CIDCO Tenders

Today, in this article we are talking about the CIDCO tenders. CIDCO is the housing scheme for the Maharashtra peoples. This housing scheme sell their flats through Lottery scheme. Every Year this housing scheme is come with new creation, as like every year this year is also come with new creation.

This year CIDCO is comes with the 94,000 of flats for the EWS and LIG category peoples. At the time of flats allotment is confirmed to higher authority. This housing scheme is after issued by the allotment of the agreement issused.

cidco lottery form fees
cidco lottery form fees

The allotment letters of the flats are occupancy certificate on the completion of the construction. The flat allotment letters is issued in the online form.

For the tender, only that candidate can fill the application form of tender whose ID is already in CIDCO Lottery 2020 Housing Scheme. In the Public sector an official fee is needed to fortify and secure the tender bid win documents.

For winning the tender from the housing scheme you have submit some official money to take the tender, after checking all your documents in the CIDCO authority, if you have the all documents are correct then you will gave the tender from the CIDCO Lottery 2020 housing scheme.

CIDCO, this housing scheme is only for the Maharashtra peoples. And only for those peoples who are living in Maharashtra from last 15 years. In 2020, this year this housing scheme is coming with some twist in the housing scheme.

The twist in the housing scheme is this only for EWS and LIG category of peoples. Only this two category of peoples can fill the application from of CIDCO Lottery 2020 Housing Scheme.

In the EWS and LIG category they both are different in in the flat size and also their flat price is different. The reason of flat price is different that is for EWS flat size is smaller then LIG category flats.

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