101 Real Estate Blog Topics | 101 Ideas For Your Real Estate Blogs

101 Real Estate Blog Topics | 101 Ideas For Your Real Estate Blogs

A real estate is not only about buying and selling of properties or natural resources but it also builds a relationship between buyer and seller. However, the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing is also known as the profession of real estate. There are about 101 Real Estate Blog Topics.

Hence, as a blogger I see real estate as a profession of intellectuals and highly skilled professionals who have an inbuilt quality of convincing people and attracting them towards their business. However, they deal with the process of selling and buying property. Thus, they can easily attract a large number of buyers towards the market with appropriate plans.

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Nowadays, most of the people see their business relevant to the internet and they read different blogs about real estate business and transact their business from it. However, there is various information found on blogs about real estate, some content is real and many are myths, some are useful and rest are just to read it. Hence, there are about 101 Real Estate Blog Topics. Thus, people nowadays prefer short and simple working conditions and want their time to be utilized.

Moreover, there is a lot of traffic in the blogosphere, and it’s not always easy for readers to find their useful matter in these oceans full of freight.

Hence, there are various real estate topics available in our blogs and some of them are mentioned below. 101 Real Estate Blog Topics are as follows:

  1. The first and most important source of information is the community in which you live.
  2. Different living styles of people.
  3. Different cultures and traditions.
  4. Occasions.
  5. Different opinions, comments and reviews of buyers and sellers.
  6. Business transactions all over the nation.
  7. Offices and buildings where businesses are being transacted.
  8. Migration in search of better job opportunities.
  9. Dealing with other agents, brokers.
  10. Different strategies.
  11. Innovative ideas.
  12. Development plans.
  13. Construction sites.
  14. Neighborhood.
  15. Community centers.
  16. Financial advisors.
  17. Operators and Accountants.
  18. Landmass.
  19. Fields and total net sown area.
  20. Fallow land and command area.
  21. Current events and celebrations.
  22. Business conferences.
  23. Creditors and debtors.
  24. Share market and Sensex.
  25. Liquidity terms.
  26. Working with experienced faculties.
  27. Internet.
  28. Intellectual interactions.
  29. Workplace.
  30. Conservative or renewable sources of energy.
  31. Asylum.
  32. Different articles available on the internet.
  33. Shopping centres.
  34. E- Banking, E- commerce, E- shopping, E- governance.
  35. Ted talks.
  36. Renting land.
  37. Your pets.
  38. Ethics and history.
  39. Historical places.
  40. Tourism.
  41. Different Blogs.
  42. Religious centres- mosques, temples, church, etc.
  43. Management institutions.
  44. Globalization
  45. Privatization.
  46. Liberalization.
  47. Trade and tariff.
  48. Import and Export.
  49. Foreign investment.
  50. Economy.
  51. Housing facilities.
  52. You’re past experiences.
  53. Your views and outlooks.
  54. Booklets, leaflets, newspaper and magazines.
  55. Social and political environment.
  56. Your Cognitive development
  57. Business skills.
  58. Demographic structure.
  59. Insurance companies.
  60. Educational institutions – schools, colleges, etc.
  61. Income tax regimes.
  62. Savings and investments.
  63. Mannerism.
  64. Rules and regulations.
  65. Discipline.
  66. Delegation of authority.
  67. Responsibility towards work.
  68. Environmental issues.
  69. Measurements.
  70. Rhythm and emphasis.
  71. Investment scams.
  72. Mortgage fraud.
  73. Types of mortgages.
  74. Homeowners associations.
  75. Entertainment sources.
  76. Placements.
  77. Assets – fixed or current.
  78. Liabilities.
  79. Types of mortgages.
  80. Crimes.
  81. Overpriced homes.
  82. Agency.
  83. Visit to sites.
  84. Buying and selling of a property.
  85. Taking pictures of surroundings.
  86. Dumping goods.
  87. Types of buyers.
  88. Agents.
  89. Equity and shareholders.
  90. Rehabbing.
  91. Mortgages news.
  92. Interest rates.
  93. Credit scores.
  94. Home maintenance.
  95. Websites.
  96. Loans and debt.
  97. Official visit.
  98. Overviews or previews of your business.
  99. Write about your investments.
  100. Promotions of your business.
  101. Advertisements.

Real Estate Companies in India:


Based out of New Delhi, DLF is the largest commercial player in the real estate sector. Hence, it has been leading construction projects for over 70 years and has developed numerous residential colonies in Delhi’s Greater Kailash, South Extension, Hauz Khas and other areas.

Unitech Real Estate:

However, Unitech is one of the largest real estate companies in the country with diversified operations in the sector. Hence, it has continued to build luxurious projects across India.

Super Tech:

Super tech has been scaling new heights ever since its inception 25 years back. Hence, it has established its stance in North India with frequent new projects.


Within a very less time, Omaze has emerged as one of the players that has carved its path in the real estate business. Hence, with its presence in over 30 cities, it has delivered highly appreciated projects.

Oberoi Realty:

Led by billionaire Vikas Oberoi, Oberoi Realty is based in Mumbai with a strong foothold in entire Maharashtra.

However, like all major real estate developers, the company has been focusing on developing retail complexes and malls.

Types of Real Estate, Types of Property Details:

There are four types of real estate. Hence, these are mentioned below:

Residential Real Estate:

However, these are those estates which include construction sites and built homes in which people are civilized. For example: Homes in which you live, rented houses, flats, etc.

Commercial Real Estate:

These are those estates which include shopping complex, malls, shops, educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, hotels, restaurants, cafes, canteens, offices, etc. Hence, these all are commercial real estate. However, these real estate helps in the process of future development and growth. Hence, it is an important step that an individual must consider.

Industrial Real Estates:

However, these estates include manufacturing units, production bases, storage facilities, ports and harbors and their hinterlands. Thus, they include factories, Industries, warehouses, research and development and distribution of goods.

Natural Real Estate:

These estates include vacant land, fallow land, total net sown area, command area, cultivable area, cultural land, etc. Hence, these  subcategories within vacant land include undeveloped, early development or reuse, subdivision and site assembly.

Points To Remember Before Opting For a Real Estate Business: 


An individual must be aware about the mischief’s and scams which took place in the process of this business. Hence, you can deal with the fair business deal. However, they can take certain strategies to deal with that.


Investors must choose an appropriate location for their buyers. Thus, the location should be convenient to the buyer. Hence, it should not be too far from its residential area. So it will not be a difficult task for the people to locate the area.


As no one wants to live in an unsafe neighborhood. Hence, they must ensure their safety. Thus, the buyer and seller should have a good understanding between them and they should sign an agreement before going for a deal.Moreover, the deal must be on the legal terms. Both of them must consider this.

Future Developments:

However, you should make sure about the developmental possibilities in future and about the uncertain future events. Hence, you can be prepared for that. However, various strategies of the real estate agent can help in the development of the nation income. Hence, they must introduce these strategies.


However, you should make sure before opting for an investment that you have an insurance policy for your assets. Thus, insure policy can give you guarantee with the assets you have purchased. Hence, insurance policy is must.

Taxes or Regimes:

However, you should be aware about the taxes which will imply on your property and must have appropriate knowledge on how to deal with it. Hence, basic knowledge about the taxes and regimes is necessary.

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