How to Check Verify Property Papers Online | How to Verify Property Papers Online

How to Check Verify Property Papers Online | How to Verify Property Papers Online

When you have decided to buy house then you need to check a lot of things. These all you have to done for safe purpose. Because after buying property you will not able to do anything related to fake documents so first of all you should know that How to Check Verify Property Papers Online or offline regarding your property which you want to buy.

verify property papers online
  • Approval Planning of Your Building:
  • Title Deed
  • Foundation certificate
  • Drawings of the property (map)
  • Land using certificate
  • Demand drafts
  • Up-to-date receipt of tax
  • Property PID number
  • City/Panchayat survey sketch
  • Earlier sanction plans

Here we are going to provide main things that you need to check for sure for safety purpose because your work should be legally transparent manner.

1. U should check for clear title papers:

It is obligatory that you should check all property papers before you make payment for buying property. In this one of the most important thing is you should check title which is related to your property, that’s clear or not. If you don’t know about title paper clearance then you can consult from your property lawyer.

2. Check if it is approved by leading banks:

If you want to know about buying property that it is less or more legally clear and in result if you get that property is approved originally by leading banks then just relax because banks approve only those properties which have valid documents with legal clearances.

3. Check one more thing that is there any mortgages on property (resale case):

While buying a property you should check that is there any loan against that property (it happens in case of resale). Make sure that you have completed research about it that it has been mortgaged or not in past.

4. Check the constructed area and the sanctioned area:

Before finalizing to buy any property you should check sanctioned area and constructed area all over the property which you are deciding to buy. Because sometime there is illegal construction which does not come in defined sanctioned area.

5. Check for encumbrance certificate:

Encumbrance certificate is defined as registrations, it means this certificate contains every details of registration which is previously done, that can be available from the office of sub registrar’s. It has many advantages such as it provide details of mortgages, any legal dues ad proof of free ownership.

6. Check about property tax that it has been paid regularly or not, Explained as:

Property tax details help to confirm that all the papers are in right order or wrong! It shows responsibility of the owner and it assures about that it contains valid documents or not?

7. Check if property has a registered society (this type of condition comes when it’s not a new construction):

If property comes in registered society then chance increases of being legally clear because it shows that it has completed constructions. Because registering society also involves in all legal process. It helps to have everything (all papers and formalities) in order.

8. Power of Attorney:

This process is also included in legal procedure to buy property, in which owner gives authority on behalf of him/her. The POA holder can sell the property, let out and mortgage on your behalf. So be aware from this process while giving power of attorney. In the year of 2013 government has registered POA mandatory to be valid.

9. Completion Certificate:

It provides all the details about property in which owner has completed loan. It is issued by the municipal authorities. Before purchasing you make sure that building is in compliance with all rules and it is built by approved plans which are authorized by municipal authorities.

10. Conversion Certificate:

As we know major amount of lands are available which comes into agriculture land so conversion certificate is required which should be made from legal authorities. it is issued by the revenue authority to change the agriculture land to housing purposes. A NOC (No objection certificate should be made from land owner and from tehsildar office that should be related to property area

Finally it seems a lot of things to do before applying any property. All documents and legal formalities should be available for safe processing. In whole process you invest a lot of your savings and take loan also for legal formalities.

At last we are providing wrap up for the list of things which you need to check:

  • You should check or you must see original property documents of that property which you want to buy. If original are not available with owner then you should take it in serious manner as red signal. Because nothing can happen through Xerox documents of property. In this condition chances that there is any mortgage or unclear title of seller over the property.
  • Ask about Xerox copies of every title deed which are related to the house under sale. Or you can take advice from your advocate/lawyer.
  • Check every certificate that i have defined above in 1 to 10 points. And clear one thing that title of vendor is clear or not!
  • Check for approved building plans map and layout of all floors of your property.
  • You should check the building bye-laws in the area of purchasing property.
  • Check the registrations fees and stamp duty are paid or not which should be clear on properties. And you should check electricity, water bills, society and maintenance charges that are completely filled or not.
  • By Municipal Corporation, Approve plans of the house and then take certificate of this approval for our safety purpose.
  • Area of balconies should mention in carpet area. This is one of the important things to notice because some owners make balcony in illegal area so why should we pay extra for that balcony which does not come legally in property area.
  • Price of complete property (all details after installments or without installments)
  • You should check online all certificates which relates with that property
  • In other facilites, you can check all property documents on government websites.(How to Check Verify Property Papers Online)

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