Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy 2020

About Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy 

Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy is introduced by the Government of Assam under the National Health Mission. Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy is announced in the year 2020 of 13th of September.Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy is launched by the Chief minister of Assam named ‘Mr.Sarbananda Sonowal’.

Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy for the citizens of Assam , however the scheme of Arogya Mitra vacancy would be announced in other states soon. Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy is a type of recruitment for the citizens of states. Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy is a type of beneficiary policy which is undertaken to reduce the effect of sudden pandemic.

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Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy Notification 

Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy notification , officially announced with the following points , they are as follows :

  • Applicants can apply for the Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy through online , as per visioning the Current condition.
  • Around 429 posts had been recruited for Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy  , so that a number of people would get employment under the Government environment.
  • Notification for Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy had been announced on the official website of NHM Assam and by the Chief Minister of Assam within their conference.
  • Notification had given necessary details about the recruitment and reason behind the announcement.
  • Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy is a type of beneficiary policy where given rise to employment and to manage the current environment of covid 19.
  • Notification announced for the welfare of Assam people related to health sector .
Organized By National Health Mission , Assam
Post Name Arogyamitra
Total Vacancies429 (four hundred twenty nine)
Application ModeOnline
Category Government Jobs
Job LocationAssam
Official website

Date of Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy 

  • The Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy came into force within the Date of ‘10th of September’ of 2020.
  • Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy would decline during the date of ‘23re of September’ of 2020.

Vacancy of Assam Arogya Mitra

Actually , vacancy of Assam Arogya is classified further into parts as per the requirement of Government .Vacancy of Assam Arogya Mitra Classified are as follows :

Arogya Mitra (AM)60 posts
Pradhan Mantri Arogya Mitra (AMAM)369 Posts
Total 429 posts

Eligibility of Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy 

Eligibility of Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy are as follows :

  • Applicants must belong to Assam , they should be permanent residence or residence for 15 years.
  • Applicants must know the Hindi , English and Regional languages.
  • Applicant particular with necessary documents.
  • Applicant is qualified with Secondary and Senior secondary areas.
  • Applicants must be known with the knowledge of Computer literature.
  • Applicants must be Experienced in the health sector area.
  • Applicants should be equal at the age of 30 year , not more than that.

Necessary Details of Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy

Necessary details about the Assam Arogya Mitra , actually details as per the terms of vacancy when the applicant would be recruited under the Government vacancy , they are as follows :

  • Applicant amount of work would be measured in form of ‘Salary‘ , and their Salary Rs. 20, 000 and additional incentive would be based additional per pre puth Rs. 30 (overall Rs.10, 000)
  • Applicant would be selected on the basis of academic performance , Experience and Personal interview.

Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy invalid

Applying for Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy would be invalied , if any applicant consider these mistakes which are as follows :

  • Filling the form with improper or wrong information .
  • Considering any misinformation or unfair material.
  • If an applicant register for multiple application. According to Government , one person is eligible for one form.
  • If an applicant not submit online fees for the Assam arogya Mitra Vacancy.
  • Applicant would not submit application b considering them post you are interested applying for the vacancy , you have to go through with Registration process.

Registration of Assam Arogya Mitra Vacancy

Registration of Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy , follows to these basic steps :

  • Visit the official website of Assam Arogya Mitra vacancy ‘
  • Click on the top of ‘notification or update’ , then a file will appear.
  • The, File will appear of Registration Form , filling all the required details in the proper manner at the time of registering.
  • Then , upload the necessary documents and passport size photo.
  • After that , click on submit after considering the online payment fee through net banking or various online payment methods.

Assam Arogya Mitra

Meaning of Assam Arogya Mitra to commit the Assam free from the health issues or problems. Assam Arogya Mitra to make the state of Assam healthy and wealthy , as per the phase of ‘Health is Wealth’.

Meaning of Arogya stands for ‘No health problem , free from the diseases or issues of improper health’. The Main aim of Assam Arogya Mitra to aware the people from diseases (mainly from Covid 19 ), increse the ratio of health security of their state among India.

Assam Arogya Mitra is an type of policy which is associated to health mission , as the assam is working to reduce the death ratio of people due to improper health. Actually , Assam Arogya mitra working for the alternates which gives better health to their people.

Assam Arogya Mitra is providing nutritious food to their people , so that they not go for any unhealthy or improper food. Assam Arogya Mitra aim no one if suffering from low immunity which leads to automatic attraction of diseases and health problems.

Need of Assam Arogya Mitra

Need of arise of Assam Arogya Mitra due to reasons , they are as follows :

  • As the Condition of Assam of crises , due to pandemic of Covid 19 related to basic necessities or health.
  • As these health issues or problems are becoming hurdle during the Development of Assam.
  • Death ratio is increasing , health ratio is decreasing as the people is taking securing themselves.
  • As the people unfamiliar with safety measures of maintaining health.
  • Due to poor economic condition , people can’t afford their health treatments.

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