a movie ticket or a gift token to attract their attention.

Listen to the seller:

The most important thing is to listen to the seller about his worries and problems related to the property. Ask him about the last agent he had and what the problems were. Hear him patiently about his needs and demands and try to analyses them.

  • Creating a listing presentation: Presentations can help you explain your words better so does a listing presentation will help you.

Meet the Seller:

It is difficult to converse on phone about all the details and proposals so it is important to meet the seller and built a healthy relationship with him. Most of the sellers will have a hard time to refuse your proposals if you’re standing in front of them.

Address the needs of the Seller:

It is important to analyse the needs of the sellers and to fulfill his demands. It will be an advantage for the agent. If the agent finds about the problems which the seller had with the previous agent.

Describe your Marketing Strategy:

The house didn’t sell before. The seller wants to know what you would do differently to draw attention to the house that it wasn’t attracting with the previous listing. It is important to describe your marketing strategy different from the previous one. Attract the seller with some additional strategies.

Discuss your Sales History:

If you have a good marketing history and if you have a great experience in it then you should discuss it with the seller ad it will grab or attract his attention.

Include any unique strategies for the property:

If the house has any unique features, such as custom or historic and innovative designs, it may require an equally unique and creative strategy to find the right buyer. Make such strategies to attract buyers and to satisfy the seller.

These are some ways for How to Find Expired Old Real Estate Listings. 

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