How To Buy Real Estate Website Hosting | Process To Buy Best Real Estate Website Hosting

How To Buy Real Estate Website Hosting | Process To Buy Best Real Estate Website Hosting

Many years ago, before internet facility came in the world and it’s took over, that time everything was difficult like finding a house was a physical affair. So if u were interested in then u get advertisement, in which u get information about a listing. Most of the times you were stuck with the less information about the listing. If you were much interested in that then you could arrange with an estate agent to show you the exact location and property. This type of system still works well but it’s not enough as good as according to 21st century. And there’s a new generation kid on that block that were talking about different way to find and buy. So Are you Looking for How To Buy Real Estate Website Hosting? Then you may find all details about it.

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How To Buy Real Estate Website Hosting:

Digital techniques changing the way of our thinking, feeling and now for visiting houses. Even walk-in is good for everyone and its important too but real estate companies are providing facilities to view the complete house without your physical presence. They will show you about virtually view of entire house or floor plans of a property which you choose to show your interest in that property house.

Real estate is present on the level of fully digitizing and moving forward to provide virtual tours and online property listings. As an agent or owner of property, its important to put there your property details online to interested possible buyers, tenants or clients.

How to choose a web hosting provider:

Every web hosting company is censorious to any website. If you are not good in this matter or you are not fully prepared then it will be strenuous task to searching a reliable host for you. One of the most important factor is u have to determine everything to begin your journey.

Technical support availability:

Check it that in which you are interested to choose web hosting provider, that provider has 24/7 technical customer support or not?  Check their phone line properly works or not? and they are replying to our live chat messages or not? This is looking minor thing to notice but it can be serious when moment will be come like your website is live and you get any technical breakdown on your site then you can directly contact to technical customer support to get away from any problem related to web hosting. If hosting company provides 24/7 technical support then there will be recovery in speedy form therefor its ideal condition to have customer support available.


Everyone’s aim is 100 percent uptime but it’s just nice in words only, I mean to say that it may be impossible but if you try your best then you should seek to get much close to perfect as possible.


For cost I will say that the price is high for nothing because it depends on the possible delivery which you need. Research on market prices and then compare to the service which is offered to you.


What are people saying? If everyone will give positive reply on my reviews it will be a good indication to me.


If you get the result in your site as visitor increased from 100 to 250000 visitors then is there any problem?

Top Performer: Best Hosting for Realtors

As a real estate agent value for money is more important. You will find for quality product at good and affordable price. Hosting value is mainly measured by quality of hosting. You can get many options by checking reviews; there you will find who will provide fully support with the lowest prices.

We are providing here a list of hosting provider in which you will get free registration and with these storage, domains and unlimited emails also included. There you can get up to $200 of free credits of advertising and due to this your position in front of clients.

1   Siteground.Com


  • Automated backups and email, SSL, CDN are free on daily basis.
  • On phone calls or on live chat of no waiting time with every time support as 24/7
  • 1-click install setup, ways and free site transfer facility.
  • By WordPresswe will provide you a top WordPress host.
  • Ideal hosting of email for business, 99.99 percent downtime.
  • Free installation of apps
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • SSD storage
  • Providing email accounts are free

As we know that on the internet there are many real estate services and according to statistics more than 50percent of Americans search for these types of services daily. Having a digitization and presence of online is the best way for potential customers will know that what you are offering and what’s not. website gives the best opportunity to begin you own real estate website with good price and less efforts. Now a day it is one of the great hosts in the market. It has a long time experience working with SMEs. They are providing you a handmade or tailor made solution of hosting.  They make sure one more thing that if you have real estate app then it will run smoothly on their servers. And they also ensure second thing is that your website is working smoothly, safely and with better supported.

You can create a real estate website in just 4 steps which are given below:

  1. First step is to choosing your package of hosting.
  2. According to your needs choose a hosting package from siteground website. I would like to recommend you to go for the “GrowBig” package because it has premium features which will benefit to your site for the long period of time.
  3. Create an attractive and different real estate domain name for your business.

Choose a domain name which shows that what you are offering, represent your company also.

  1. To install your favorite real estate store app, use Softaculous 1-Click installer.

Every popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Magento are used to make a real estate store. These all can easily be installed through Softaculous 1-Click installer, which u will get in your c-panel.

  1. Choose your preferred website design..

There are many designers to provide free designs, those all already has created a large number of designs. U just has to choose design from there and it will be ready to go. Siteground website provides free installation of design which you choose from there.

Are you searching for a Real Estate Website Builder and Hosting?

Looking and feeling of website is much important to real estate agent. Because it considersthat how much time has been spent to showing properties. As a real estate agent your first concern is getting it just right, but obviously if you are non-technical then you have no idea that how to code HTML. Most of the best hosting providers give an offer to use website builder tools.

These tools provide the facility of drag and drop elements where you want to place. A listing and typing of contact information can be done in simple text editor. One best thing is the text will appear as per your expectations to look on your published version of website.

It’s not as difficult as you would think. There are many free templates available for you to use just by click and download.  Here we are providing you a list of website builder plans which are preferred by us.


 Features of Wix:

  • Starting price is $5.00 per month.
  • Knowledge does not require of coding. It’s just a drag and drop website builder without any hesitation.
  • Add features facility available using the App market.
  • Ability to easily build small sites with limited resources.
  • There are hundreds of templates to choose from industry specific designs and free to use.
  • Fastest build an ecommerce store can be easily done by you.

Wix is one of the popular; it has grown over the years because it provides every tool whatever real estate agent needs to create an eye catching website. There are more than thousands of templates to choose for the sector of real estate agent. You don’t need to learn and use off coding skills to create fully customized sites. We should thanks to the builder of drag and drop.

Wix provide you a large number of marketing tools from SEO tools to campaign system of email and social media integrations. The downside of wix is, it will only provide a few business widgets of real estate, creating it hard to search prepared support for services of extra listing such as MLS or IDX. The up-side of wix provides 14 day money guarantee will try to know about its services freely.

Wix has four premium plans and one free plan to choose from. If you want more professional real estate website then you have to pay more or you have to choose a combo plan in which they will give you an amazing bonus for a year of free domain registration.


Features of

  • Drag and drop facility for site builder.
  • Tools related to SEO.
  • Integrations of PayPal
  • You can provide links of social media
  • Image library will be available there.
  • More than 100 mobile friendly templates to select.
  • Pre-built pages and Sections.

Customer support of ipage is more reliable and proficient and it will always available to help you in case you get any problems regarding with site building. Top priority of ipage is customer satisfaction.  If we compare ipage to any other site builder then we get result as ipage will offer you to choose template from vast collection which are ready to use there.

ipage provides one click installation process for a quick content management system setup like wordpress and joomla and it has own collection of templates which you can use free of cost. You should thanks to the CMS for providing a facility to access several ready-made templates and innovative designs. After creating template design selection, you should have to do is drag and drop facility to choosing site elements onto the web page. In this we can put directories, portfolios, creating forums and much more.

More Details:

Ipage will allow one more thing is that in this you can choose option which will create website and that will be compatible with different types of mobile phone. Directly if I say then ipage can create mobile friendly websites which operates through weebly site builder of ipage. Google also suggest and gives importance to those sites which provides mobile friendly version also.

Ipage gives one best thing to use that you can add SEO capabilities to your content of site which will help you to get higher rank in search engines like yahoo and Google. More tools are defined there to add keywords, suitable keyword rich title and meta description to your website. Which will help you to visitors focus on your website and it targets audience to find you on top position when they search for Real Estate Company.



  • Starting price is $3.49 per month.
  • It has pre-built with gridblocks as customizable content.
  • Themes are capable for mobile and tablet editing views.
  • It is integrated with fotolia and flickr image databases.
  • It generates clean, efficient and compliant HTML code.
  • Plugins available for gallery, SEO and forms.

Inspiring themes given by in this categories are defined for real estate agents like designers, photographers and more. Plugin of boldgrid are conducted by over 200 responsive looks. Availability of themes have pre-installed plugins which gives help to the add functionality as well as usable text and images. Every theme from collection of boldgrid, is designed with multiple colour schemes in mind.

Boldgrid has an instinctive builder that can be customize in unlimited forms. Gridblocks provide pre-built layouts to start on adding pages and content and it can be use also for inserting galleries, images, text and forms without using any type of codes. Boldgrid has drag and drop function to accomplish clean layouts, row and columns and it all can be done without having html code becauseboldgrid has instinctive builder.


Boldgrid builder has an amalgamation with fotolia and flickr which provides access to millions of stock photos. You can find images there to use and select them from the dashboard of wordpress.

Boldgridhas an inbuilt plugin which can be used to boost search rankings. When you built your website then in this it automatically sets page titles and meta description. After completed your builder work it allow you to previewing the changes. In preview looking environment of boldgrid is awesome because from thisyou can make sure that everything is in good shape or not! In this builder you can create, add, delete your forms and galleries and it also help to show that how they are appearing!

Bluegrid has amalgamatedwith wordpress to make competitive of WP.



  • It provides free domain name.
  • It gives you free exposure to $200 worth of advertising credits.
  • CloudFlare CDN standard across all plans
  • It has included Weebly or goMobi site builder.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support.

Bluehost is one of the best because it allows us to create professional looking website without having knowledge of code. Bluehost uses the Weebly and WordPress website builder. Both have different features to develop own website.

Both weebly and wordpress are fabulous for those who have scarcity of knowledge and technical skills to build their own website. Weebly and wordpress come with ready-made templates and themes so users have option to customize their website. Both of these builders create website with lack requiring knowledge of coding.

Bluehostprovide four ranks of Linux based VOS hosting. It ranges fixed per month like for ultimate you have to pay $29.99 per month and for ultimate you have to pay $049.99 per month. VPS hosting has discounts for registration of long term contracts. But you should know one thing that Bluehost doesn’t offer windows based VPS.



  • Instinctive staging area and auto updates of WordPress
  • Chat system and a ticketing that’s built in house
  • Installation of CMS and setup process is simplified
  • Static and dynamic options are available with SuperCatcher.
  • com contains weebly site builder for free to use with unmetered traffic.

Siteground is one of the best website builder companies and it comes in top list. It was made by couple of university graduates in 2004. It was just a tiny team of developers who were trying to start web hosting service provider and finally it started and that small became a website builder. Success came to that team regularly and today 320000 domains hosted on the server of siteground. It has a DIY website builder service at affordable price and for making a fabulous website siteground supports joomla technology, magenta, wordpress technologies.


Siteground has variety of enterprise plans and entry level so it works for both large and small real estate business. It provides three plans, which are defined below as-

Startup( its price starts from $3.95 monthly)

Growbig (price starts from $7.95 monthly)

GoGeek (price starts from  $14.5 monthly)

All the plans contain 99.99 percent uptime, unlimited database, free website, free website transfer, unlimited emails, free application installs.

Startup and growbig plans works fine with meeting your website building requirements and if your real estate company is large and you think it will need unlimited access and for extra safety features you have to go for GoGeek because it has advanced hardware and PCI compliance. GoGeek also has few accounts on server. And if you are novice in this then you have to go for Start-up plan. When you feel that you are familiar to it then you can go for higher rank of plans.

Do you need Real Estate virtual tour web-hosting?

If you don’t want a complete website then you can choose virtual web hosting to get online services, which will allow you to upload videos with your properties. It will happen through giving a virtual tour in the market. Payment lies of this process between $10 to $350 per month

Top virtual hosting providers are given below:

1. Tourbuzz:

Tourbuzz allows you to use drag and drop feature for floorplans, photos, videos, panoramas. It provides cloud hosting program and it optimizes automatically media for loading quality and speed. And it has many designs which you can choose from with colour scheme, format, customized fonts and much more. They deliver both branded and unbranded tours to desktop, tablets and mobile phones. In this your video will be able to post on social media platform (YouTube). There is a feature available as client panel which gives the customer access to download video (media) and even able to make minor edits on your available tour.

2. RealTourVision:

Virtual tours of 360 have high quality digital prices and competitive prices too. RealTourVisionratio of 95 percent flash wide range tours are real estate tours. In RealTourVision you can show listings easily and they are volume based. And it create feeds automatically at RTV. This feed sends your all tour to many national portal sites.

3. Veewme

In this the overview page allows viewers to choose the property is the one or not. If it has decided by you then you should have to appreciate it that what u see, after that you can move to deeper for the floor plan, full motion video and pictures. In this sharing tours and marketing progress is easy to do. For this you just have snapshot stats that all are available at glance.

All of these sites will permit you to access their established audiences, For working on marketing and having your own website you are just five simple steps ahead if you want to make your brand. Because brand gives help your business for long term plan.

Now we will move on next step that how to design your website for sales:

After signing up with one web shots which are given above, there you will get options in two designs:

  1. Use of drag and drop feature to build website
  2. Some popular content management platforms are available to use such as Joomla and WordPress. Generally that’s good use of one click installs.

Although, WordPress is a great platform for blogging and it is friendly to first timer user.If we talk about Joomla, it is good if we store a large number of videos, graphics and any other content required in a user-oriented site.

Best WordPress Real Estate themes- is easy to use for users because in this you can easily discover real estate templates and themes and then download and install it. During that time you just have to wait for your website initial layout. Here we are providing some top and popular theme names to use for real estate sector.

Interior Lite

Real Estate Lite

Movers Packers

When theme desides by you then a wordpress host offers add-ons, single click installs which are specific in software for the priority of speed and security.

Best real estate extensions in Joomla

In joomla we get extensions and WordPress contains themes, both are same thing. This means extensions add more functionality of your website. For searching extensions you have to go for extension directory which will help you to find joomla’s real estate looks for your website.

– RealEstateManager

– Real Estate

-OS Property Real Estate

– Realtyna RPL

U can finish this process in less than 4 minutes.

Real estate business is one of the fastest speeds and it operates by quality look. Real estate agents are well popular to complete the deal with attention to detail and skills of outstanding marketing. It comes back by web hosts which are available in market for taking your business to the next level.

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