How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free, Free Real Estate Website

How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free, Free Real Estate Website

How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free

A website is a collection of related web-pages, graphics, designs and pictures.  Websites can have many functions and can be used in various fashions; a website can be a personal website, a corporate website for a company, a government website, an organization website, etc. Hence, one should know How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free.

Now as we all know Real estate is a business of buying and selling of properties and assets. We can conduct it online too through websites and applications.


You can find everything easily on internet today so as well you can create your own websites for free too. And since we belong to one of the most in-demand industries in the world, real estate need to be recognized.  An individual must have the information related to How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free. Hence, you can enhance your business through these websites. Thus, these websites are very essential for establishing once business.

Points to be Considered for How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free:

Hence, an individual must consider these points for knowing How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free. However, these points provide information related to the making website for free.

Easy and pretty search functionality:

Your website content must be convenient and easy to read. There must be true information available about your real estate business. The onlooker should not complain about the text which is written and should not be difficult to read. Thus, it should be impressive.

Seller Information:

The website should contain proper and real information of the seller. It should include sellers license, business achievements, qualifications and proper address of the estate.

Property Listings:

It should provide all information needed by the buyer such as the space size, location, amenities, and details about the neighborhood and of course price. Thus, this information is the core of the website.

Social Media Integration:

Since social media apps are easier to access than websites, create your own account on Facebook, Instagram, Slide share, YouTube or Videos to your site. However, one must update them frequently on regular basis.

Visitor /Client Subscription:

The main purpose of the website is to connect users throughout the world. The seller must include visitor’s views in his website so as to maintain a buyer/seller relationship. There should be an alert for them if the website is updated so as to maintain seller’s database.


Writing a blog is an excellent way to connect with your visitors, clients and prospects. They will see a real side of you other than the information provided by you. This is very important for you as you want your assets or land to be attractive. Through blogs you will gain respect and trust from your onlookers and you can explore your knowledge too.

High-quality and large format photographs:

The pictures attached on website should be real and original. It is better to appoint a photographer for taking pictures of your property. He can give you great shots of your sites. The picture should not be a scam.

Call to action / Contact Information Button:

You should attach your contact details with your website so it will be reliable for viewers to contact you. Hence, make sure to be responsive of all inquiries they ask you about your estates. It will be convenient for them to talk with you directly.

Hence, an individual must know these points so they can know How to Build a Real Estate Website for Free.

Steps for Creating your Perfect Website:

  1. Choose a Website-Building Platform: Choose a platform for building your website which is easy and reliable since it is your first go. It should be easy to use and easy to update. As it is convenient to handle and it should handle all the information easily.
  • It must be gadget friendly.
  • Available for 24/7
  • Easy to handle.
  1. Sign Up and Choose a Domain: The domain you use for your website should be short and simple. It should not be too big and inconvenient. This must be easy to learn and should be easy to memories. It will be convenient for the website owner to select a website builder who provides domain themselves. Thus, there are number of domain selection names available online that can help.
  2. Start Building: Your website should contain all the information about the properties and should be 24/7 available to users. Hence, it must be easy for the viewer to use the website conveniently.
  • The user must use the information available on internet before creating their web-pages.
  • They can also take guidance through the videos before creating it.
  • The website owner should have a basic knowledge to use these websites and should have skills to promote it.
  • They must follow the instructions sequentially without leaving any one.

Hence, you should make sure that you have all the necessary information which is required to make a web-page and it should be appropriate.

Types of Websites Available on the Internet:

Before creating a website analyse what kind of website is to be created, So that it will be easy for the maker to choose an appropriate template. Hence, there are various types of websites available on the internet for various purposes and businesses.

Personal Websites:

These websites are used by families, teenagers and a small circle to connect with each other. They write their blogs in these websites. And they usually use these websites to remain in touch with each other. Hence, there is a web address (URL) used for these websites.

Photo Sharing Websites:

There are web sites like, com, Photo, and Google’s Picasa. Hence, they share pictures without any inconvenience. As these are for sharing pictures.

Writers / Authors Websites:

These websites normally includes writers and authors writing content. Thus, they include blogs, essays, paragraphs, articles, biographies and autobiographies.

Community Building Websites:

These websites are built for a whole community who wants to stay connected socially and who want to be entertained. Hence, the best examples for such websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Mobile Device Websites:

Some of the websites are specially designed for gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, etc. They are frequently updated and are easy to use. Thus, they are of great help to the users.


People write blogs to share their knowledge and experiences with others. They create or write their blogs in these particular websites to make people aware about certain things.

Informational Websites:

These are websites which provide us with information of which we are looking for. These websites help students in making their presentations and projects. Hence, Wikipedia is the best example of such website.

Online Business Brochure/Catalog:

We are in a world in which we can find anything everywhere. People promote their business through these websites. And they use radio, television for their advertisements.  Hence, Globalization is the flow of ideas, commodities, people from one place to another and it is rapidly growing.

Directory Websites:

As we use to have yellow pages to find out contacts and addresses. Thus, on Internet we have directory websites in which we can search for any geographical area.

E-commerce Websites:

However, nowadays for shopping, E-buying, E-selling, etc these websites are used frequently. Thus, these promote businesses and gives an opportunity to everyone to participate.

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