Creative Business Name For Real Estate | Creative Names For Property Business

Creative Business Name For Real Estate | Creative Names For Property Business

Are You looking for Creative Business Name For Real Estate? Then here you can choose real estate name for your business by my tips.

Creative Business Name For Real Estate:

1. Use One of the Real Estate Name Formulas:

creative business name for real estate

In real estate businesses one term is used which defined as “Realtor term”. Real estate businesses terms are used as Brokerage, homes, realtor. It’s name we write one thing as “Location term”, it will be define as your home city, neighborhood, counter or any local feature.

Note: As per my information commonly people uses last name in real estate businesses, in which some downside comes. This will provide you a little further down.

First thing you have to notice very soon that is reserve your domain name. I mean register your selected domain name which you want to take.

2. Use your handy checklist to find perfect name:

All of us can think about excellent ideas in free times, just like if u sleep late night at 2am around then before sleeping just think about this topic and select your name. that’s what you can create checklist with some names and then choose from them. If you choose brilliant name then it will give a chance of being successful in the world and then your selected name will be a brand.

3. Find a keyword:

On social media and text messages that buzz by us on regular basis. In real estate business your selected name reflects precisely what you do in your business. Common name which seems like uninteresting, are usually treated as best just because they are easy to remember and explain everything about company in simple words.

4. Use a Geographic Search Term:

Consider some common words in your business name which are generally used by peoples to search for your services into Google. Because it will help to come near the top of Google results related your services.Just think deeply and ask yourself what people searches for when they plan to buy new home. Generally country name, city, region name, or any nearly best places, landmark or lake used for searching home so these all will give best result to reach visitors on your website.

5. Check Google AdWords:

Above we have discussed about what do audience search for buy homes, Google AdWords will help you to tell about those searching ideas which peoples generally used to search on Google. In Google adwords you use one feature which is defined there with the name of keyword planner, then in this you just click on “search for new keywords using website, phrase or category, where you will get list related to your search terms.

Using this you can easily sort your results that which words are most used for your business name by peoples on Google search engine.

6. Don’t Get Too Specific, Though:

For selecting name you should have to fix one thing in your mind that your business name should be in specific form. Using your location in geographical form, your business name is capable to relocate or in expand form.

7. Don’t Use Your Last Name:

If anyone is using name in your business name like first name and last name then it has many downsides. One downside is your last name can be memorable for you and your relatives. But it will not memorable for other peoples who are unknown about your last name and there is a chance is difficult to grow your business if some clients are expecting to do work with you personally. Last downside is if in any condition you want to sell your company then your last name will not attract to seller.

8. Secure Your Website Name Before Someone Else Does!

If you have think about that you want to establish your real estate business and for this you want to put business name which you like the most then search on internet with the help of free website name checker from Bluehost services. There you will get details that your selected name is available or not? If it’s available then as soon as possible secure your website name before someone else does, because every day 10 million website names are bought.

9. Add an Extension, Like “Realty”:

Many efforts are going to done by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to get popular any other extensions like .net etc. There “.com” extension still to be in charge.

All of these make it tough of get exact match for languages which are defined as natural as many URL links are either owned, parked or realty. For these types of problem we should add an extension in our business name, realty is a one which can easily work as extension and it helps to give better search in engines.

10. Get some options from an outside source:

Sometimes for choosing business names you have some options to go through outside source. It helps to crack on it.

One of the best examples is Fiverr and at other sources you can easily get a potential list of business names just for a little amount of money as $5, then from that you choose your favourite one.

04. However, Don’t Settle on a Temporary Name or URL:

Sometime businesses use a temporary URL because first choice was taken already by others. That choice is expensive so they use alternate or temporary URL, and some businesses wait for the available of original URL or they think like when we start earn money then I will purchase original URL till then temporary name is going on.

04. Make Sure Social Media Pages are Also Available:

Some businesses try to search exact name on social media as business name. But there is no need of exact business name as social media name, because customers doesn’t put your exact business name to search pages on social media.

Whether your business name is available exactly on social media accounts (facebook, instagram, snapchat as well) then you can select but if it’s not available then try to find something like that name.

13. Does the Name Sound Good When Spoken Aloud?

The flow and sound of your name should take supersede over its figurative meaning. Many big companies in history which takes 5 to 10 letters in their name and one hard consonant included. Some examples are given over here-Honda, Mobile Cisco, Citibank, Yahoo, Starbucks, Apple, Google etc.

14. Try It Out On a Business Card:

Your business name should not too long, hard to spell and hard to pronounce. Then it’s going to be impossible to market. When you will use business name on business card, website, other marketing collateral. Then it will be easy to understand if it is available in simple form

15. Does it Pass The “Radio Test”?

If your business name is able to remember and understand your name. They listen on radio then it will give too much help to marketing. For this you should avoid uncommon words and uncommon spellings.

16. Double-Check Your Name:

You should double check your name for confirmation that anyone else is using the same name or not? For it Google is your first stop to find about selected name but after Google you have to search on all search engines to avoid any surprises related to your business name. At last you have to search in urban dictionary also.

17. Get Feedback from Customers:

About selecting your name you can get feedback from your customers, may be from there data you get attractive words to use in your business name. You should not ask about name if they like your present name. Business owners are not always qualified people to select names so you can take feedback from your customers.

18. EXAMPLE: AgentHero:

Agenthero Company is most popular company to buy their homes and sell their homes with experienced real estate agents who search for military spouses, veterans. In this website name agent word identifies that he explains. And the second word Hero identifies as term related to military. Hero is common word which can be used for military spouses. So it gives too much help to attract that category peoples in marketing form


This company showing a great result, it breaks the key business-naming rules, according to me their logo and background story are exception. LAER is similar to the exact word LAIR, or lion’s liar.

This thing led them directly to show that “Lion’s Laer” it is being the exclusive place where group of lions hang out. One more thing to notice in the name of LAER is, it’s just a mirror image of REAL.

20. Better to be Clear:

A normal company can be a powerful company which can communicate your uniqueness and create market differentiation. If you have right name as your website name. Then it will be easy to remember, easy to type into a web search engine, easy to spell.

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