CIDCO Lottery Flat Size 2020

CIDCO, India’s highest units of flats selling every year. This housing every year increase the units of flats.

Those candidates who are interested in to buy the flat from CIDCO Lottery 2020 housing scheme. For those candidates here is the some news for that.

cidco lottery registration login
cidco lottery registration login

Because, today we are coming with some extra information about the flat. Most of the peoples are not fill the application form who need the house because of the flat size.

But in this article we are coming with the flat size of the CIDCO Lottery 2020 Hosing Scheme.

In this Housing Scheme there are two group of category are available for to fill the application form of this housing scheme.

In this year CIDCO is coming with only two group of category. One if EWS and another is LIG category. Both of the flat sizes and price are different.

For those whose income is 20, 000 to 25, 000 they are belonging to EWS category and those whose salary is 25,000 to 50,000 they are belonging to LIG category.

Applicants who are filling the application from they have to select their flat category according to their monthly income.

So, now here we are coming to the point of the flat size. Both of the category have the different size.

EWS Economically Weaker Section category of flat size is 25.81 square meter. And for LIG Lower Income Group category flat size is 29.82 square meter.

EWS and LIG Category flat price are also different. EWS category flat price in between 17 to 18 lakh. And LIG category of flat price in between 25 to 26 lakh.

These flat size and price are approved by the government of CIDCO Lottery 2020 housing scheme. These size of flats are the normal size. In which flat a family can easily live, as compare to the rental house.

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