How To Design A Real Estate Website | How to Create Real Estate Website

How To Design A Real Estate Website | How to Create Real Estate Website | How To Build A Better Real Estate Website

Do u want to know that How To Design A Real Estate Website? After this question in everyone mind first thing comes out that how to start it?

Here we will guide you step by step that how to create real estate website in few minutes.

Whenever anyone start an online business then it’s quite normal to be confused, but with guidance it becomes so easy and simple.

how to create real estate website

So here we are to make an article for beginners  who wants to take a real estate business to the high level. It will help you to become a rich and bright real estate directory without any help from technical experts to solve any type of problems which normally occurs.

How To Design A Real Estate Website:

Real estate agents or anyone else who wants to make an real estate website from their own mind or wants to make or earn receptive income through online help then they can start embark with full of confidence and avoid any type of false decisions.

It will be done by yourself!

Managing and making any new websites is no longer a hard thing which is a issue of the technically skilled person.

Even if anybody is student, housewife or unemployed person wants to do something new , or an estate agent, businessman or property dealer wants to create and manage own website and with all of your own work if u are looking to earn extra income, or any person is passionate to do something new then , I am going to assure you that it will be easily done by yourself.

So are you ready to see our magic then watch this video and read carefully guidelines which will show you that how to create a real estate  website through WordPress:

Before you get started , In your mind many questions will occur like where should I start? What to do when your website will be almost done and ready to host? How we will earn extra income with estate website so here we are going to provide real estate website directory and with lot of commitments.

Steps For How To Design A Real Estate Website:

So here you are to get step by step process on how to do it or how to create best and complete real estate website directory, below points are mentioned that what you will get in this article.

  1. Your website needs domain name with address and web space for Hosting
  2. starting website setup
  3. Make an interesting look which you want
  4. Add display properties
  5. Process to get paid from advertisements
  6. Online payments accept
  7. Easily get paid for the properties of advertising user’s
  8. promote your website to get more submissions

Get  your website permanent address with domain name

Example is, Everyone has different residential address , like that your website needs a unique and different name which will be your web address

Before anything else we need to get the permanent address of your website as domain name and the space on server in which we should have to store the data.

Domain name which u will choose that will be called as address of your website.

The domain name is just an unique address or we can say that its will be called as name of your website. For example –


For getting the web address – GoDaddy is one of the best and popular domain registrar platform where we can get domain name according to your desire

If on the registrar website domain name is available which u want to select as your web address then price will be show there for your domain name , if that shows not available domain name which you want to search for then you will get relevant suggestions. You can pick up one from them.

Your domain name represents your business platform. So here we are going to provide several points to consider which will help you to choose best domain name according to your requirements for your real estate business website.

Best one option to have a .com website for your real estate websites.

Domain name Should be easy and simple to remember. That will help to everyone who wants to open your website again in future.

Try to avoid special character and hyphen and keep  it in short form.

Hosting – it defines as server space for your website

After reserving address for yourself, next step will help you to get a web space.


Hosting is pre required for starting any new website. With promotion of technologies and internet , you have many hosting companies, which are against each other, and trying to give more benefits to the end users, so we have spate options, and you have to choose dissimilar plans from different hosts, every hosting company will try to provide you best service.

We suggest you to try BlueHost Hosting for you website, if you are thinking like why we recommend you to use bluehost hosting company then read this article to get full reviews on why this hosting company is best for moderate and intermediate website hosting

Bluehost will upgrade at given time, thatswhy it’s a wise choice to select. Choose basic plan and proceed further with payment to hosting company and get soon your server space as booked form.

Starting website setup:

When you get the domain name registered and hosting is also done then you can start your website from basic , further now we will use wordpress to make a beautiful real estate website.

Why wordpress should be use for real estate directory or website?

WordPress is not only the most popular CMS, it is also the fastest-growing system. In this we can create amazing websites without writing a code. WordPress can be used by non technical persons too because there are many shortcuts and plugins to create beautiful website. Few reasons are given below that why WordPress is the best option to create a real estate website.

WordPress is free and open source

Too much flexible and with lots of plugins and shortcuts to insert designs

Its user friendly and perfect for beginners and non-technical users

There are availability of themes in different forms as directory, events, blogs, classifieds, business websites, eCommerce , real estate website etc.

Plenty plugins to add new forms to your website.


So are u convinced with all reasons to use WordPress?  Then for creating a real estate website we will be use real estate theme from availability of WordPress directory theme.

To start, firstly we will install WordPress on the server which knows as host and then associate it with the domain name which we get on the previous step. Now steps to install WordPress on the server that are Given below-


First step is login to your cpanel which details are given by bluehost.

Now move to the website section and click there on button which looks like “Install WordPress”.

After clicking on the install button, you will be asked about the domain to put there.

There you will option with name as Advance option. Through that you can change your username, password and email address for your WordPress login.

After all of that u will be asked to click on “Install now” via  read and accept the service agreement and license.

Note- if you don’t go for hosting with bluehost and choose any other hosting service then installations steps will be almost symmetrical.  There are a few hosts companies which will allow to one click WordPress installation for creating websites with WordPress.

Earn Money:

After the installation of WordPress on server. Now its time to get real estate themes which provides best Monetization scheme or features that will help you website to earn from online property directory. There in themes section premium themes are also available in plenty form. Through that we can also get a premium theme to create different interface from common real estate websites.

So if you use the “Homequest “real estate theme. Its defined with best feature and packet of popular child theme directory platform. And this theme designs with multiple listings of real estate website

If you are looking for solutions of hosted then you can check it through real estate directory building software. It will help you to create your real estate directories effortlessly.

Now its time to turn your WordPress into a real and amazing real estate directory

After downloading a theme Homequest real estate theme , turn your simple WordPress into a fully functional real estate website. Here we don’t need to write lengthy code, and it doesn’t consume much time to design website

With the help of WordPress, you can even create a website with property listing. Which helps to house owner as advertising his rental property or empty rooms for sale. This property listing themes are so easy to use and highly customization according to your need.

Install theme:

Installation process of themes is fastest and it’s completely done without efforts. Once your theme uploaded completely on server then you can activate by activating button on it. After that your theme is ready to use but with end of this process you have to click on blue button to install sample data (sample data is also called as demo data). Why should you install this sample data? Read below to find out the reasons.

Premium Theme:

When you will buy a premium theme, most of that theme contains sample data to show demo of premium quality themes. Many of the WordPress themes comes with the sample data in the format of XML format, that will need to import manually. if we want it on server, but Homequest has automated process , in this we just need to press the blue button to install sample data through that it will insert automatically in your website therefor  we recommend you Homequest Theme.

Installing sample data of theme will update your theme with the example data and we get complete website in functional form with widgets into the sidebar, example listings etc. so its always good to start to install with sample data.

It will be automatically adjust your website looks

No size fits everywhere

Now after that our website contains dummy data , we can replace it with the real data. But before we proceed on this, few changes should be clear to personalize your website.

HomeQuest is much customization and there is an in-depth paperwork about how you can personalize the theme and take care of its appearance as well as features. However, here are the few things defines that you would want to change surely  before getting start out.

Now we are going to discuss about uploading the logo of website and title:

Don’t you want  to upload your logo on your real estate website? Or don’t u want to give a title to personalize your website? First step in customization of website is to upload our own logo and giving a smart title to our website to make beautiful.

Colors changing:

You can change your background with different colors or you set any image on your background. That is related to your website. The customization options are well organized into groups which will help you to set background colors as well as foreground colors.

For example- while changing secondary color in your website. Will change the color of all titles. Which defines there at different sections and different pages on your website. This will help you to maintain the color, consistency and look of your website in an organized manner.

Adding menu and pages:

Using the options of pages, u can insert unlimited pages for your website; With data of your website number of pages will be increase automatically. Once any page creates then you can show link of that page into the menu option. Manually to create a new page, you can choose the option which defines there as page template and through this option you can set the page to display either right or left side of bar or no need to put sidebar at all.

You should set proper name of each page if u wanted it to looks different. You can add anything you want it to put on page like images, videos, text etc. according to your needs create web pages.  Here we have defined simple tutorial on that how u can manually organize menus of your WordPress website.

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