Catchy Real Estate Company Names List 2020

Catchy Real Estate Company Names | Real Estate Company Names List | Best Name for Real Estate Company Name 2020

Catchy Real Estate Company Names

However, Real Estate is a business which involves honesty, trust, faithfulness, kindness, and a basic knowledge about the property laws. Thus, it takes place between a client and agent, both can be individuals as well as a group. Hence, the above mentioned qualities are the “milestones” of a Real Estate company. However, there are many Catchy Real Estate Company Names.

A real estate company takes time to build up. Hence, it needs skilled and knowledgeable staff to maintain its curriculum. Hence, it is very important to maintain discipline to give incredible ideas to promote the business.

real estate company name list

Thus, one should be aware about the changes which takes place in these business outlets.

There are many companies who conduct Real Estate Businesses all over the world. Hence, they have trust worthy employees and Innovative ideas. Though there are many Catchy Real Estate Company Names.

These real estate companies are operating online through internet. However, through social media they are expanding their share of influence. Hence, application like Facebook and twitter has accounts of these companies.

Catchy Real Estate Company Names:

Given below is the detail information regarding some of the most popular and Catchy Real Estate Company Names. These are the most leading companies in there areas.

Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL):

HDIL has established itself as India’s one of the leading company. Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) has established itself as one of India’s best and efficient Real estate development companies. Along with significant operations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Hence, it is the most leading company for housing or developing.

Sunteck Realty Ltd (SRL):

This Company is set up in Mumbai and is known for highly luxurious buildings and houses. It boosts a city centric development. Hence, in the span of 4 year it has completed 6 big projects.

Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd:

Two decades ago this company was found, Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd is one of the foremost and inspiring real estate companies which is headquartered in Pune. It is also present in Mumbai with some upscale re development projects.

SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd:

It is a 100 per cent subsidiary of the SRS Group and is listed under the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company is engaged in the development and construction of over a dozen projects in the residential and commercial sectors. Thus, it has an impressive performance throughout the year.


The only mantra of this company is “quality”.  They believe that everything should be best. There devoted and functional values, customer service, transparency has led to their magnificent success. Hence, it has become the most preferred brand at both residential and commercial level.

The Prestige Group:

It has its origin back to Mr Razack Sattar, who envisioned a success story waiting to take shape in the Retail Business in 1956 It has gained popularity in both commercial and residential sector. The milestones of its success are envisaged by its members.

Brigade Group:

It was established in 1986, with property development as its main focus. Today, Brigade Group is one of South India’s leading property developers with headquarter in Bengaluru, branch offices in several cities in South India, a representative office in Dubai and an accredited agent in the USA.

The Oberoi Realty:

It was set up in Mumbai in 1980 with its former name as Oberoi Construction and the name has changed to its present name. This company is led by Mr Vikas Oberoi, the Director and managing director of the company. Thus, the company has achieved great success in the former years.

Sobha Developer:

This Company was established in 1994. However, through this company, Mr Menon helped shape the future of the real estate sector in India with his eye for detail and his determination to persistently deliver best-in-class products.

Hiranandani Developers:

Hiranandani Group is the part of this company. It was founded in 1978. Mr Niranjan Hiranandani and Mr Surendra Hiranandani are its present managing directors and also the co-founders. Hence, this company is achieving its milestones with great speed and strategy.


This is one of India’s leading real estate development companies. It was started in 1987 by Mr Rohtas Goel. In 1989, the Omaxe Builders Private Ltd was founded to undertake construction and contracting business.  Hence, it has reached to a great success through its work and strategies.

The Jaypee Group:

However, it was established in 1958 by Founder and Chairman, Shri Jaiprakash Gaur. Thus, the JP group is the third largest cement producing group in the country. The JP group is working in 14 big states of the country. Hence, in the 14 states it is the third largest company.

Supertech Limited:

However, this company was established in Delhi (NCR) in 1988 by Mr R K Arora. The company has built its influence in different spheres such as residential, townships, commercial, retail, office spaces and hospitality.

Unitech Ltd:

However, it was established in 1972 by a group of technocrats. Unitech Ltd is one of India’s leading real estate players. Thus, it began as a consultancy firm for soil and foundation engineering and has grown to have the most diversified product mix in real estate. Hence, this company is among the most leading companies.

Godrej Properties:

However, this Company is one of the leading real estate companies of the country. Thus, this is a Mumbai based company and a first company to receive ISO mark. Hence, it advertises for its marketing too and has projects in all the sphere of the world.

DLF Ltd:

However, the Company has over 60 years of track record of sustained and rapid growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Thus, the company has 314 msf of planned projects with 52 msf of projects under construction. Hence, DLF’s primary business is development of residential, commercial and retail properties.

Catchy Real Estate Company Names:

Dedication is the main reason for success and without dedication no one can reach “Success”. Thus, this line is proved by some of the best Real Estate companies of all time. Hence, names of the companies are given below.

Hence, here are some companies-

  1. Asset Management Real Estate LLC.
  2. Peachtree Real Estate Co.
  3. Port Property Management
  4. City lights Realty Group
  5. Community Best Real Estate Company
  6. Continental Real Estate Companies
  7. Creative Property Management, Inc.
  8. All American Realty
  9. American Brokers Realty Group
  10. American Way Real Estate
  11. Archstone
  12. Elite Property Management Services
  13. Equity Properties
  14. First Class Property Management LLC.
  15. Four Seasons Realty
  16. Freedom Properties, LLC.
  17. Nexus Elite Real Estate Co.
  18. The Oxford Company
  19. Preferred Property Management
  20. Properties of the Pacific
  21. Ridge Realty Rentals
  22. Valley Realty, Inc.
  23. Watson Realty
  24. Your Choice Real Estate
  25. Your Real Estate Co.
  26. Freeman Real Estate Co.
  27. Future Realty
  28. Bay Point Real Estate Co.
  29. Royal Management Group
  30. Selling Paradise Realty Inc.
  31. State Street Housing
  32. Blue One Realty
  33. Cameron Real Estate
  34. Chase N Rainbows
  35. Golden Bear Realty
  36. Goldmark Property Management
  37. Hamilton House
  38. Heartland Real Estate Co.
  39. Home Basics Real Estate
  40. Legacy Properties
  41. Mid America Real Estate Co.
  42. More Properties LLC.
  43. Mountain Home Real Estate Company.

Hence, these companies are the most efficient and innovative companies of the world. However, they have all the required business skills and knowledge. Thus, they advertise for their work all over the world and have built up a good reputation.

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